Half a Heart

What will happen to Ashley when she goes to a brand new country she has never been to before? Will she make the right friends or the wrong ones


1. The Plane

Hi guys!❤️ this is my first time writing so please bear with me ☺️


"Ash!! Are you ready yet?" My mom yelled across the room. "Almost!" I replied loudly. Today was the day I was finally gonna be in college away from this stupid city in which i didnt have any friends. Today I was going to England.

When we reached the airport, my mom just burst into tears."I'll be alright" I tried to sooth her. "I know" mom replied "I'm just sad watching my only daughter go soo far away" and the crying started again.

"Bye,mom!" I said one last time as I was about to sit in the plane. *sighs* finally some peace. Ok so what was my seat again? I look at my ticket... Hmmm 13 A.. Not bad, atleast its a window seat.

Wow.. I don't think anyone is going to sit next to me...... Which means I GET ALL THREE SEATS. The pilot announced " Everyone please wear your seatbelts its time to takeoff!"

At that moment I saw a beautiful, young girl with light brown hair and brown eyes. she was running towards my seat. "Umm excuse me but can you please move your stuff?" Now I got back to reality.. All my things were all over the three seats. "Oh, I'm sorry" I told the girl. I quickly moved all my stuff from her seat. "I didnt think anyone was going to sit here so I put my stuff there. I'm sorry."

"It's okay" she replied with a smile. After she sat down she started talking to me."My names Violet, let's start over again." "Hi my name is Ashley, nice to meet you Violet! By the way where are you going?" "Oh I'm going to England for college!" "Really?" I sounded so shocked. I might have just made my first friend! "I'm going to England for college too!"

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