Scan Me Alex (Alex From Target)

Alex scans my items like nobody else does.


2. Quality Employee

“Oh can I?” he replied smiling.

I nodded my head, still in awe,  then put everything on the counter. The items moved down and Alex picked them up with amazing technique. He then swiftly scanned them before gently placing them in the bag. I have watched Alex checkout items for days.

“Do you have any coupons?” he questioned.

“No,” I said about to pass out because of the way he said “coupons”.

Then my mom swiped her card to pay for the things we bought.

“Credit or debit?” he asked making me melt.

“Debit,” I answered before my mom.

The receipt printed out and Alex told us how much we saved that day and told us to have a nice day. I started walking out of target when I heard Alex yell out, “Excuse me.”

I turned and saw Alex standing there with a grin.

“Would you like to go on a date with m? You know so I can check you out some more,” He said content with his pun.

“Yes I’d love to,” I said

He took out his phone gave it to me to put my number in. I typed it in then handed it back to him with a smile. He was about to say something but got interrupted.

“Hey Alex! Get back to your register, you’re a quality employee we need working, not flirting!” an official looking man said.

Alex ran back telling me he wanted to go tomorrow and would text me. As I walked out of the store all I could think about was that man was right; Alex is a very high quality employee that I need.

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