Half a Heart

What will happen to Ashley when she goes to a brand new country she has never been to before? Will she make the right friends or the wrong ones


5. Getting Settled

This is AnmolMalikx updating! Because Utbah 

doesn't want to! Hope you like it and check  

out my fan fiction too!  -ZaynLoverxX


* * Ash's P.O.V * * *

We finally got to Violet's house. Which was pretty big. It was bigger than my old home. I sighed at the thought and everyone looked over at me. I shook my head and we all got out of the car. 

"Something wrong, love?" Louis asked. "Oh nothing, I just miss my home" I replied a bit down.

"It's okay! You're going to love it here" Louis replied with a slight smile. 

Damn, he was hot. I pushed that thought out of mind while Violet opened the door. 

"Home at last!" Violet screamed. I looked around and it looked really pretty. Big windows, a beautiful kitchen, and the living room was so casual. 

"Boys could you please get our stuff from the car?" Violet asked. Zayn rose his eyebrow at Violet and she looked at him like "do it please"

They walked out while Violet pulled me up the stairs. 

She opened a door and said, "This is your room, feel free to do whatever you want with it" 

Then she opened the door next to it and said, "This is mine, you're allowed in it. Be grateful" I laughed at her comment. 

"And then the other room is my mum's" she said. "Oh and the bathroom is across the hall, over there" she pointed. 

I understood everything so I nodded. Violet smiled and looked over the railing to see if the boys were bring in the things. 

"Uh Violet, looks like you brought your beauty stuff from the states" Louis said struggling with a bag. 

"Yeah I did? So what, stop being a puss and get it all in" she replied with a bossy look. 

"Ashley's luggage is almost as light as a feather" Zayn said. I laughed at that. I didn't pack my whole world but I packed the essentials. 

* * * Louis' P.O.V * * *

I put down all of Violet's things and wiped my forehead. Zayn laughed at my sight. I laughed along with him. 

Violet and Ashley came down and we all just sat down on the couch. 

"So, how was the states?" Zayn asked Violet. "It was actually pretty good turns out my aunt was just faking shit. But whatever I took a beauty course over there for 2 weeks and here I am back after 4 weeks worth of wow." Violet concluded. 

"So, Ashley you're going to the same college as us?" I asked Ashley. She looked like she wasn't paying attention and then she suddenly clicked back in.

"Yeah, I am. And I would like it if you could call me Ash instead" she replied. Ha, a bit of sass. 

"Alright, Ash" I replied with a smile. 

"You know it's almost 10 pm you guys should get going" Violet said interrupting. 

I looked at my phone and she was right. 

"True. Let's go Tommo" Zayn said calling me my nickname. 

"It was nice meeting you, Ash. Violet... Eh whatever" I said getting up. 

"Same here" Ash replied shyly. "Ugh whatever get out of my house" Violet replied.

Zayn hugged Violet and pecked her lips quickly. "See you in the morning" Zayn said and we headed out. 


Hopefully you guys liked my writing! It's alright if 

you didn't. There will be further delay in updates

but look forward. :) Happy New Year! x



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