Fallen Angel

He was a boy. To her he was an angel.
She was a waitress. To him she was a beauty.
One Direction/Supernatural crossover/AU.
I got the ideas for this story from the TV show Supernatural, so 97.5% of the credit goes to the producers, cast, and script writers.
Also, everything you're about to read is fake. I made this all up, and whatever is the same in reality is just a coincidence. I am not religious, and I have no intentions of making this hurtful or rude to any existing religion.


19. 18. Back In Black

~A/n The song for this chapter is Back In Black by AC/DC.

Just when we thought that everything was going as planned, events decided to take a twist. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. Of course, even if I didn't, the situation at hand wouldn't have been any different. But why did it have to happen now and not when the book was safely hidden?
The man from the hospital- Ed, I guess- stood a few feet away from the three of us and the book. My heart was beating fast, and I had no doubt that Niall's was also. But Zayn was as calm as can be. I didn't know what was going on through his head, but I hoped he had a plan.
"Zayn," Ed said. "What are you doing with these hunters?"
"Don't worry, Ed," Zayn said, "I have this all under control."
"They have the book, Zayn," the ginger pointed out.
"I know, I know. Don't worry. I know exactly what I'm doing."
Zayn walked over to Ed and began to say something to him. I was very sure that he was talking too low for Niall and I to hear, but I heard every single word. I swear. I didn't know how, and this was creeping the hell out of me.
"I'm planning to trick them," Zayn whispered. "I'm going to pretend to help them and in the end bring them to Louis."
"And how do I know that you're telling the truth?" Ed questioned. "For all I know, you are helping them and fooling me."
"Why would I team up with some hunters against my own?"
There was a slight pause and then a sigh from Ed.
"Fine," he replied. "Just make it quick. Louis is getting impatient. And you know that's not a good sign. Soon he'll be having fun by torturing the other demons."
"Okay, okay," Zayn said. "Just tell the others to lay off for a while. If anything I will call for backup."
With that said, Zayn turned back and walked to us. As he did, Ed disappeared into the air.
"What was that all about?" Niall asked suspiciously.
"Don't worry about Ed," Zayn said. "He and the rest should be off our backs now."
The demon followed Niall and me to the Riviera. I saw Niall was tensed up a bit. I wasn't blaming him because if I didn't believe Zayn I would feel the same way about the situation. Of course, I didn't trust Zayn one-hundred percent, but something told me that all this was the right thing to be doing.
When we got to the car, Lloyd's eyes gave off a confused look. "Who's your friend?"
I guess Zayn showed him his demon eyes because Lloyd yelled in panic.
"What the hell! It's a demon!" he said.
"We know," Niall told him.
"What in the world are you thinking, you idiots?"
"It's okay, Lloyd," I said. "You can trust him. I can't explain right now, but when we get the time I will tell you everything. Both of you."
This didn't calm Lloyd still, for he was as far away from Zayn as the car allowed. Zayn just looked slightly annoyed with him. His small pout and eyes said it all.
I put the book back safely into its box and held it in my lap. No angel could get it as hold as I had my hands on it.
We drove to Lloyd's safe house in the next town. The ride took a while and it grew a bit awkward. Thankfully Niall put on some classic rock and it wasn't as uncomfortable. The two of us sang along to the music quietly and let me tell you, not only did Niall have the beauty of an angel, but a voice of one as well. And don't even get me started on Zayn. When AC/DC's Back In Black came on, he was singing it as if he felt it in his heart. His singing was so phenomenal that I could have listened to him and Niall belt out for the rest of my life.
When we arrived at the safe house we left Zayn in the car and locked his wrists in demon handcuffs. He wasn't happy with it, but we had to be sure he didn't try anything. The house itself was pretty old and dusty, with a spiderweb Herr and there. But it wasn't totally bad. All it needed was a bit of cleaning.
"While we're here," Niall said, "why don't you tell us what the hell is going on, Robin." He sat down on the couch and put his feet up on the small coffee table. Why was it that just yesterday kissed me and was now giving me the sass?
I decided that was a topic go touch upon later when we were alone. Right now, Niall and Lloyd needed a full on explanation of things.
So I told them. I told them everything from what I thought were panic attacks that were actually visions to why I trusted Zayn. I explained to them everything my mom had told me over the phone earlier, how my five times great grandfather was actually an angel.
"Wait, so you're a Nephilim?" Lloyd asked. "Didn't see that one coming."
"Yeah, neither did I," I said. To be honest, I didn't think of myself as a Nephilim. At least not until now.
"Nephilims are outlaws," Niall stated. "They are not allowed to exist. Created your great-great-great-great grandparent was against the law. Angels and demons alike hunt down those like you. You and your family will be in grave danger if anyone else finds out."
The news hit me hard like a sledgehammer. My breath hitched in my throat and I became scared. Not for me, but for my family.
"But don't worry, I won't let that happen," he continued, "not in a million years." There it was again. That warmth toward me. "But what I don't understand is why you didn't tell me about your visions!"
Boom. The warmth was gone. His voice was filled with annoyance.
"Why didn't you tell me? You put our lives in more danger than they already were! What would've happened if I died, huh? What would've happened if Lloyd died? How would you have continued with the mission? Where would you have gone to next?"
Niall's words hit me hard. They stung, but I did my best not to let it show. I held my tears that were about to escape. This would have been the fifth time I cried today. I was never good under pressure, so this didn't really surprise me.
"I was scared, Niall," I shot back. I tried my best to not let my voice crack. Unfortunately, I did not succeed; it cracked at the last word. "I was scared. I didn't know what to do. I thought that if I told you about it, you would think I'm crazy. I was afraid you wouldn't believe me."
"But you're traveling with me," Niall said. "You can tell me anything, and you know it. Trust me when I say there is nothing I haven't seen so far."
That's when my eyes burst. Not literally, I just started to cry. Again. As I said before, I hated crying, and doing so in front of people- especially Niall- made it all the more worse.
Niall's eyes softened once again, this time all the way.
"Robin, I'm sorry, I didn't meant t-"
"No, forget it," I said. "Just- let's go. I think we left Zayn alone for too long."
We said our good-byes to Lloyd and walked back to the Riviera. Zayn grew impatient during the wait and explained his annoyance to us. I apologized to him. Niall left his handcuffs on, not taking any risks. After all, he was a demon.
For the entire ride Niall and I didn't say a word to each other. He made me feel horrible, more horrible than I had already felt. What was more, he yelled at me in front of Lloyd. So what basically happened was that first he kissed me with passion and the next thing he was taking out his rage on me? He really needed to think over his feelings for me. I was not going to tolerate his bipolar ass like that.
It was only at the next gas station that he said something. It was in the little market where he wanted to get potato chips. Might as well- if we wanted to drive for as long as possible we needed to stock up on food and other essentials.
"Listen, Robin, I'm sorry about earlier. I don't know why I burst like that. It wasn't even such a big of a deal."
I continued to look for the drinks we wanted without replying or showing any signs of giving in.
"Look," Niall said. "You can be mad at me if you want. You have a huge right to be. But please at least talk to me. I really miss the sound of your voice."
"There it is again," I replied bitterly as I turned to face him. "You either compliment me or blurt out something rude. What the hell is wrong with you? Can't you just tell me what's going on?"
"What are you-"
"The first moment you're all over me and the next you're just plain douchebag. Can't you make up your mind already? Can't you just decide the way you feel towards me? Because all you're doing lately is making me chase you like a confused puppy."
"I thought we agreed on the fact that we can't be in a relationship at the moment," Niall stated.
"Yeah, but that doesn't mean that you have to be a dick to me," I pointed out. "Ever heard of the word 'friends'?"
After a small silence that passed between us, I said, "You know, I don't even think that I feel that way towards you, anyway."
But to be honest, that was a total lie. Even though he has been rude to be lately I still felt this strange pull towards him. I just needed to it him where it hurt, and I hoped that those words left a huge bruise.
With that said I picked up the little red shopping basket and walked over to the cash register. I paid for our stuff and went back to the car without even waiting for Niall to catch up. I honestly hoped that little talk put some sense into his brain.
Zayn huffed out a sigh of relief when I sat in the passenger seat and said, "You guys really do take your time with everything."
"Sorry," I muttered. "We argued about which Coke to take."
"Well, I hope you got food, because I'm starving."
"I thought demons didn't need to eat," Niall stated in confusion when he got in the car.
"Louis took my powers," Zayn explained. "It's a long story."
"Take whatever you want from the bag," I told him. I gave Niall a curious look and I got one in return. I wondered what he did.
After we ate and threw away our garbage we continued on our trip. I fell asleep right away. I was so exhausted from the events of today that I literally went out like a light.
The boy ran towards the abandoned alleyway in fright. It was late at night and he was lost.
When he hit the dead end at the end of the  alley he tried hiding behind the dumpsters. But it was no use, they would find him anyway. He still hid though, in the little, dark alleyway on Spring Street.
I woke up with a start and sat up and woke up Niall by hitting him in the chest with my arm.
"What the hell, Robin?" he said groggily. "I know you're mad at me, but physical abuse is no way to take your anger out."
"I didn't mean to hurt you," I told him. "Just to wake you."
"In the middle of the night? Why?"
"I know where Greg is."
A/n Hi, you guys.Some drama between the two lovebirds, huh?Btw, if you were confused by that last part, Robin had a dream of Greg. Remember, Niall is older than Greg here. He ran away and the Horans can't find him anywhere. And Robin knows where he may be. So, stay tuned for the next chapter!
And as for the announcement:
Regents month is coming up, which is June. I am going to start reviewing and studying for these tests (especially algebra) in May, which is this Friday. I won't be able to update as much, but I will try my best to write chapters for you guys when I can! Please understand. This is very, very important, and I really need to study. Don't worry, I don't hate writing for you guys, it's just that I need to focus on school more than ever these next two months. And I believe that most of you that are in high school/ secondary school also have these exams, so you can relate.
Don't forget to comment, vote and share!


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