A Mysterious Call ,A Mysterious Knock and A Mysterious Cry


2. A spoilt evening

It was a dream come true for Susie when she saw Sam walking towards her at the table booked by him in 'The Opera'.He was dashing and very confident as he marched towards her with that radiant smile which meant 'only for you'.Susie,with her brown curly locks tied in a pony and her pink top loose over her neck revealing glimpse of her treasures sat with poise giving him back his sweet smile.When Sam sat on the opposite side of the table,Susie just wished time would halt and she would spend the rest of her life just staring at her hero.A mobile buzz was all that spoiled her evening.It went on ringing from her little purse that she was carrying and she had to come back to her senses.She answered the call,'Hello' but there was no answer from the other side. She went on repeating Hello Hello,Hello three times but no answer.She finally put off the call.Sam was also on a call and talking with lot of affection or perhaps Susie imagined and wished that it should not be any girl on the other side!What if he already had a girl friend or a fiancee?Oh no! it would be a heart break for Susie.She remembered her God and prayed that she should be his partner for life.Her thoughts were once again interrupted by her mobile ring.It was the same number she thought of attending the call only this time she would not speak anything.She picked up the call and was startled and shaken up when she heard some male voice saying"Hi honey!Just be mine for the night"."Who's it ?"she almost screamed unaware now of where she was and who was with her.The voice from the other side said "Your very dear fan.I have been following you for a long time and I know where you are now and with whom and I am getting jealous.It's only a few hours I want to spend with you.I know you don't know me but is it not enough for you that there is someone who is so concerned for you.I have arranged for your pass to your hero's party only to see you happy" "Bull shit!I am going to lodge a complaint with the police straight away.Whoever you are be ready to be answerable to the police now"saying she put off her mobile still trembling and shaken by the nasty words of the stranger."What's the matter Susie?" Sam asked her.And Susie could not just control herself .She started sobbing and told him the whole thing."Oh Oh don't worry.These hooligans are always behind pretty girls!" This remark coming from Sam would

have  otherwise turned her on but now Susie was only wishing she had listened to her mother who was not in favour of her staying alone in apartments for her investigation job.Now she wanted someone to be with her .She was feeling scared and weak.Sam felt she was not in her mood so quickly offered her to help her."Give me your mobile,I will straighten up this guy"saying so he called up the same number but nobody attended the call.Finally they left the restaurant without eating anything.Sam drove her in his car and they stopped at a take away food joint,packed burgers and chips and soon he reached her apartments.Susie was excited with the thought of her 'Hero' coming to her house but the fun had been knocked off by the strange call.Once inside Susie had a hard time making Sam feel comfortable in her dishevelled room.But Sam was a very down-to-earth person and Susie and Sam were soon laughing and talking with Sam recounting all his fan following incidents.With food and drinks over Sam excused himself as he had a meeting with some publishers next morning but also assuring Susie that he would go with her to the police station to report the strange caller.Susie was overwhelmed by this gesture of Sam and thanked God that finally she had got her love ."Take care dear"saying so Sam kissed Susie and drove away.

Back in her apartments, Susie was recalling every moment of the evening and rejoicing herself.The day had ended on such a mind blowing note!Her dream boy had actually kissed her! The touch of his lips on her fingers had melted her then and now after so much time gone by she was still standing in her room mesmerized by Sam's charm and his effect on her. She looked at herself in mirror and admired herself.Yes she was beautiful.She had known this since a boy in 8th grade had a crush on herand had asked  her for a date when she was just in 7th grade!But her mother was very strict and never allowed her three daughters ever to be carried away by their beauties.And now as she looked at herself from all angles she was flawless beauty.With all curves in right shape and features God gifted ,she had always been a jealousy amongst women folk.



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