Half a Heart

What will happen to Ashley when she goes to a brand new country she has never been to before? Will she make the right friends or the wrong ones


6. The Party!!!

*Ash's P.O.V*

After Louis and Zayn left we went to sleep. "Night Ash!" Vi (Violet) said as she walked upstairs. I followed her and we both went into our separate rooms. I looked at my bland room and my unpacked luggage. I sighed and sat down to get my things together. I unpacked two bags and the third one I shoved into the closet. The room was fairly large and I loved the simple furniture placed in the room. There was a dressing table with drawers under it and a bookshelf with a few books on it. After I unpacked it was around 12 am so I decided to change into my PJs and sleep my first night in England.


In the morning I heard a soft knock on the door followed by Violet's voice. "Wake up darling!" She said. I got up and opened the door half awake. "Hm good morning" I mumbled. "Morning! So I've made waffles and toast downstairs you wouldn't want to spend your first day hungry so I suggest you come quick" Violet rambled on. I nodded and grabbed a t shirt and pants and made my way to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I ran downstairs and saw Violet messing with the toaster. "Bloody hell! Just come out" she yelled at the toaster. I laughed and sat down at the small dining table. Violet brought over the toast and waffles and we both sat down to eat. "So, today I have to help out the guys with a few things and we need all the help we can get. You want to tag along?" Violet asked. "Uh... Sure I guess" I replied quietly. "You're so quiet but that's okay once you meet the boys it will change everything" Violet said.


Once we arrived Violet explained to me that Louis was holding a party before college started. He needed some help preparing and here we were. We walked up the driveway and knocked on the door. Louis opened the door with a smile and greeted us. "Hello mates!" He said. He hugged Violet and I and gave us both a kiss on the cheek. I kind of widened my eyes and Louis noticed "It's nothing love. It's the way us British people greet" he whispered. I smiled and Violet then introduced me to 3 other guys. Harry, Liam, and Niall they were all very beautiful and from Niall's accent I could tell that he might be Irish. "Okay guys I need the couches pushed back, food and drinks on the counters, and cleaning up" Louis ordered. Violet and I chose the food and drinks department and got started. We placed the chips and salsa in trays and left the pizza to warm up in the oven. I looked back to see huge bottles of alcohol and I kind of wanted to throw up. "Never drank before?" Violet asked. I shook my head and went for the Coca Cola and Sprite on the side. I poured them into red cups and then waited on being told what to do next. "It's okay the alcohol won't be forced on you I don't actually like it that much either just occasionally but these boys are crazy about it" Violet explained. Then we went upstairs to get changed into what we brought to wear to the party. I changed into a sheer gold top along with tight black jeans and gold high heels. Violet had said to bring casual yet hot clothes so this is what I got. (Lol I suck but hopefully you can imagine it) and Violet wore a black sweet heart neckline shirt with white skinny jeans with black heels. We both did a little bit of makeup and then I did an updo to my hair and Violet straightened hers. Then we made our way downstairs. People had started arriving and the music was really loud. Violet made her way to the boys and showed off her clothes to Zayn. "You look beautiful" Zayn complimented Violet. "Forget Vi look at Ash!" Louis commented. I didn't see that one coming so I thanked him and he smiled back. "Vi is always trying too hard to please Zayn" Harry said. "Uh back off she actually looks good everyday unlike you" Zayn joked. We all joked around and I was actually liking the company that I almost forgot about home.


Halfway through the party everyone was dancing and drinking. I was standing against the wall because I didn't know what to do. I wasn't used to these parties where there were so many people. A slow song came on and people stopped dancing and started making their way towards the kitchen. I was looking down at my phone when I heard a voice. "May I have this dance?" I looked up to Louis' ocean blue eyes and smiled. "Why not" I replied giving him my hand. I put my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist. I saw Violet from the corner of my eye and something told me that she set this up. When I looked back at Louis he looked into my eyes. And it just hit me I had a crush on Louis. His arms were helping me from falling because I felt tingling in me. Once the song ended I had gotten comfortable with him around. Louis pulled me towards the drinks and prepared something. He handed it to me and I shook my head. "I know you don't drink but trust me this is good" Louis said. I drank it and felt the liquid tingle throughout my throat. "It's really good what is it?" I asked. "Just a Tomlinson specialty" Louis replied while making one for himself. After that we went back to the group and partied.

*Louis' P.O.V*

The party was a great success and I couldn't do it without my mates. I'm shit at organizing things but Violet and Zayn really helped out and the other helped preparing. I looked around and Ash was missing. "Where's Ash?" I asked over the music. Everyone shrugged I made my way through the crowd to the kitchen where I saw a sight that was unbelievable. Ash was gulping down a whole cup of gin. I pulled the cup out of her hands and shook her. "Do you even know what you're drinking?" I laughed. "Just a drink" Ash slurred. I laughed again and pulled her away from the drinks and back to the group. "Look what miss goody two shoes was up to" I said sitting her down. "She's drunk?!" Liam said. "Aha, it's alright" Violet joked. Later, everyone started filling out and I had to bid them goodbye. Once they were all gone I came back to see everyone lazily lying there. "Okay looks like you guys will have to stay over so Harry and Niall can slump on the couches and the rest can find a room" I said. Harry and Niall made themselves comfortable while Liam made his way upstairs I looked at Ash who was nearly knocked out. I picked her up bridal style and walked to the stairs. Zayn did the same with Violet. Ash wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled in. She was so drunk she didn't even know what she was doing. "Aw Louis" Zayn mocked. "Ha shut up" I laughed. I walked up stairs and opened the door to one of the guest rooms. I laid Ash on the bed and out the covers over her. By this time she was knocked out. I kissed her forehead and walked out. Zayn and Violet had settled in one room and I went to my own.

When I laid down in bed I thought of Ash. The way she was dancing and her drunk was just a new level. She would be so embarrassed in the morning! I thought back to when she snuggled into my chest unknowingly. I kissed her forehead... Did I like Ash? Or was it just a normal thing?


Such a late update I know I know but we've just been so busy and we want to end this story as soon as possible so you can tell us what you might want to see! Anyways sorry again and hopefully we won't be so late next time!


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