Fallen Angel

He was a boy. To her he was an angel.
She was a waitress. To him she was a beauty.
One Direction/Supernatural crossover/AU.
I got the ideas for this story from the TV show Supernatural, so 97.5% of the credit goes to the producers, cast, and script writers.
Also, everything you're about to read is fake. I made this all up, and whatever is the same in reality is just a coincidence. I am not religious, and I have no intentions of making this hurtful or rude to any existing religion.


17. 16. Heart Full Of Soul

~A/n Hi :) So I want to make a quick announcement that from now on my chapters will be the number of the chapter and the song as the name of the chosen song for the chapter. I went back to the other chapters that include songs and changed the name of each chapter.
As you have already probably seen, the song for this chapter is Heart Full Of Soul by YardBirds.
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Two ambulances pulled up in front of the apartment building past the police line. Once the firemen extinguished the fire the doctors made their way up to Lloyd's apartment to look for the injured.
I kept telling myself that everything was going to be okay, that Niall and Lloyd would make it out alive. That they will come out with no more than some scratches and smoke-stained faces. I made myself think that Niall got there in time and ducked somewhere with Lloyd where the wouldn't get affected heavily by the explosion.
But what I thought to myself was the opposite of the actual outcome.
The paramedics carried out two stretchers, one containing Niall and the other containing Lloyd. They had those oxygen masks over their mouths and noses as the doctors quickly carried them to the ambulance trucks. That's when I screamed. Nothing held me back.
"No! Niall! No!"
I ran to the truck that they were going to carry Niall in and tried to get on with him.
"Woah, miss," a doctor told me. "I'm afraid only people closely related to him can go."
"But I'm his girlfriend." The words came out without me even thinking about my response first. It seemed like they just appeared out of thin air.
The man looked at me sympathetically and let me on without any questioning. I hopped in without looking back and the paramedic got on with me. The back doors closed and we sped off in a noisy rush.
Looking at him, I couldn't really make out any cuts or bruises, but the blood was everywhere. I was choked up though no tears came. I just prayed that I didn't lose him.
The car that carried Lloyd had already arrived seconds before us. The doctors ran out to our vehicle and hoisted Niall's stretcher out. They rushed him inside. I was right next to them, not missing a step.
"Stay with me, Niall," I pleaded. "You hear?"
At that moment, Niall's eyes fluttered slightly. He looked at me for a split second. And in that split second, he tried reaching for my hand. But then he closed his eye and his hand came down. No. No, no, no, no, no. No. Please, no. He couldn't go, not now. Not when I needed him. I felt my eyes swell up with tears thicker than lead. They cascaded down my cheeks, and I didn't even try to wipe them away. I hated crying, and this situation was not helping.
At some point, a nurse told me that I can't go any further. I decided to listen since there really was no use of fighting against her. The last thing I needed was getting sedated.
As I went to sit down in the waiting area I realized something: all those little scenes I saw being played out in my mind during my panic attacks have so far come to reality. All of them. What was going on? Was I psychic? What else was I going to predict?
"Miss Robin?" a doctor called.
I took my head out of my hands and looked up. The doctor who was treating Niall was standing before me.
"Doctor, how is he?" I asked a little desperately.
"Mr. Horan is doing great. Though he does have some severe burns. You can come see him now."
I rose to my feet from one of those uncomfortable waiting chairs and quietly made my way to where Niall was.
I walked into Niall's room and heard the steady beeping noise of the machine connected to the boy who got caught in a fire. I grabbed a chair and sat next to him. Now that all the blood was cleaned from his face I saw the actual burns and cuts and everything. And let me tell you, it was not pretty. I guess he didn't take cover in time. I already saw Lloyd a few minutes before Niall. He wasn't burned as bad, though. Lloyd actually got a bit more lucky.
I gently took Niall's hand  in mine. It was so big compared to my little one. His hands were so beautiful, not counting the burns of course. They were warm, too. Niall's chest heaved up and down steadily as he breathed, making him look so peaceful.
"Oh, Niall" I softly said. "I'm sorry. I should've told you. And I really wish you were awake right now to hear this. I've had these little visions in my last panic attack. There was this one of the fire in Lloyd's apartment, but it was as if I was in the apartment, you know? It was so weird. And there was this little one of where a wall clock read 12:20, and when we were at Lloyd's place I got a glimpse of the clock hanging on his wall. Guess what? It said 12:20. Also..." I paused. How could I have been so stupid in not telling him? "Also there was this one of you being carried into the hospital on a stretcher. I'm sorry, I really am. I just didn't think of it as anything. I thought that my mind was just playing tricks on me. I'm sorry. I promise it will never happen again. Next time I see them I promise I will tell you. Oh, what am I doing, you probably don't even hear me. But I still am hoping that you do. I'm sorry."
"Oh, what am I doing, you probably don't even hear me. But I still am hoping that you do. I'm sorry."
Oh, Niall heard her all right. He also couldn't believe her. How can something so big and strange not be of importance? What was she thinking? Niall wished so badly that he could move. At least open his eyes and speak. Or at least just speak. This situation got him pretty mad.
But obviously not too mad. It has been— how long has it been— since he first met Robin all over again. It was hard to tell how long they've been on the road together. But Niall knew that it definitely wasn't too long. The point is, Niall loved this girl. He might not know her too well, but just the thought of her being around made him feel like flying.It was hard to stay mad at her though the did feel like he needed to blame her at least a bit.
Damn these drugs, Niall thought. Whatever the doctors gave him didn't let him respond in any way but let him hear things. This wasn't fair at all. If only he could talk to Robin in some way...
It has been half an hour since I went to see Niall. I was at this fast food restaurant near the hospital. All this worrying got me hungry. I also called made a call during this time.
"Mom, I need your help."
"Honey, with what?" my mom asked.
"I keep getting these weird things where I can't breathe," I told her.
"Did you have anxiety attacks again?"
"I thought so at first, but I don't anymore."
There was a pause, and then my mom said, "What do you mean?"
"The first Tim sit was only a loss of breath. But the one I got today was weird. I got a headache, chest pain, and I saw these... images," I explained.
"What kind of images?" I was asked.
"Well, it was like flashes of a fire. After Niall gave me anairpump I was fineand everything went away. But then..."
"What then?"
"Then... there was an actual fire."
"What? Where? Were you in it?"
"No, no," I assured her. "But Lloyd was."
"Lloyd? Who's L— wait, Lloyd Jason?"
I nodded, but then realized that she couldn't see me. "Yes."
My mother sighed through the phone and said, "I always knew he will get in a fire accident with his drinking problem. Tell me more about what happened.
And so I did. I told her when my little problem began and how many times I have had it. I told her about my visions, leaving out the part with Niall. I told her Lloyd was rushed into the hospital and was there right now. Again, I left out the part with Niall. I just prayed that she didn't ask about him.
But, of course, the odds were not in my favor.
"Where is Niall? my mother asked. "Does he know about this?"
"No, no," I tell her. "He doesn't. I don't want to tell him in case he gets freaked out." Well, at least I didn't lie.
"Okay, can you please put him on the phone?" she requested. "I won't tell him a thing, I promise."
Uh oh, this was not good. What was I supposed to tell her?
"Um, Niall isn't with me right now. He went to get some food," I quickly said. I really hoped that she would believe that.
"Okay, I'll just call him then."
"His phone is off." I was basically sweating here as she tries to get to talk to him.
"Honey, is everything all right?" mom asked me. Great, she was on to me. What now? "Yeah, everything is fine," I lied. "I can tell something is wrong. Wait... Niall's not in the hospital, is he?" Sigh. Just peachy. What was I supposed to say?
I guess I was silent for too long because she gasped.
"He is, isn't he!" my mom exclaimed.
"Okay, mom listen—"
"No, you listen," she cut it. "I want you to go down to that hospital and heal both Niall and Lloyd."
"You heard me. Just put a hand on their forehead and think about them healed and healthy. That's it. Then they will be fine and will be able to sign out of the hospital in no time."
What the hell was she talking about? Has she gone insane? Have Zayn or Louis gotten to her and made her crazy?
"Mom, what the hell are you talking about?" I questioned.
"Look," she said with a sigh. "Those visions you have? They help you predict the future and heal. Just go down there and do your magic."
"Not until I get an explanation." Seriously, though. My mother was talking insanity. Though to be completely honest, I don't know what's insanity and what's not anymore.
"Your great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was an angel and married your six-times-great grandmother. So the power has been passed down from generation to generation. How do you think you healed from those chicken pox so quickly when you were seven? And that broken ankle in sixth grade?"
Slowly but steadily, it all came back to me. I remembered how when I was twelve I broke my ankle during a soccer championship in my school against this other middle school. It was very painful, and my mom refused to bring me to the hospital though she told my coach that she should. That night I went to bed with a very swollen, very blue ankle, and the next morning it was so much better. It was as if nothing had happened to it out in the field the day before. Though I didn't remember the chicken pox incident, I remembered the broken ankle as if it had happened just yesterday.
"Honey, are you there?" my mom's voice broke through my thoughts. "Robin?"
"Yeah, mom, I'm here,"I told her. "I— I'll go do that. Thanks."
"No problem sweetie," she said.
After I hung up, I still couldn't believe that one of my grandfathers was an angel.

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