Half a Heart

What will happen to Ashley when she goes to a brand new country she has never been to before? Will she make the right friends or the wrong ones


2. The Boys

THANKYOU for reading my first chapter... Hope you like this one :)


Half of the plane ride we both slept. The other half we just talked about what college we were going to.. And it just turns out we're both going to the same college so atleast now Ill have a friend.

It turned out that Violet actually lives in England and she just came to visit someone and that she already has a boyfriend.... "His name is Zayn he has the most perfect hair and it's usually shaped like a quiff, he's so handsome and bla bla bla"

I kind of zoned out while she was talking. She just made me feel more miserable then I already was, I had no friends... Well excluding Violet.... I didnt know anyone in England nor did I have someone that loved me and I loved him back.

"Oh and he's best friends with these 4 guys" Violet went on and that catched my attention.. So she was basically saying that there were 4 more perfect guys! Maybe just maybe I can be friends with them too!!

"I'm sorry for interrupting but can you tell me the names of the guys again? Please!?" I asked Violet not sounding too over-excited! "Yeah, sure! I actually thought you weren't listening to me blabbering on and on about my life!" I just laughed. Atleast she didn't find out that was exactly what was happening!

"So their names are Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam. They all have been good friends for a long time!!" Violet told me while grinning .. She was more excited about this then I was!

"And you know what Ashley? They go to the same college as us!! So I can take you to meet them!" "REALLY!?!?!?" I asked now I was grinning too. "Yes really, you are my friend! And I'm sure they'd love to meet you!"

Everyone on the plane and turned to look at us... And then I realized we were both grinning and laughing like crazy. We said sorry to the people and went back to the conversation. "So I cant wait to reach England and meet them all again!" Violet said while yawning. "Well I'm gonna go back to sleep Ashley, you should too! We have a big day ahead of us!" "Umm... Violet I would really like it if you could just call me Ash!" "Sure Ash" Violet said while smiling  and then she fell asleep

The pilot announced, "30 minutes until we land, please fasten your seat belts!" 'Wow! Today went pretty good' I thought to myself, I made a friend whose going to help me make more friends. I was smiling to now and then I fell asleep!


Hi guys! I'm sorry i know the ending isn't that good but i got tired :) Hope you enjoyed

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