The Rockstar Meets The Princess

a rockstar always searching for hes true....he will never know how the fate will do to him if he found hes true love...
princess michar always want to be free and travel the world outside....but hes father don't want it so she decide to walk away with her nanny.....
could there be possibility that the rockstar fall in love with the princess.....


2. Lautner Family

Michar's POV day the princess is bored in the palace.she can take it anymore.she's like a prisoner on their house.she only want to be free and do whatever she like to do like other girls do.michar wants to be an ordinary girl.but eventually it can be because she will be next to run their kingdom.she talk to her mother."mom can i go to school? i ask."of course michar" mom answer."but i want outside the palace?" i said."you know your father won't allow that" mom explain."but mom i want to meet others people" i said."if you want to study just study inside our palace" mom said.then mom go in the kitchen while me stay at the hall thinking.i want to go there outside and meet others.but first i would like you to know my family.


Taylor Lautner

.....hes my father the king.hes age is on mid-30.he wants me to take over the kingdom if he retired.people love him because of hes humble and kind heart.but he is so strict when it's comes to the rule of the kingdom.i love him because he raise us a down to earth people.


Kristen Lautner beautiful mother.i have looks that's why my father loves me so mom is on mid-30 too.she really love my father.i love her because since kids she take care of us and protect us.she was always supportive to my father.


Kim Lautner

.....he is my youngest brother.i love him he was my playmate since we were kids.i hope hes the one who rule the kingdom but fortunately hes still young for that.hes only 11 years old.i take care of him when mother and father is not around. mother was calling me for breakfast and she's shouting for me."i'm coming" i said.what took you so long michar?" father ask."i'm sorry father" i said."get we just eat" kim said.thanks to him hes my saviour."so michar what are your plans?" father ask again."father i want to study outside the palace" i answer."no your not allow to study outside your a princess you must know that" father explain."i know father but-----" i cut my sentence because of my father."no buts michar" father said.then we eat silent no one talk.but i have idea in mind.i go away from here and i talk to my nanny.tonight we will escape.forgive me father but i don't want here.i want to explore outside the palace.


.....what will happen to michar?will she convince her nanny to walk away from their palace?just check on my next chapter guys....hope you like it guys.....sorry it's short i just want to introduce you to the character.thanks a you all...godbless

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