Fallen Angel

He was a boy. To her he was an angel.
She was a waitress. To him she was a beauty.
One Direction/Supernatural crossover/AU.
I got the ideas for this story from the TV show Supernatural, so 97.5% of the credit goes to the producers, cast, and script writers.
Also, everything you're about to read is fake. I made this all up, and whatever is the same in reality is just a coincidence. I am not religious, and I have no intentions of making this hurtful or rude to any existing religion.


15. 14. Dust In The Wind

~A/n The song for this chapter is Dust In The Wind by Kansas.

The box containing the most important book in the world was gone.
I felt panic rise in my chest and I began to breathe heavily. I was having a panic attack, something I haven't had since grade school. I felt dizzy and it became harder to draw breath. Niall noticed and widened his eyes in alarm. He moved toward me in concern.
"Robin," he said cautiously, "are you all right? Are you having trouble breathing?"
I nodded my head frantically as I gasped desperately for air.
"Damnit," he muttered. Niall ran to the car and started looking for something. A second later he came back with something in his hand. "Here, an air pump."
I grabbed it from his hold and pumped air in my mouth once, then twice. The air filled my lungs once again and it was easier for me to breathe. Relief washed over me, but my heartbeat did not go back to its normal rate. The book was still missing, and we had no I idea where it was.
"Are you okay now?" Niall asked, concern filling his tone.
"Yes," I confirmed. "Thanks. Where did you get the air pump from?"
"I had asthma when I was little," he explained. "It went away a long time ago, but you never know when it can come back."
I nodded my head in agreement. I was so grateful for Niall and his carefulness. If it wasn't for him I might have been dead by now.
"What about the book?" I asked. "What are we gonna do?"
"Don't worry," Niall assured me, putting his trembling hands on my arms. "We will find it, okay? I promise you."
I nodded in apprehension.
Just by the way his beautiful blue eyes looked into my hazel ones made me weak in the knees. It was amazing how just those eyes were able to make my heart melt and increase its beating. His stare made butterflies erupt in my stomach like a mad bunch of bees without stingers. He was able to hitch my breath, and I don't know if that was good or bad judging by what happened a moment ago.
Anyway, about the book. We decided to continue our trip and stop at the first town of the next state, which was Campbell, Tennessee. Campbell was a big town. Not everything was in walking distance like some other places we stopped at along the way. We arrived at Campbell as the sun was beginning to set behind the buildings.
Along the way, Niall told me his plan of how to find Raphael. We needed holy oil and a book in Enochian. Niall said he had those in his trunk, and I began to question what he didn't have. We found an abandoned warehouse where we would perform the ritual at sunrise. Thankfully it was open, so we didn't have to break in or anything.
We had dinner at a diner again. That was when he got the call from Maura.
"What!" Niall hollered. "What the hell do you mean, he's gone? Where could he have run off to?" Maura began talking historically into the phone before Niall said, "Okay, okay. Mom, we will find him as soon as I come home. In the meantime, call Jamie. She can help. Just breathe. Calm down. All right?" There was more frantic talking on the other side but less fast. "Okay, mom. Go relax . Robin and I have some stuff to do." Niall paused. "She's fine, mom. Robin is doing great. You can even tell Mr. And Mrs. Castellini that. Bye, mom. Go rest."
He hung up the phone and leaned his elbows on the table. He put his head in his hands and let out a breath. By the way he stretched it out I knew something was up.
"Niall," I confronted, "did something happen?"
Niall looked to me with a troubled expression and muttered, "Greg ran away."
What? Why did he run away? Where did he run to? When? ? So many questions filled my mind I thought my brain was about to explode. What the hell was going on here? First Bobby had a sudden heart attack, then the book went missing, and now Greg ran away from home? What next, one of us is gonna give up our soul for the other (if that was even possible)?
Niall was angry, I could tell. He was pulling at his hair and his face went red. Suddenly, Niall got up from the table and stalks out of the diner, his food unfinished. This was all bothering him more than it was bothering me. Niall never leaves his food unfinished.
I decided to follow him out. He was pacing the ground back and forth in rage. It was clear he was lost in thought. Niall screamed and began to kick the nearest garbage bin. He wouldn't stop so I ran up to him and moved him away from the thing. He was breathing heavily and was gritting his teeth.
"Niall!" I exclaimed. "Niall, calm down. Please! You need to get yourself together, goddammit! We have three situations hand here, and you yelling and hurting inanimate objects will in no way help!" I didn't mean to yell at him, but that seemed like the only way to get his attention. Then, I said a lot more calmer, "Please. Just, slow down. I know all these things are happening at the wrong time, but things happen. I swear to you that the moment we get back, if Greg isn't found, the first thing we will is start a bigger search party. Okay?"
I stroked his hair and then his cheek slowly as I looked up into those blue orbs. The moment I finished talking Niall's eyes softened. He let out an exasperated sigh.
"All right," Niall replied in a quiet voice. "I'm sorry. I really am."
Niall brought up his hand to where mine was resting on his cheek and kept it there. He was so warm, probably from the anger that seethed in him a few seconds ago.
"It's fine," I told him in the same volume.
"You know, not even my therapist is able to calm me down like this," he said in almost a whisper. I had to strain my ears to hear those words.
"Is that a god thing?" I asked. I quickly looked down at his pink, full lips. Oh, how I wanted to kiss them.
We stood like that for a moment more. Then, I felt him slowly lean in as if he was about to kiss me. My heart accelerated and my breaths came out in tiny puffs of clouds when I exhaled. Niall continued to lean in, and soon enough I felt his lips brush gently against my own. They were so soft. My heart began to beat a bit faster and a billion butterflies erupted from the pit of my stomach.
I was the first one to pull away. This was wrong. We couldn't do this. We were on a mission, and if we got together and something happened to one of us the other one would be broken. It would be hard to continue this mission.
"Niall," I said softly. "I don't think that we-"
"Shh," he said. "Don't ruin the moment."
Niall kissed me again, but this time it was more passionate. This kiss was somehow more better than the first. The moment our lips reconnected I thought that it wouldn't matter. If he was to die, I would go with him.
I wrapped my arms around his neck as his snaked around my waist. The kiss was getting more heated by the moment, and neither of us realized that it was getting darker. It felt like we were separate from the world, as if there was nobody around but us. It felt beautiful. Whatever bond we had right now was a bond that I didn't want to break.
But we had to. At least for now.
"You know," I spoke when we broke away, " it's getting dark. We should finish our dinner and head back to the car."
"You're right," Niall said. "Let's go."
He took my hand in his and we walked back to our food. Niall seemed a bit more cheerful, if that was even possible for who lost a father and then had a brother run away from home two days later. At least he finished what was on his plate. I wondered what was going on in his head but had a feeling that I wouldn't want to know. This wasn't happening to me directly, so I didn't really know how he was coping. What I felt was nothing compared to what Niall felt.
After we ate and paid the waiter Niall and I went back to the Riviera to get some sleep. We didn't want to waste money on another hotel room, so we parked the car right outside the warehouse. When dawn broke out we would be here and just in time for the ritual. Niall set the alarm for 7 AM. Now all that was left was to sleep on it and wait for the right time.
Kayla called me about thirty minutes after Niall fell asleep. I was still awake because my eyes refused to shut and my brain didn't want to shut off. I decided to answer Kayla, hoping that maybe some small talk was what I needed.
"Hey, Robin," she said. "How's your trip going?"
"Pretty interesting, actually," I responded in a low voice. "I was about to hit the hay but Niall beat me to it. I can't fall asleep."
"Oh, well you'll fall asleep soon. Knowing you, it doesn't take that long for you to be out like a light."
I laughed lightly, careful not to wake up Niall.
"Can you take a picture of him sleeping and send it to me?" Kayla requested.
"What? No," I declined. "I'm not doing that. That's creepy."
"Please?" she pleaded. "I'm begging you! You know I won't stop asking until you do it."
I sighed and gave in. She was right. Kayla didn't stop until she got what she wanted. So I took the picture of sleeping Niall, his mouth closed and his eyes shut. I sent it. At that moment I wondered if he was having any dreams. What were they about? I couldn't help but notice how his eyelashes touched his cheek and his chest steadily rose and fell as he slept. He looked so peaceful and innocent. I was so mesmerized by him.
Then I noticed that I still had Kayla on the phone and she was trying to talk to me.
"-ear me?" I heard her say. "Robin!"
"Huh?" I said when I snapped out of it. "Sorry, did you say something?"
"Yes, I did," Kayla said calmly. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"I recognize that voice. Did something happen?" She said it as if she knew something happened between us.
"Maybe," I stalled.
"Come on, tell me!" Well, wasn't someone eager to know?
I stepped out of the car and into the cool night air. I didn't want to wake Niall, and if he was awake I didn't want him to hear me talk about what happened to Kayla.
"He kissed me," I told her while biting my lip.
"No way!" Kayla exclaimed. "When? How!?"
"Today during dinner," I explained. "He was going mad and I tried to calm him down. It worked, and he kissed me. He told me that even his therapist didn't have that calming effect on him like do." Just by saying this I felt my heart flutter.
"Wow. You're one lucky girl, Robin Castellini. You better treat him right."
"But we're not even a thing."
"Yet. Trust me, it's gonna happen. Whether you like it or not."
"Whatever," I said. "I think I'm going to sleep now. I feel the drowsiness creeping up on me. Good night."
"Okay," Kayla said. "Night. And make sure you take your chance!"
I rolled my eyes with a small smile and got back into the warmth of the car. Soon enough the darkness enveloped me and I fell asleep into an endless dream.
"Yeah. Let's do this."
It was seven ten in the morning and Niall and I had everything ready for the summoning of Raphael. When the archangel appeared in the circle thing we drew Niall would light the holy oil that outlined it, causing no escape for Raphael until the fire was put out. Niall chanted some words in Enochian and the next thing I knew Raphael was right before my very eyes. It was as if he appeared out of thin air. Well, he did.
"Well, well, well," the archangel said when he realized where he was. "If it isn't my favourite couple of all time. I love what you've done with the place. I think it needs more light though, no?"
"Shut up," Niall snapped. "Just give us the book and you will be free."
"Sorry, I think you've summoned the wrong angel"
"Quit the crap, Raphael," I butted in. "Give us the damn book. And you can be on your way."
"Sorry, fellas," Raphael said. "No can do. King's orders."
"By the way," Niall said, "what his he paying you?"
"A place next to my father, of course. Wouldn't wanna miss that opportunity."
"And how many other angels does Louis have under his arm?"
"Just me," the archangel replied.
"Now what makes you think that he doesn't have any other angels running around trying to please him?"
"He told me that none of the others from heaven were willing to help him. They were too scared of the big boss."
I was pretty sure that not only the angels were scared of God. But I couldn't believe that Raphael bought that crap. Surely there were others.
"Right," Niall said, stretching out the "i" sound. "Just give us the book. I give you my word that we won't bother you anymore."
"Sorry, pal," Raphael stated simply. "Maybe next time."
"Listen, buddy, we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way."
Raphael just stood in his circle of fire, carelessly looking at us as if we couldn't do anything to him. Boy, was he wrong about that.
"Fine then," I said. "C'mon, Niall. I'm pretty sure that he won't mind staying where he is for all eternity."
Niall and I turned our backs and slowly made it for the door. Raphael began to panic and yelled, "Fine, fine! I'll tell you what I can, just let me go."
"First tell us where the book is," Niall said sternly.
"I don't know, I swear. All I know is that I had to deliver it to a demon named Zayn, and he had to bring it to hell."
"Where can we find this Zayn?"
"I don't know. Really. Can't you just summon him or something?"
"Where did you make the drop off?" Niall asked.
"In an abandoned asylum in Hughes, Oklahoma," Raphael told us. "There's nothing else I know after that."
Niall let out a deep breath and said, "Fine, I guess you can go." He took a gallon of water he brought and put out the fire. The moment Raphael was freed he disappeared.
"Don't you think you let him go too easily?" I questioned Niall once we went back to the car.
"No, we got what we needed out of him," Niall explained. "It should be enough for now. If anything, we can repeat the summoning. Next stop, Tennessee."
A/n What do you guys think? Zayn is a demon and Louis is the King of Hell. Hmm... Things are getting pretty interesting, huh? What will happen next?


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