Scan Me Alex (Alex From Target)

Alex scans my items like nobody else does.


1. Hello Alex

“You take your brother I have Jane, get everything you guys need and then meet me at the front of the store,” my mom said with an already annoyed voice.

I grabbed my brother’s hand and we walked up to the big, beautiful automatic doors that could only belong to a Target store. The doors slid open revealing a huge store filled with red. I got a cart and put Charles in it then started racing it down the aisles. We went up and down every aisle grabbing a few things here and there.  When we finished we went to the front of the store where my mom and sister waited. We searched for an open cash register or at least one with a short line until we heard it; the voice that would change my life forever.

“Miss, I can help you over here at checkout number 4,” the voice said.

I walked over searching for the voice that had called us over, and stopped dead in my tracks at what I saw. The intercom was asking for a cleanup on aisle 3, the walls were a bright red, and he was perfect. I took one look at the dirty blonde, sparkling blue eyed cashier named Alex, and I was in love.

“Yes, I believe you can help me,” I said with a smirk. 

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