Fallen Angel

He was a boy. To her he was an angel.
She was a waitress. To him she was a beauty.
One Direction/Supernatural crossover/AU.
I got the ideas for this story from the TV show Supernatural, so 97.5% of the credit goes to the producers, cast, and script writers.
Also, everything you're about to read is fake. I made this all up, and whatever is the same in reality is just a coincidence. I am not religious, and I have no intentions of making this hurtful or rude to any existing religion.


20. 19. Lola

~A/n The song for this chapter is LolabyThe Kinks

"What do you mean, you know where he might be?" Niall questioned. Suddenly he was wide awake.
"I just had a dream, and Greg was in it," I explained to him. "He was in Soho, and I think he was trying to get away from someone. He was in an alleyway."
"Damnit," he muttered. "I'm calling my parents."
He pulled out his phone and called his family. He stepped out in the cool night air when he started talking.
"What's all the fuss about?" Zayn, who was actually sleeping, said. He rubbed his eyes groggily and let out a yawn.
"Nothing, nothing," I said. "Just go back to sleep."
"Robin," Niall called, peering into the car. "My mom wants to talk to you."
I step out of the car into the night and take the phone from him. "Hi, Mrs. Horan."
"Robin," I heard the worried woman on the other end say. "You have visions?"
"Yes, I do. I understand Niall told you about my vision of Greg?"
"Yes, he did. What did you see?"
I explained to her everything I saw in my dream/ vision. I tried my best to not leave anything out. I heard Niall's mom's constant gasping as I spoke.
"Oh, my gosh," Mrs. Horan sighed. "We will send out a search party again. Thank you, Robin, really."
"Anytime, Mrs. Horan," I said.
"Can I ask you something? Why do you have these visions?"
Oops. She asked the question that no one was supposed to know the answer to. What was I supposed to say? Think, Robin, think.
"I, um- my grandma had visions," I bluffed. "I guess they got passed down to me."
"Oh, all right." I could tell by her voice that she was still confused. Oh, well.
I told her that I was tired and that I was going to go to sleep. I said my goodnight and hung up before she could ask any more questions.
I tossed Niall's phone back to him and got into the Riviera. Shutting the door, I leaned on the glass and closed my eyes. Before I could fall asleep I heard tiny snores coming from the back seat. I guess Zayn's powers really were stripped off of him. Then the darkness enveloped me in seconds.
When I opened my eyes again the sun was up and the car was moving. I checked the time on my phone and I saw that it was already ten twenty-two. I wondered how long I've been out.
"You've been asleep for eleven hours," I heard Niall say.
I didn't look at him, nor did I reply. I just kept my mouth shut and my eyes on the road ahead. Surprisingly we were driving on a highway.
"Why are we on a highway," I said in a monotone.
"There was a lot of demon activity going on on the side roads," he told me.
"And how do you know?"
"Don't forget that there are hunters in almost every town we pass through."
I could tell that Niall was trying g to be friendly. But I wasn't having any of it. I wanted him to learn that I wasn't a toy to be played with. I knew that we met barely a month ago, but for some reason I grew to like him and in more than just a friendly way. It was foolish of me, yes. But did I care? No. Even when he went and did what he did, I still couldn't drag myself away. Sometimes I wondered what's wrong with me, and I always came up empty.
For the rest of the car ride to the next town, I gave Niall the silent treatment. I didn't talk to him, I didn't look at him, hoping to give him something to think over.
Niall drove his Riviera to the next state. All the while he thought about Robin. He felt really bad with what he was doing. He was aware of his actions toward her and didn't like them one bit. Niall just wished he could make up him mind already.
The problem was: he couldn't. Even though he met A Robin less than a month ago Niall couldn't deny his feelings for her. But he didn't know if this was the right time.
Yet again, he did. This was a horrible time. They needed to get a lethal book half way across the country to an angel, making sure it was safe from harm and insight; an untrained hunter who was really barely a hunter was his partner in all of this; the King of Hell wanted the book and most possibly looking to start an apocalypse; Robin and was a Nephilim and not only demons, but most importantly angels would start a manhunt for her if they found out; and there was a demon in the back seat of his car who Robin trusted.
Niall didn't know how to approach Robin, and he didn't know how to act around her. He really wanted her but knew he couldn't. At least not now. He saw the way she felt toward him- it was all too obvious. He knew she liked him, but she didn't know if he liked her or not. That's because Niall was acting so bipolar around her. He noticed how he would be very kind to her but then the next moment be a total dickbag.
Niall didn't know what to do. But after some thinking it over in the silence of the Riviera, he decided to just act like a friend. No more pushing her away. And if he couldn't do something as simple as that, God help him.
In a day and a half, we made it to Marshall, Oklahoma. No distractions, no cases, no anything. It was quiet. On the second day, we realized that things were too quiet.
"Hey, do you notice something?" Niall asked me and Zayn as we ate lunch at yet again another diner.
By this time, I let go of everything that had happened between the two of us. I realized that arguing with him would be no use and that trying to scare him by giving him a taste of his own medicine would most likely not even work.
"What?" I asked.
"We've made it as far as Marshall, and nothing has happened to us on the way. Don't you think that's kind of strange?"
"You're right," Zayn chimed in. "We've had no distractions whatsoever. Do you think that maybe the demons are planning something?"
"Maybe," I said. "Do you think that someone found out about me? How I'm a Nephilim and all."
"I hope not," Niall said. "That's the last thing we need right now. We already have demons on our asses. We don't need angels."
"I'm pretty sure they're planning something. The demons, that is. It's been very quiet, and in situations like this they don't just give up on it. They don't stop until either they legitimately can't get to what they want or they have it."
"The book or Robin?"
"Most likely the book. But if they know about the whole Nephilim thing then possibly both."
I let that sink in for a moment. The thought of demons hunting for me personally sounded terrifying. I couldn't begin to think about what they could do to me if they actually got me. But hey, I signed up to this trip with Niall willingly when he refused to take me along. Whatever happened, happened. I got on this death ride and I was gonna go through with it. No backing out at this point. Plus, we were a county away from Texas. Not even. Might as well carry this out till the end.
"So what are we going to do?" I questioned.
"We will just wait and see what happens," Niall said. "We need to keep an eye out for danger. If anything pops up we spring into action."
"But what about me?" Zayn asked. "I'm a demon. When they find out about how I'm helping you I'm done for."
"You told Ed that you were planning to trick us or something. I don't think they'll do anything to you."
"So then wouldn't that mean that the demons aren't doing anything because Zayn is with us and has a plan?" I added.
"Yeah," Zayn said. "What if they're just laying back and waiting for me to finish what I'm apparently doing?"
As much as that sounded like something great, it sounded too great. It wasn't true The demons wouldn't rest until they got what they wanted, even if one of their own is pretending to be friendly to someone in order to steal. It was all to good to believe in.
"No," Niall said, reading my mind. "And also, we should tone it down a bit. Anyone here could be listening."
I haven't thought of that, actually. Niall made a really good point. When I was at the hospital cafeteria I had no idea that a demon was using a worker's body. Most likely dead body. In other words, a meatsuit.
"You know, we haven't really ordered anything yet," I stated.
What looked like panic came onto Niall's face when I said those words. He grabbed Zayn by the arm and pulled him towards the counter.
"Let's get food, Zayn," he said.
In these few days Niall learned to be kind to Zayn despite him being a demon. I had told him that we needed Zayn on this trip whether he liked it or not. I told him that he needed to quit his act and pull it together if he wanted to complete the mission. He had no other choice but to comply, and it made me happy that he could listen to me for once.
As I waited for the two boys to get us food my phone rang. It was Kayla.
"Hey, babe, " I answered.
"Hey," she replied. "How's that trip?"
"So far it's going smoothly. It's nice and peaceful." That wasn't entirely true, but I wasn't going to tell her about all that had happened in the past week. She didn't really need to know about it.
"How's Niall?" Kayla asked.
"Um, he's pretty cool," I said. "Though I think the ink patterns on his skin gives that away. "
She giggles and I let out a small laugh.
"And how are the two of you?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, what is your relationship status?"
"Friends, just friends," I told her. My stomach did a flip and my cheeks grew warm.
"Mhm, okay," my best friend said. "I bet that it won't be that way for long."
"What? No way."
"Uh, yes way. I can hear it in your voice. These things are not easy to pass by my knowledge, Robin."
Apparently this passes by mine.
"Well, whatever happens, happens."
"Oh, my god, can I be the maid of honor at your wedding?"
"I can't guarantee it, he didn't even ask me out. And nothing will happen, Kayla. But, I want you to know that whatever wedding I do have, you can be my maid of honor."
Kayla squealed on the other side and I had to bring my phone away from my ear. She was a squealer, that one. "Oh, I can't wait! "
"Honey, I'm not even engaged. I don't even have a boyfriend."
"Go ahead a tell me that you haven't thought about Niall that way." Damnit, I hated her when she got like this.
"I'm not denying it. But it won't even work out. Especially now."
"Alright, Kayla hummed. "But when he's walking you down that aisle, when you give me your bouquet of flowers and I hand you your vow, I will tell you 'I told you so'."
I feel my cheeks warm up at the thought of being a bride~ Niall's bride~ and saw him coming from the corner of my eye.
"Kayla, I gotta go," I told my best friend. "I'm about to eat."
"Okay," Kayla said. "Have fun."
I rolled my eyes and disconnected.
"Food!" Niall exclaimed. "Finally."
"Yeah, about time," I agreed. My food of a cheeseburger, large fries and root beer was placed in front of me. "Thank you."
"Who was on the phone?" Zayn asked. He looked skeptical.
"My friend from home," I explained to him. Zayn looked at me skeptically, as if he didn't believe me. I raise an eyebrow at him, wondering why he didn't trust me.
"Do you know what might be brewing in hell right now?" Niall asked Zayn.
"No," he replied. "I think that Louis already guessed that I'm helping you guys."
"Why so?" I asked.
"Well, what I have left of my powers is not enough. It's hard to teleport as it is, and if I can barely do that it will be even harder to work any magic. It's not that hard to figure out. I'm a runaway demon that is helping a couple of hunters on their mission to save the world.Hunters. That's a sin back in hell."
Areyoureallygoingtotalkaboutsinsrightnow? I thought. I kept myself from rolling me eyes. But he was right. If anyone found out about this back in hell they will kill Zayn.
"So what are we going to do?"
"Just like Niall said, we wait it out. We need to keep both eyes open," Zayn stated.
So we waited. We waited for a week, and during that week nothing happened. Believe it or not, it was pretty tiring and annoying. Every little crack, every little rustle, caught our attention. It was hard to take a rest and each night we had shifts of who will be awake during certain hours of the night. There were too many energy drink cans and paper coffee cups in the trash can. But if I were to be watching all of it from the side I would probably find it funny. This all felt like in a movie. But it was reality, and it was very annoying.
The three of us had massive bags under our eyes. When we went out people who passed by stared at us, probably thinking we were drug addicts. I didn't blame them, though. When I looked in the mirror at myself I sometimes even jumped at the sight of the person looking back at me. It wasn't Robin Castellini, the girl who lived in Queens and worked three jobs. This was Robin, a Nephilim who had demons and angels looking for her ass and  wanted to put her head on a stake.
How long do we have to keep doing this?" I whined. It was a week since we started doing this waiting out thing. At this point I called it torture.
"Until we give the book to Remiel," Niall stated. "One more day, Robin."
Zayn, Niall and I were in a motel in San Antonio. We were supposed to meet Remiel tomorrow at another hotel a few miles from the one we were staying. Why we couldn't bring it to him right away was something I didn't understand. All I did know was that exhaustion was going to get me killed way before Louis did if things didn't happen fast enough.
Suddenly I got this epic pounding in my head that made me scream out in great pain. I grabbed my head with my hands and doubled over on the bed. Moaning and groaning, I felt tears stain my eyes and roll down hot on my face.
Then an image appeared in my head. It was dark, but at the same time there was a red light everywhere. I could make out stone walls and ground, and chains hanging from the ceiling. Screams other than my own filled my head. They were screams of blood and torture. But just as the image appeared it disappeared. I was back in the motel room and surrounded by green and yellow wallpaper. I felt someone shaking me and calling out my name.
"Robin! Robin, can you hear me? Babe!"
Niall and Zayn were trying to get me to focus on real life. There faces were splatter with worry. It was Niall who was calling out to me.
He called me babe?
When I finally got my focus on the hunter and demon in front of me I sat up. Niall insisted I stay with my head on the pillow but I assuredassured him I was fine.
"Are you sure your okay?" Niall asked again.
"Yes, I am," I said.
"What the hell just happened?" Zayn questioned. He looked scared, like a deer caught in headlights.
Before I could speak Niall began  to explain to him. "Robin has been having these visions, and they often come with headaches and loss of breath. She can see what will happen in the near future."
"But I didn't lose my breath this time," I spoke.
Niall looked at me with a puzzled expression, probably wondering why. Zayn just looked curious.
"What did you see?" the demon asked.
"I saw a room. It was made entirely out stone, and it kind of gave off a redish glow. There were shackles hanging from the ceiling. And there were screams. It sounded like people werewere being tortured."
I saw Zayn's eyes widen andand have him a look that said, "What?" Niall saw where my attention was and also looked at Zayn.
"What?" he questioned. "Do you know what she saw?"
"Louis' torture cells," Zayn explained. "It's where he chains people up and, well, tortures them. But why did you see that?"
"I don't know," I said. "I haven't had these visions for a while now. I wonder why it's happening now."
"We have to be careful," Niall added. "Whether it's one of us in there or someone else, it's best to look out for one another."
"Hello, loves."
The strange voice startled me and I jumped. I looked to see who it belonged to and turned to find a guy not yet twenty-five with brown tousled hair and a slim figure. He wore casual clothes - blue jeans and a jean jacket thrown over a white shirt - and had a small beard stubble. I looked to Niall and then Zayn to see if either of them recognized this stranger standing in the middle of our motel room. Niall's eyes were wide with shock. Zayn, on the other hand, was kneeling down. No, bowing down. As if this guy was some-
And then it hit me. Standing in front of me was the King of Hell in the flesh.
A/n hi you guys.
So it's been a little while, has it not? Sorry for such a late update. As I mentioned in the last chapter Ihave state tests coming up. And not only that but the finals are finally here (no pun intended). I know this chapter wasn't so eventful, I had are bad case of writer's block. I hope you enjoyed this chapter though.  And hey, you were finally introduced  to no other but the King himself!
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