Fallen Angel

He was a boy. To her he was an angel.
She was a waitress. To him she was a beauty.
One Direction/Supernatural crossover/AU.
I got the ideas for this story from the TV show Supernatural, so 97.5% of the credit goes to the producers, cast, and script writers.
Also, everything you're about to read is fake. I made this all up, and whatever is the same in reality is just a coincidence. I am not religious, and I have no intentions of making this hurtful or rude to any existing religion.


21. Highway To Hell

A/n The song for this chapter is Highway To Hell by AC/DC. °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•

He stood there, as still as possible, with a small smirk on his face, in the middle of the motel room. My breath hitched in the back of my throat. The King of Hell himself was standing in front of us. I didn't have any words to describe how scared I was.

"Louis, " Niall said. "What are you doing here?"

"To do what my minion here didn't," Louis stated simply.

"I'm so sor--"

"Save it. I don't care about your apology. You were with the almost three weeks and couldn't dispose of them? I'm ashamed! You're a demon for hell's sake! Or are you not?"

"But, sir, you took away half my powers I--"

"Well you have the other half, don't you?"

As much as I felt bad for Zayn, I kind of found it amusing. I've never seen this before: a minion getting yelled at at by his owner. Well, king. But then, as much as I found it entertaining I wanted it to stop. After all, Zayn had been nothing but helpful.

"What do you want," I spat. Though there was no point in asking, really. I already knew quite well what the answer would be.

"Isn't it obvious?" Louis said. "Why do you even have to ask? Give me the damn book or your friend will suffer." What did he mean by that? What friend? But a second later I realized what he meant. But why would he do that?

"Kayla has nothing to do with it. Leave her alone, you already got Adam."

"Nah, I think I'll go through with it."

"But even if you do," Niall added, "what good will it do? It won't change anything. If Robin gives up I won't. My whole family is made up of hunters. Together they will take you down." What Niall was saying wasn't true. And I think he already knew that. It wasn't even worth trying but he did anyway. There was no point to it and he just wasted breath.

"Oh, I'm so scared," Louis said sarcastically. He made a sad face and put up his hands in mock defense. "Petty hunters are going to hunt me down and kill me. Well listen here, boy. I've been around way longer than you have and I'm not scared of your false statements. So hand over that book or else princess will get it!"

I actually believed him and began to feel my defeat. I was really thinking of giving him that book. But Niall wasn't having any of it.

"No means no," he stated. "Didn't your mommy ever tell you no? Well, I guess not, seeing how much of a spoiled brat you are!"

Oh no. Why did he say that? Now Niall really got Louis worked up. Louis' face turned into a scowl and his eyes went fully red.

"Give me the book!" he yelled.

"No!" Niall hollered.

I turned to look at Zayn and saw that he was just watching, frightened, the scene unfolding in front of his eyes. He was scared, it was easy to tell.

"Fine then," Louis snarled. "Have it your way."

Then all of a sudden the lights went out as I lost consciousness.


I opened my eyes slowly, groaning slightly from the trib bing in my head. When my eyes adjusted to the dim light I found myself in a messy room with a horrible stench. Empty cardboard boxes were scattered across the floor. I also could have sworn that I just saw a rat run across the room, but I couldn't be sure because of the poor lighting.

My first bought was that I had to stop waking up like this. My next thought was, Where am I? I then heard a for creek open and footsteps making their way to me. My back was facing the door, so I couldn't see who-- or what-- it was. I fou d out it was a human being, but when the person came to face me, I was caught by surprise. "Kayla?" I said, baffled. I felt sick. How could she do this to me? I've known her since we were both in diapers. How could she betray me? Heck, how did he even damn know about this? "What are you doing?" "Sorry, pretty, but Kayla is not home at the moment," she spoke. It spoke. Kayla's eyes turned all black. A demon. I was a damn demon. And it killed my best friend. "So how have you been?" the thing asked. "I heard you and that hunter are really hitting things off." Ah, the sarcastic act of bonding. "Why am I here?" I questioned, cutting straight to the chase. "Why did you bring me here? And where is here?" "Oh, bold, are we now? What if I told you what we will do to your boyfriend if you don't tell is where the book is instead?" There is was again. A threat about someone close to you for that damn book. I just looked at her without saying a word. "First I'll -" "Did I say you can go on?" I said. "Oh, bitchy," Kayla said. "That makes me want to stab you a hundred times over." She pulled out a knife from her sleeve and brought it to my neck. "Now. Louis said he wants his two goons to start the torture reserved for you but I think he will be okay with me doing just a little damage." I felt the tip of the blade against my collar bone as it grazed my bone slowly. She didn't cut me yet, but I didn't doubt that she would. But then the door opened before the demon could do any damage to my perspiring skin. Someone I couldn't see spoke. "Carla, it's time." "All right, Kevin," the demon, Carla, said. "Have fun," she said to me with a snicker. I felt the rope being untied at my wrists and I was pulled off the chair and led out the door by two buff looking demons with pitch black eyes. We twisted through numbers of corridors made of gray stone that was slimy with leakage. Then we came to a room that was identical to the corridors. Except for two things. This room had chains and shackles hanging from the ceiling and gave off a reddish glow. It took me a second to realized that this was what I saw in my vision earlier. Screams were heard from somewhere outside of this room. There were probably many other torture rooms other than this one. The demons stripped me down to my bra and undies and secured my wrists with the shackles. Of course, I objected and writhed as they did all that. When they finally got me how they wanted I felt a sudden and flashing pain across my left waist. I screamed out in pain as I felt another surge of pain against my stomach. When I opened my teary eyes I saw that one of the men was holding a whip. Technically he was the only one there. Wherever the other man went he wasn't in the torture cell. "Where's the book?" The guy's voice was loud in the echoing room, booming loud like thunder. I didn't answer him and was rewarded with another lash of the whip. "Let's try this again," he said. "Where is the book!" "It was in the trunk if the Impala," I panted. "But it's long gone now." "Yes," he snarled. "I know that. That's why I am asking you where it is!" Wait, what? The book really wasn't in the Riviera? If it wasn't there, then where was it? Could Liam have already taken custody of it? I barely felt the next slash of the whip as it hit my skin. I already had a few gashes and blood was dripping down my body. The places where the weapon touched me stung. I couldn't help it as tears stained my sweating face. The demon kept asking me where the book was and I kept telling him I didn't know. That was the truth. I really didn't know. Maybe Liam had it already. Or Harry or Niall had it safe and we're getting it to him. Speaking of Niall, I couldn't help but wonder where he was. Was he with Liam or did they take him too? Once again the whip lashed at me and I screamed out. "I won't stop until you tell me where that book is!" the guy bellowed. The tears cascaded down my cheeks a I once again told him I had no clue where it was. Then, he put the whip down and took up a knife from a stand I didn't realized was there. There was such a huge variety of knives and other torture tools. I wondered how many he would use on me. With the small knife he cut my skin just a bit bellow my collar bone. That he did very slowly, delivering the pain to me the way he enjoyed. "Listen," I said, panting. "I really have no idea where the book is. If you want it you won't get it like this. Especially if you have Niall too." The demon considered it for a moment. It seemed as if he was about to put down the knife, but a second later he furrowed his eyebrows again and cut my leg. I was caught by surprise-- his actions were quick that I barely had time to register what he was about to do. My cuts hurt like a bitch. About an hour later--or so it felt like it-- the demon was still trying to get information out of me. Do these this ever understand anything? "Where is the book?" the demon spat. "Keep trying, it won't work,"I snapped. Once again the demon cut me. I yelled out in pain, gritting my teeth. I was aching all over due to the son-of-a-bitch carving into my skin. It hurt for me to breathe. Probably because that thing repeatedly punched me in my ribs. "I won't stop until you tell me what I need to know!" The demon cuts me just above my eyebrow. Just as I groaned I felt blood trickle down my eye, blurring my vision even more. "Why do you want it anyways? It is warded fr your kind." "That's why we have you." He knew I was a Nephilim. Just great. What else did he know? "What makes you think that I'll help you?" I questioned. "Because you have no other choice. And if you do it I won't kill you." "Not yet, you won't. As soon as you have what you want you'll discard of me for sure. How stupid do you think I am?" "Listen, you little bitch." The demon came closer to me, so close that he was breathing on my face. "You are going to help us, and that's final. You're not going anywhere until it is done. Clear?" Instead of replying with words I spat in his face. That, of course, got him outraged,and he brought his hand up to take another swing at me. But before he could do that... Something unexpected happened. It was like a miracle. A strange miracle, at that. The demon dropped the knife, his eyes wide with horror. Then his eyes and mouth light up as if electricity went through him. He collapsed on the wet ground and didn't move again. In front of me I saw a man in a plaid button-down shirt standing with what looked like a demon knife in his right hand. He was really handsome, with a buzz cut and a birthmark on his neck. "Robin, let's get you out of here," he told me. He undid the shackles that were holding my wrists tied up to the ceiling and helped me to my feet. "Who are you?" I managed to get out. I was out of breath and felt like I was about to pass out. The weakness was evident in my voice. "I'm Remiel," he said. "Liam. I'm here to get you out." "Remiel Liam? As in, the angel?" "Yes, I'm the angel." The next thing I knew we were standing in the motel Niall and I were staying at. "Robin!" I heard Niall exclaim. "Jesus Christ, what did they do to you?" "I don't know, beat me up?" Remiel helped me to and chair so I could sit. Then he put he palm of his hand on my forehead, and it was as if nothing had happened just a moment before. It was as if I wasn't whipped or cut. I brought my hand up to my collar bone to feel my scar, but it was gone. I had my energy restored to me and I was able to breathe easily once again. "What the hell?" I gasped. "What just happened?" "I healed you," Remiel answered. "You need to rest now." "How did we get here so fast? Did I black out?" "No, we teleported here." "Teleported!?" I was in shock. This guy could teleport but we had to drive all the way to San Antonio? "You're bluffing. Teleportation? You could have just showed up to get the book but instead had us go through all of this?" "Robin,this wasn't his idea," Niall cut in. "it was mine." "What?" "I was going to bring it to a drop-off place we agreed on. No one asked you to come. But since you did, I already had a plan set up. Your parents were also in on it. We just wanted to show you how hard it is to be a hunter. "So why didn't you just tell me you were going to drop it off?" I questioned. "Because even that is dangerous," Niall explained. "The demons know where you live, so most of them are in New York. If I was going to have our tag along, I at least wanted you to be somewhat safe." "So you're saying lying to me about going here is safe?" "I didn't say 'one-hundred-percent', did I? I said 'somewhat'. Which is way more saw that you going with me to the initial drop-off. If we went there, you would've most likely been killed." I huffed out a breath, not sure how to answer him this time. I guess he had a point, but he still could have told me the truth in the beginning of all this. But who am I kidding? I would've followed him anyway. "I guess you're right," I said in a more calmer tone. "Sorry. And Liam, sorry for accusing you of lying." "I accept your apology," the angel replied. "Now I think I should go. I have the book with me. It will be well hidden in heaven." "Thanks, Li," Niall said. He gave Liam a pat on the back. With a smile, Liam disappeared. Niall and I sat there for a moment in silence. It was over. Finally. After two and a half months, we did it. Remiel-- Liam-- had the book and was now safely returning it to its home, far away from harm. Now we could go safely home and not be bothered. With the exception of no one finding out about what I am, of course. "Ready to go home?" Niall asked. I was a bit startled by the sound of his voice. A sound in the silence. "Yeah," I said. "I'm so ready." "Then let's go." We slowly got up from the bed and made our way out the door. As I walked I felt somehow lighter. As if a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And it a way there has been. All of this driving around, trying to avoid demons and curious angels on our journey to San Antonio really did a number on us both. The fire accident, the abandoned asylum. Even Adam, one of my best friends, had been killed because of the stupid book. I hope he loves it where he is now. He is missed deeply. That got me thinking about Kayla. What happened to her? Did they kill her too, or is she back home, safe among family? I guess there's only one way to find out: go back home. Before we got into the Riviera Niall stopped me. "Robin," he said. "I just wanted to tell you something." He took a deep breath, as if he was nervious of what he was about to say. Then, "We've been on this trip together for about a month and a half. And as we went along, you made me realized something. Being a hunter is hard. It is a big responsibility. Of course,I already knew that. But you made me see that that having a person who is willing to be there for you and that truly cares about and wants to take a bullet for you is the best thing a person could ever have. And you're the person I would do that for. I got to know you better these past few weeks and I am only ever glad that I accepted to take you with me. You were there for me when Greg ran away, when my dad got ill, and especially when I was in the hospital because of the fire. I hae you now, and I don't want to ever lose you. So Robin, will you go out with me?" I had to take a moment to take it all in. What he said blew me away. I never thought that Niall was capable of this. Like, we did kiss once. And we had sex, but only under the influence. I never knew he cared so deeply. He did a great job hiding it. So I told him: "Yes." And in that moment, Niall pulled me closer by my waist and kissed me passionately with his soft, trembling lips. I kissed him back. It was a great feeling. I wanted to get lost in this kiss of all eternity.

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