Half a Heart

What will happen to Ashley when she goes to a brand new country she has never been to before? Will she make the right friends or the wrong ones


3. England

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*Ashs P.O.V*

"Ladies! Ladies, please wake up! We have landed!" I heard someone shouting at a distance. Landed? Wait what!? I'm supposed to be at home! I quickly open my eyes to see where I am and then I remember I was actually going to Oxford university in England!

I looked next to me and Violet was still sleeping. I roughly shoke her. "Violet wake up! We landed!" Violet opened her eyes as soon as I said the word landed! Guess she couldn't wait to see "Zayn" again. I wish i had someone like that!

When we got off we had to go through security checks and then we got our bags.

*sighs* "Wow that was a long trip!" I told Violet. "Yup it was!" She replied while yawning. "Well now I guess we go our seperate ways" I said feeling a little sad since I had to leave my first friend already to a big city that I didnt even know about!

"Well don't be sad Ash we can meet when we go to the college!" Violet said while smiling. I guess she saw right through me.

*Violets P.O.V*

When Ash went the other way, I called Zayn and told him to pick me up. Oh man i couldn't wait to see him again. I missed him soo much. Ash is a good person. I'm glad I have a friend like that.

Wait... Ash doesnt have anywhere to stay. Maybe I should let her stay with me until she gets a dorm! I mean that is what a good friend does!

"Ash!!" I yelled out. I don't know if she heard me so I tried again "Ashley!! Can u come here for a second!?" I yelled again. This time I think she heard me since she was coming towards me.

I knew she gets irritated when someone calls her Ashley! So she came towards me looking angry "Ummmm.... I was thinking that you don't have a dorm right now and I'm quite lonely since my mom hasn't come back yet... So would u like to stay at my house with me until you get a dorm? I'm not forcing you." I nervously said.

*Ashs P.O.V*

I didnt know if Violet noticed or not but my face instantly turned into a smile. "Are you sure? I don't think your mom or boyfriend would like that!"

"Ash its okay! My moms probably not gonna be home until a month and Zayn can keep his worries to himself?" Violet said. I started laughing i loved this girl

"Well, fine!" As soon as I said that I was trapped in a bear hug from her.

"Ok Violet I get it! Don't choke me to death!" We both started laughing. A nice black Honda car came towards us. As soon as Violet saw it she went nuts! "Ash! That's Zayns car! Ash! It's him! It's him!!!!!"

"Yeah Violet I can tell by the amount of you yelling and grinning!" I said while laughing. Now the black car was infront of us and the door opened.

I guess that must be Zayn since he has a "perfect quiff". As soon as he came out Violet went and hugged him tightly like he might run away!

"Babe I'm not going anywhere! Don't worry! Don't choke me to death. I'm too young to die" He said while laughing.

"So that's the first thing you say to me!! No, I missed yous or I love yous?!" Violet said. Her sass always amazed me! How did Zayn handle her God knows!

He turned to me and said hi! I said hi back... And then Violet told him my story which helped since i didnt want to talk right now.

"Love, Louis is waiting inside the car so let's go before he gets mad at me!" Zayn said to Violet!

I had to sit in the back with "Louis" since Violet and Zayn were in the front... Now that I think about it he is kinda cute!

I like how he is wearing a striped shirt an suspenders.... Which I obviously love!!

"Is there anything wrong love?" Louis said... And back to reality again... I was staring at him the whole time like he was an alien from Mars!

I started giggling to that thought! He just rose an eyebrow and then I remembered the question!

"Nope, no problem" I said while smiling

And that's how my first day in England went.


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