If it's not love then what is it? (Luke Hemmings)


1. Sorry to splash in to ya

I sat by the edge of the pool relaxing and soaking up sunrays until I felt water splashed on to me.

“Luke stop!” an Australian accent shouted out. “You know I don’t even like being outside.”

I looked over where the commotion came from and saw three boys splashing each other with water as if they were 7 years old. There was one who had extremely dark brown hair and tan skin who was floating in a green tube. There was another with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes that was awkwardly tall, splashing the last one with all his might. The last one had red hair and was panicking, looking spastic, as if he was trying to escape some awful kidnaping. I sat there and watched for a while until I went back to relaxing. Before I knew it they were louder than ever getting closer and splashing more water than before.

“Michael! You’re getting water all over that poor girl,” the Asian looking one said while laughing. (ik he's not asian)

“Shut up Calum! You guys are getting water all over me and you don’t seem to care. I don’t even want to be here right now, I rather be eating pizza and playing video games,” the spastic one yelled back.

They continued my way still arguing over being in the pool. When they were right beside me they stopped and the red headed one let out some last words before storming of out of the pool. Right when he left, the blonde forced as much water as he could in the direction is friend was just in, or in my case right at me, in the act of attempting to hit his friend. The cold water slammed into my body soaking me more than I desired.

“Oh my god… I’m so fucking sorry,” the Australian apologized.

 After the shock of what just happened I met eyes with the jerk that just drenched me with water. When our eyes met, I was speechless. He was perfect. His blonde hair was messy and wet making him look sexy as hell. His sapphire blue eyes stared into mine making me feel like it was only us two. And his lower lip was accented with a piercing drawing all attention to his soft, pink lips. Snap out of it, i thought all anyone does is hurt you. He’s just some stupid guy. Immediately I broke the eye contact and told him it was fine.

“Um, I’m Luke,” the boy said.

“Ohh Lukey’s trynna get some,”   The dark haired boy mocked in the background.

“Shut up Calum,” he scolded with a lot of emphasis on the “shut up”.

“I’m Alexis, and I should be going,” I said. “Besides you guys look a little busy.”

I got up and started walking until I felt a wet hand grab my arm.

“I’m not going to let you go until you agree to go on a date with me. You are probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I won’t let you slip away without even trying or I’d hate myself forever,” Luke said with a sudden found confidence staring deep in my eyes again, making my feel like I was the only person he saw.



Any thoughts?

thanks love ya xoxo

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