Virgin Games|Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is the hottest guy on campus ! With his good looks and charming ways to make all the girls drop their panties. Cameron and his group of friends makes this book called "Virgin Games" it's a bet! Him and his friend made up who ever gets to take a girls "v card" they would write their name in the book. Who ever gets the most girls by the end of the year . Gets ALL bragging rights and thousand dollar cash prize. But little does Cameron know is that every female isn't prone to his . Witty, charming, and good looking ways. Will this end badly or bitter sweet? Or just down right victory ? Well you gotta read to find out.


1. Pastel Hair and Smiles

Hi everyone this is my first fanfiction hope you like it. The characters in the book is NOTHING. Like their real selves that's why it's called fictional reading :3 hope you enjoy 



BEEP BEEP "MOVE THE FUCK OUT THE WAY!" My dad blew his horn at the car in front of us.

"If this mother fucker doesn't speed up I'm going loose it!" Dad says pressing on his horn

"Dad STOP it's okay we're not going to be late it's just open house"

"I know baby cakes you know I hate these city folks they act like they don't know how to drive a simple car I had it to here with them" Dad shakes his head

We're on our way to this private campus college called "Crowntins " funny name right? It's this top of the league private school in the states. I'm not used to all this because I was basically home schooled all the way up to. 12th grade and I went to senior prom
With this boy my dads friend son. He's coming to this college to so thank god! I'm not going to be the only newbie . I grew up on the farm with my dad and mom and six brothers and sisters and 20 different animals. You can say I'm kind of a country girl but I hate country music! My dad finds it odd but I'm more into Lana del Rey - Justin Bieber to Rihanna .

We finally got to the campus and it was HUGE! From my point of view it was the prettiest thing I laid my eyes on. My dad parked his car and we walked in the first building to the left. Dad told me that this was the open house building. It was stunning the whole building was made up of glass walls and when you looked up. You saw pink roses all aline the roof with a live harp player and a Huge man made water fall!

"This school is so... Fancy dad" I whispered to dad

"I know baby cakes that's why me and your mom are so proud of you that you got accepted!"

My dad smiled at me and we both walked over to the sign in booth.

"Hi welcome to Crowntins I hope you enjoy your tour around campus and pick us to be your school for this year"

The lady smiled and I signed the papers she gave me and my dad both passes. She told us to go out that door on the right to explore the campus with the first group. 

When we got over their my dad saw his friend and him and his son Walked over to us.

"Remember my daughter Hazel?" Dad asked his friend

I smiled and waved

"Yeah this lucky lady went to prom with my son" the man said

"Hay Nash stop texting and speak!" The man hit Nash on the arm

" Hazel ..." He said looking at me


This was so awkward because when my dad and his friend set up for me to go to prom with Nash it was a big. Flop! For one the whole
Night he didn't talk to me at all the only thing he did was when his friends came around he would. Act like I was his girl friend! Later that night I found out that he only taken me to prom. To make his ex girl friend jealous and it worked! By the end of the night him and his ex were having sex in the car we came in! So I had to call my cousin to come pick me up. I didn't cry because I barely knew the kid but damn .

"Attention attention every one follow me the tour is starting !"

For like 30 minutes we walked around campus . This place had to be filled with rich kids because everyone! I mean everyone had on channel,Gucci,true religions and other fancy named branded shit. I only hah on some ripped jeans with a crop top that said "or nah" .

We were a hour in my tour and the tour guides told us that our parents can go to the hall to fill out more paper work. I hugged my dad and continued to follow the tour guide 

Two hours of walking we all got tried so we all. Went to the campus lunch room. It was also made out of glass it had every type of food you can imagine ! I grabbed two slices of pizza and a vitamin water and sat down at a table . It seems like every one had made friends because they were all talking to each other.

My table had no one I just ate alone I pulled out my iPod and turned to confident by Justin ft chance . While I was eating this girl came to my table . She had really pretty purple and blue eyes with long pastel purple hair . She looked like one of the tour guides. 

"Why you sitting by your self girl? Don't have no friends yet ?" She asked while spreading strawberry cream cheese on her bagel

"Well... I wouldn't call him a friend " I looked back at Nash and he was all up in his phone .

"You two broke up or something ? Or fuck buddies?" She asked

"HELL no to both he just a person my dad knows nothing major"

"Mmmmhmmm that's what they all say but hi I'm Victoria " she smiled 

"Hi I'm Victoria I think I'm so cute with my pastel hair so grunge of me " this random behind her said

I watch Victoria slap him in the face

"Why so feisty? I likie" he kissed her cheek

"Carter can you not! I'm trying to make new friends !" Victoria pushed carter and he fell on the ground 

"Sorry about him. " she rolled her eyes

He got up and sat next to Victoria and smiled at me.

"Hi newbie" he said

Victoria hit him across the chest

"Don't you have anything to do?" Victoria asked

"You? Maybe" he licked his lips

This felt so awkward

"Sorry I'm carter nice to met you"

He smiled and whispered something to Victoria

"Well ... Well.. Well the two love birds" this random guy laughed as he sat next to me.

"Cameron shut the fuck up!"

"Victoria why gotta be so rude?"

"Yeah Vicky why so rude?"
This other random guy said sitting on the left side of me

"CAN YALL LIKE NOT I'm trying to make a friend... !" Victoria yelled at the boys

"So what's your name?" Carter asked me


"That's a hot name I'm Taylor " the boy besides me says

"Woah you just met her and your already calling her hot?" The other boy beside me said

"I'll say she's more beautiful than hot " he smiled and looked at me
I looked at him and he had the most cutest smile ever.

"You guys are so dumb get y'all horny asses away from my new friend !" Victoria said as she walked around the table hitting the boys in the back of the head.

"So violent ! " Cameron laughed and all the boys got up and walked away.

"Sorry about them..." She said while eating the rest of her bagel

"It's okay..." 

"So where you from?" She asked

"Not around here by far this place is really freaking fancy i mean we're eating on glass tables!"

"True ... This place is pretty rad you have to get my number maybe we could chat and I can show you around the campus the heads don't want you to see !"

Victoria got up from the table and walked back to the rest of the tour guides. 

The rest of the day was filled with paper work and meeting professors . It have gotten pretty boring to be honest . After the day was done we went back home to the farm. One more month till I go to Crowntins .


Hope y'all like it comment and VOTE👏👽🌝💦💘🎀

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