Fallen Angel

He was a boy. To her he was an angel.
She was a waitress. To him she was a beauty.
One Direction/Supernatural crossover/AU.
I got the ideas for this story from the TV show Supernatural, so 97.5% of the credit goes to the producers, cast, and script writers.
Also, everything you're about to read is fake. I made this all up, and whatever is the same in reality is just a coincidence. I am not religious, and I have no intentions of making this hurtful or rude to any existing religion.


6. Five

*warning: some scenes may be... unpleasant.*

It was after school and I was at the diner, about to start my shift for the day. I still didn't know what I would do about the training. I needed to know as much as I could from Niall, bit my family also needed the money. I guess I had to talk about it with my dad.

When I went to take someone's order, I saw a familiar Riviera parked outside the diner. Niall was outside, watching out for me. It felt weird, to be honest. But I appreciated it.

When I took the order and brought it to the kitchen, I suddenly began to feel sick. My stomach began to turn. I ran to the bathroom, and just in time, too. Closing the door, I turned to the sink and began to gag. I couldn't breath. I wrapped my hands around my throat, and the next thing I knew I was throwing up blood. This continued until I began to feel dizzy and fell to the floor. I was gasping for air— air that my lungs couldn't get enough of. I began to see stars in my vision. My heart was hammering hard and loud against my chest. I was pretty sure it was about to pop out any second. I thought I was going to die right then and there.

But then just as fast as it began it stopped, and I could breathe again. The stars and faint feeling went away, and the wanting to vomit disappeared. The only thought I could process was What the hell just happened?. All of a sudden the bathroom door burst open and in walked Niall, his face flushed with anger. But the it changed to fright and concern when he saw me sprawled on the tiled floor of the diner bathroom.

"Robin?" He spoke. Yep, he was totally worried. "Robin, are you alright?"

"Do I look alright to you?" I snapped. "What the hell was that?"

"Come one, we've gotta get you somewhere safe." Niall ignored my question and picked me up in his arms.

"You know, I'm still able to walk," I told him. Again, he ignored me.

When we were at his car he opened the passenger door and put me inside. He ran around the Riviera and sat in the diver's seat.

"Can you please explain to me what just happened?" I demanded.

"A demon almost killed you," Niall told me.


"Apparently there was a demon out back of the diner. It did that to you. You're lucky I was there to kill it."

"A demon?" I said. "But who...?"

"Take a wild guess," Niall replied.

"Adam..." It couldn't be. Could it? Was Adam really a demon?


"But how? I've know him for a while. I just don't understand how he was a demon all this time."

"He wasn't. A demon possessed him yesterday before he took you out to dinner. So the real Adam was probably gone since last night. But on the other hand, he might have experienced whatever the demon did."

"Then why didn't he stop the demon?" I asked.

"When a demon possesses a person, the person can in no way stop it," Niall explained. "So if the demon kills someone, the person being possessed sees it all as well. But he doesn't have the power to stop the thing. But like I said before, the demon might'he killed Adam last night."

"But why me? What did I do?"

"The King of Hell is looking for some book that can start the apocalypse, and apparently you have it."

"Who? No, I don't."

"Maybe you just don't know. It might be hidden in your apartment somewhere."

"So now we have to find it. But what happens after we do?"

"We need to give it to someone."

"Who?" I asked.

"An angel," Niall said. "His name Remiel. He is the one who is supposed to keep it safe."

"So doesn't that mean that he's supposed to have it?"

"Yeah, but there was a civil war in heaven fifty years ago, and it got lost."

"And somehow it ended up in my family?"


A moment of awkward silence passed by until I said, "Where are we going?"

"We're going to get you inked up," Niall replied. "The place is sanitary, s you don't have to worry. And it won't hurt as much."

Said the guy with two sleeves of tattoos. I actually always wanted to get one anyway. And if the tattoo shop was as sanitary as he said it was, then I really had nothing to worry about.

When we got there my heart started to beat a bit faster. I was nervous, I had to admit. But I couldn't turn back. This was the first step in keeping me safe, so I had to go through with it.

The shop looked pretty clean. Some alternative rock played in the background. Niall and I walked up to the front desk where a middle-aged woman stood with a countless amount of tattoos. One was of a mermaid, I saw. Another one that I thought that was cool was one of tall forest trees that looked like they were growing from her wrist and three fourths of the way up to her elbow. But the one that caught my attention the most was the anti-possession tattoo on her left arm just below her shoulder.

"Hey, Layla," Niall said to her.

"Hi, Niall," Layla greeted. "What can I do for ya?"

"Give my friend Robin here the tattoo."

Layla looked at me with a smile, and I returned it. "A new hunter, ey? Well, I think it's great we have another helping hand out there. Come with me, I'll set you up."

I followed her to one of the chairs and sat down. It was actually really comfortable. I let my mind wander to my surroundings. There were a bunch of pictures of tattoos on the walls, along with bands and a guitar hanging on the wall. Haim played in the background, and I saw Niall looking through a catalog of tattoos.

"Okay, Robin," Layla said. "Is this your first tattoo?"

"Yes," I responded.

"Alright, I just need you to relax, okay?" I nodded my head in understanding. "Where do you want it?"

"Just below the collarbone," I requested.

"I closed my eyes and sank deeper into the chair. Layla put some rubbing alcohol on where the tattoo would be. Soon I heard the buzz of the needle and felt it pierce my skin. I gasped as the pain hit me and tightened my grip on the arms of the chair. It felt like I was being stung by a poisonous bee. But I soon got used to it. In about twenty minutes Layla was done.

"Alright, Robin," she said. "You're all done."

I thanked her and rose up from the red seat. Well, that was interesting. I followed Niall to the counter to pay Layla. Layla told us no charge, that it is an honor to have another hunter with us. Niall said he wants to pay for it, but she insisted. Not wanting to start a scene, Niall thanked her and walked out of the car as I followed.

"What now?" I asked.

"I'm taking you to my place," Niall told me. "We need to get you a hex bag."

I didn't say any more after that. My chest still hurt a bit, but I was sure that it was going to fade soon. But then I realized something. How was I going to hide this from my parents? My mom didn't care if she walked in on me in my underwear and bra, so when she saw this she would throw a tantrum and snitch on me to my dad, and then all hell will break loose. Maybe I should start locking my room when I'm changing....

"Niall," I said, "what if my parents find out about the tattoo?"

""Just tell them about it," Niall told me. "They won't be mad."

You don't know my parents as much as I do. They'll freak."

"No, they won't. I promise."

"You don't know that," I countered.

"Yes, I do," he stated. "Robin, they know all about it."

"What!?" How the hell could my parents know and not tell me anything?"

"They used to be hunters. They quit when your mother was pregnant with you."

"What the hell? How do you know all this?"

"My dad told me all of this," Niall explained. "Yesterday I told him how you overheard our conversation, and he told me everything you need to know. But I can't tell everything at once. You'll find out in due time. Some things you might find out from your parents."

Guess who had lot of explaining to do.


Niall drove up my house and I got out of the car, thanking him for today. I made my way to my apartment, greeting one of the janitors in the lobby. When I got home I found my parents and brother in the living room watching Narnia. I loved that movie, and I would've certainly sat down and watched it with them. But now was not the time.

"Mom, dad," I spoke, "we need to talk." They looked at me in wonder, but probably knew exactly where this was going. "Dylan, go to your room please."

"But Narnia is on," Dylan whined.

"Dylan, honey, please go to your room," my mother told him.

"Fine," he said, giving in.

My dad told me to sit down, but I refused. I couldn't sit down. Not in a situation like this.

"Can someone please tell me wheat the hell is going on?" I said, hoping to get them to tell me the truth.

"About what, dear?" my mom asked in her fake confused tone.

"About everything. About what you guys did before I was born, why I'm a demon target, why my best friend turned out to be one of those black-eyed things. Heck, what is this book that is so popular?"

"What are you talking about, sweetie?" dad asked.

I showed them my tattoo. "Niall took me to get this today after I was nearly killed by Adam. Or what was left of him. He gave me this hex bag and Bobby's journal. It has all the information on everything supernatural. I know you guys were hunters before I was born. Why couldn't you have told me before I almost died today? Why did I have to hear it from Niall?"

My mother took a deep sigh before speaking. "Your father and I just wanted to protect you. We thought that if you didn't know about any of this, you would have stayed away from it all. We realized it was all for nothing when Niall came today to tell us about the demons."

"Okay," I said. "Can you at least tell me what's in the book?"

"No one knows," my father told me. "It has been locked in a box for almost a hundred years, and no one has even dared to open it. All we know is that whatever is written in that book is able to wipe out all what ever existed. What needs to be done is getting that book brought to an angel named Remiel."

"Okay, where is he?"

"He's in San Antonio, Texas."

"Alright, I'm going to go book tickets."

"I don't think it will be that simple," my mom told me. " There are demons everywhere. We can't just board a plane like that. We need to keep on the low."

I huffed out a breath and said, "Fine. Road trip, then." I'm going to go pack my bag."

"Oh, sweetheart, we're not going anywhere.

"What? What the hell are you talking about"

"Your father and I too out of practice. We've gotten rusty since we stopped hunting. We can't leave Dylan. And let's not forget that you never got the proper training."

"But, mom, I—"

"No buts, Robin," my dad said. "You're staying home and that's final. You can give Niall the book tomorrow and he will take it to Remiel."

This was so not fair. The book was in our family, and I think that someone from this family should be the one to give it to Remiel. But no worries, I had an idea of which I will get to experience the action.

"Fine, I guess I'll just go and study Bobby's journal," I said. It wasn't a lie, actually.

"Okay, read carefully," my mother said.


When I got into my room I called Niall. He picked up on the third ring.

"Robin, what's up," Niall answered.

"My parents are going to give me the book," I tell him. "Come tomorrow at six in the morning, I'll give it to you. Then you can be on your way to San Antonio."

"No problem," he said.


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