A Mysterious Call ,A Mysterious Knock and A Mysterious Cry


1. Party at night

Susie saw herself in the mirror last time as she tossed her head to admire herself.She wanted to look the best today as it was her first date with Sam.She had been a great fan of Sam,the writer of romantic stories and had followed him at every possible place to catch a glimpse of him ,be it in his publishing parties or just a fan party.Sam was handsome,yes just like the hero of his books-tall,dark and handsome! Susie had fallen for him in his first appearance at the release of his 11tth book 'The Hero'.She had got a pass from nowhere with lot of pleading and requests and managed to get an entry to his party.And she had just got mesmerised by his charm.He was looking great with light brown coudroy and a dark blue shirt!And to add to his charm was the way he carried himself talking to people very politely and a humble look on his face made him more attractive for Susie.But like Susie there was a huge fan following and many pretty girls hanging around to speak to him and show their best!Susie was ,however, not the one to give up so fast.She was confident that her looks had stirred many hearts and she was going to do it for him too.

And it really happened!Susie had words which praised Sam in a very distinct way and her lovely face with so much of passion and excitement actually made Sam ask her whereabouts and then he called her every party when his book got released!Since then there was no looking back and Susie attended each of these parties looking the prettiest one .But today was a special occasion,Sam was going to meet her alone fora candle light dinner.

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