Fallen Angel

He was a boy. To her he was an angel.
She was a waitress. To him she was a beauty.
One Direction/Supernatural crossover/AU.
I got the ideas for this story from the TV show Supernatural, so 97.5% of the credit goes to the producers, cast, and script writers.
Also, everything you're about to read is fake. I made this all up, and whatever is the same in reality is just a coincidence. I am not religious, and I have no intentions of making this hurtful or rude to any existing religion.


12. 11. I Shot The Sheriff

A/n The song for this chapter is I Shot The Sheriff in Eric Clapton's version.

"Carla," Niall called once more. "We came to talk."

"About what?" she asked, her voice echoing her fright. It sounded like she was crying. "Who are you, and how do you know my name?"

"We know about John and Carol. We know that you killed them by ripping their hearts out. But why?"

"What? I didn't kill anyone."

"Come on, Carla," I said. "You don't need to lie. If you cooperate, we won't hurt you. I give you my word." To show her we meant no harm, I brought my gun down and put it in my holster.

"But I didn't!" Carla protested. "Why would you think that I killed John and Carol?" Now she way standing up and flailing her arms in defense.

"You were jealous of Carol, that she was with John. Weren't you?"

"Yes, I was jealous, but I would never kill them! They were such great friends to me. I would never do something to hurt them. They were so great together, anyone in this town can tell you."

"Okay, cut the crap, Carla," Niall said. "Just surrender and this will go well." He still had his gun pointed to her. I put a reassuring hand on his arm and told him to put the gun away. He protested at first, but then I whispered to him to bring it down, and he did.

"Okay, if you're not a werewolf, silver won't hurt you, yeah?" I said.

"Go ahead, at least it proves something," the girl snapped.

I came up to her and reached for my pendant that hung around my neck. It was real silver, so it had to work. I brought it up to her hand and laid it down on her skin. Carla didn't react at all. She didn't yell out in pain or let out even the smallest whimper. Carla looked up at me and raised an eyebrow, as if to ask, "Do you believe me now?"

"Niall, she's good," I called. Niall walked up to stand beside me. There was a look of confusion on his face.

"So, then why are you here?" he asked her. "Shouldn't you be at home doing your homework right now?"

"We have a week off from school," Carla told him. "What's this talk about werewolves? Aren't you guys FBI or something?"

Niall and I shared glances and sighed before looking away.

Niall told her everything. "We aren't FBI. We're hunters. We heard about the murders and thought we should check it out. We basically just hunt for the supernatural."

"So you guys are like mythical animal control?"

"Yeah, I guess you can say that."

"So, why are you out here, then?" I asked.

"My parents are having one of their big arguments again. I can't stand it," Carla said, on the verge of tears again.

"Okay," I said with a sigh. "Why don't we get those tears wiped away and get you back home?"

"I'm not going back there. Not now. I'd go anywhere but home right now."

"Okay, we'll get you somewhere else. C'mon."

I helped her up from the grass and the three of us headed back to the car. Just as we reached it, my phone rang out. The caller ID told me it was Phil. Ugh, what now? I thought about ignoring him, but decided against it. Maybe he was calling about the case.

"Hello," I answered.

"Agent Wood," Phil said in a whisper. "Can you come down to the station? It's— it's an emergency."

"Okay, what is it?" I asked.

"Okay, call me crazy but I swear I just saw sheriff Thompson turn into a dog and attack the deputy."

"Oh my gosh, we'll be right there. Make sure you hide somewhere. Is there anyone else in the station?"

"No, there isn't," the officer said. "Hurry, please!"

"Okay, we're on our way now. Stay hidden!" I hung up the phone and turned to Niall. "We need to get to the station. Carla, go home."

"But—" she countered, but I cut her off.

"Now," I ordered. "Trust me, your parents arguing is nothing compared to what's out there. Please, Carla. Go home and don't tell anyone what we told you, understand?"

The teenage girl nodded her head in understatement and ran back to her house.

"What's going on, Robin?" Niall asked in curiosity.

"The sheriff just went wolverine on the deputy," I explained. "Johnson is in there, hiding. We need to get to them before the sheriff finds him."

Niall and I ran to the car and sped to the police station. Just as we pulled up the officer called me again.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"We just pulled up," I told him.

"Okay, I'm right by the door. That thing is on the other side of the building."

"Okay, we'll be right there."

I hung up and we made our way to the trunk to get another gun. Then we quickly made our way inside, greeted by Phil standing shocked and pale-faced at the door.

"Are you sure you saw what you saw?" I questioned him.

"Yes, I'm sure," he said.

"Okay," Niall said. "Here's a gun. It's loaded with silver bullets. In order to kill it, you need to take a clear shot to it's heart."

"So I'm right for saying it is a werewolf?"

"Yeah, consider yourself correct. Now come on. We need to bring that son-of-a-bitch down."

The three of us separated and stalked through the rooms. Fortunately it had only one floor, so it was easier to find him... it. I went through about ten twists and turns until I heard a growl coming from behind me. I turned around very slowly, and came face to face with the dog version of sherrif Thompson. I had barely any time to react as it lunged at me, teeth bared. Everything happened so fast, and my senses were so mixed up. The next thing I knew a shot fired and the werewolf hit the ground. I looked to where I heard the gun fire and saw officer Johnson, gun pointed to the ground, a surprised look on his face.

"I--I-- I shot the sheriff," he stammered.

"But at least you didn't shoot the deputy," Niall said with a chuckle as he patted him on the back. The moment we both looked at him his smirk disappeared from his face.

"Clever," I said with a small grin.


After multiple questions asked by both Niall and officer Johnson on if I was okay, Niall and I went back to our motel room to rest up. I got to take a shower and change into a more casual and comfy outfit. I felt like I've been in that monkey suit for decades, and taking it all off was such a relief. The warm shower was really relaxing, and I found myself being stuck there for almost two hours. After blow drying my hair with the blow dryer the motel provided, I decided to go out for a beer with Niall.

"I don't want to," he said. "I just feel like getting underneath these sheets and hitting the hay."

"Okay, then I'll be back in a bit," I said.

"What? You're not going anywhere."

"What do you mean?" What was he talking about? I just wanted to go to the market for beer.

"You're not going anywhere," Niall stated.

"Are you restricting me?" I challenged.

"Yes, I am. After what happened in Pennsylvania and tonight, you won't go anywhere without me as long as it's dark out."

"Excuse me, but are you my mom?"

"No, but I am a hunter, and a friend. I don't want you to get hurt."

"Why would I get hurt?"

"Because you are most likely to without proper training."

"Why are you so worried?" I questioned.

"Because I'm concerned," Niall said. "I don't want you to get into any more trouble." Honestly, I think it was cute that he cared, but now was not the time. I just wanted some alcohol. Was that too much to ask?

"I can take care of myself, Niall."

"No, you can't."

"Yes, I can!"

"Really? It didn't seem like it when you almost got Turned! And not to mention what just happened at the station!"

I stomped to the door and walked out of the motel. I couldn't believe him. It was just a market! What could possibly go wrong? It's not like sheriff Thompson would resurrect. The worst that could happen was a demon attack, but I had a blade in my boot and holy water in my pocket.

"Where are you going?" Niall interrogated.

"Out," I spat.

"At this time? I don't think so."

"You know, you sound just like my mother."

I slammed the door behind me and began to walk. I didn't know where— I just kept on walking. The night was chilly, so it was a good thing I managed to grab my jacket during that little scene. The breath from my mouth came out in small clouds. I stuffed my hands in my pockets to keep them warm.

I couldn't believe him. Just because I almost got Turned once didn't mean I couldn't handle going out by myself. I understood that he didn't want me to get hurt— which I thought was sweet— but he was overreacting.

I didn't notice how my feet brought me to the town bar until I walked through the door. The smell of alcohol and sweat hit my nose as soon as I opened the door, and smoke from cigarettes stuck in the sticky air. I walked over to the bar table and ordered a beer.

I didn't know how many I had. I usually didn't get so mad unless it was because of my mom, but for some reason I was so pissed off at Niall. It felt weird. I was tipsy after I had more than two, so I decided to stop. In a bit.

"Hey," I heard someone say to my right. "What's a pretty lady like you doing here all alone?" The guy was maybe in his mid forties, with stubble on his chin and a breath that reeked of booze. His teeth were very yellow, and he looked wasted as hell. Even in this state, I knew better than to hook up with a drunk like that.

"Leave me alone," I muttered.

"Oh, come on, now." He leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear. "What do you say I meet you in the bathroom stall and we have ourselves some fun, eh?"

"I'm not a whore," I said a bit louder. "Leave me alone." Then I had an idea. It was a weird one, but it was worth a try. I began to look around the bar frantically and began to call Niall's name in panic.

He grabbed onto my hand and grunted. "Why are you so stubborn?"

"Hey, leave the poor girl alone," the bartender snapped. "Can't you see she's not interested? Why don't you go home, you've had enough to drink for the rest of your life."

The gruesome man growled and let go of my arm, getting up from the bar stool and tottering out of the bar, mumbling something as he went.

"Hey, sorry about that," the bartender said to me. Wow, he was so pretty. I was surprised I hadn't noticed earlier. He had these chocolate locks that you could get tangled in, and forest green eyes that you could get lost in. "That guy is a huge trouble here all the time, trying to pick up girls after his wife left him. Are you okay?" Oh my god, and don't get me started on his dimples! They were so deep I felt like I could drown in them. If that was even possible.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine," I assured him. "Thank you."

"No problem. I, uh, heard you call a name. Niall, right?"

I nodded my head.

"That was clever of you, by the way. I think I know him. Is it Horan?"

I nodded my head once again.

"I know him. If you're hanging out with him it means your a hunter, then. I'm Harry Styles. Niall and I go way back." He extended a hand for me to shake, which I did.

I realized I drank too much when Harry's head began to blur.

"Uh, I think I need some air," I told him. "I'm not feeling to great."

"Ha ha, okay," he chuckled. "Judging by the number of beers you've had, I agree. Just be careful."

I smiled crookedly at him and jumped off the bar stool. I slowly made my way outside, and when I felt the wind blow against my face I was so grateful I was out of that stinky, humid place. I sat down on a bench just outside the bar and took a deep breath. I was thinking of going back to the motel and apologizing to Niall and then just going to sleep, but decided to stay a bit more.

I looked up to the night sky. I usually never got to see a lot of stars at once, but this time the sky had some more. It wasn't littered with them, but it was still nice to look at. I spotted the biggest star of them all, and remembered what my dad had told me when I was little.

"See that star?" dad asked.

"The big one?" I asked.

"Yes, that's the north star. Whenever you see it, don't hesitate to make a wish."

I closed my eyes and wished.

"What did you wish for?" he asked.

"I can't tell you," I countered. "If I do, it won't come truee."

I closed my eyes with my head tilted up, and silently made a wish. When I did I smiled and opened my eyes. Then, I heard someone come up to me.

"Hey, it's you again!" the drunk guy exclaimed. "Did you change your mind? Ha ha, come here!" He held his hands out and tottered over to me. I rose from the bench and ran to the door of the bar. Why was he so persistent? Did he have nothing better to do than be a pedophile and hit on some young girl at a bar?

When I opened the door I was greeted by Harry, a cigarette in between his long fingers. He must have seen my frightened because he asked what happened and looked around the street with an angry look on his perfect face. When he saw the drunk, he stepped in front of me defensively and clenched his fists at his sides.

"Hey, you son-of-a-bitch!" Harry hollered. "You don't know when to quit, do you?"

The drunk kept coming nearer, completely ignorant to the bartender's words. He tried pushing Harry away, but instead he got hit in the face. I heard a loud punch, and, completely dazed, lost his footing and fell onto the asphalt. He tried getting up but failed miserably. He groaned out in pain, cupping his jaw.

"From now on I'm banning you from this bar," Harry said in rage. "You have no right to put a hand on anyone, especially if they don't want you touching them! I'm calling the cops. And trust me, I will be watching out for you."

He then brought me back inside bar and called the cops. They arrived in what felt like an instant, and Harry and I walked out to talk to them. We were greeted by officer Johnson.

"Hey, Harry," he said. "Hi, agent Wood."

"Call me Robin," I slurred.

"Are you drunk?"

"... Maybe. Are you the new sheriff now?"

"You bet. It was crazy tonight, huh?"

"Okay, can we please talk about the matter at hand here?" Harry interrupted.

"Sorry," Phil apologized. "So where is he?"

Harry and I pointed in unison to the drunk man lying on the ground, staring up into the sky.

"All right, fella, let's go," Phil said. "Who did he try to assault?"

I raised my hand and Harry pointed to me.

"Well, friend, looks like you just laid your hands on an FBI agent." Phil threw me a wink as he sat the man into the back seat of the police car. I returned it to him by giving him a crooked smile. "Are you okay?" he asked me as he walked up to me.

"Yeah," I said. "I'm fine. Thank you."

"You're not really an FBI agent, are you?"

"I don't think we should talk about it when I'm like this." We laughed, including Harry, and I promised I'll explain everything to him the next day.

"Okay, I'm just glad you're all right," he said. "Anyway, I need to get this guy to the station. And you need to get to bed. Want me to drive you?"

Before I could answer, Harry spoke up. "It's okay, I will take care of that. I'm done with my shift anyways. At least it will give me a chance to see a friend of mine."

The new sheriff agreed to that and drove back to the station with a passed out drunk man in the back seat of his car.

I followed Harry to his car, which was a sleek black Sedan. I got in and he turned on some alternative rock to softly play in the background. He had a different interest in music than Niall and I did, and I found that interesting. The entire ride I watched him as he looked at the road ahead, and I was surprised I didn't fall asleep. I honesty didn't know why I was so intrigued by him. Maybe it was because I was drunk. It really caught my attention how his emerald eyes reflected the street lights, and how he seemed so relaxed when he was driving. If it wasn't for the way I looked at Niall, I think I would have tried making a move.

But that brought my thoughts back to Niall. What did I feel towards him? I met him last week and at first I thought he was a creepy dickhead. Now that I got to know him, I wanted to know even more. I found it attractive when he worried about me, and I felt grateful that he let me go on this trip with him. It was also obvious he needed help with his little brother, and I was happy I was there as someone to turn to. At least I hoped I was. What was I to him, really? How did he think of me? Did I annoy him or make him happy? Did I cause him anger or happiness? Did he even think of me as much as I thought about him?

We pulled up at the motel and I thanked Harry for the ride.

"How did you know where we were staying?" I asked.

"Well, this is the only motel I know closest to the bar," Harry said. "I kind of figured you'd be staying here. So, what are you guys doing here?"

"We need to get this book that can possibly change the world to this angel named Remiel. Then he will bring it to heaven, where the King of Hell can't get it."

"How long have you been a hunter?"

"A week."

Harry laughed and said, "You know, you're not so stupid when you're drunk."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, crossing my arms with a small pout.

"Well, most people are so dizzy and out of it that they say the dumbest crap ever. You're not like that. I like that about you."

"Oh. Thank you."

"No problem. C'mon, I'll help you get inside. The last thing we need is you passing out mid way."

Harry helped me out of the car and lead me to the motel room Niall and I were staying at. I wondered if Niall was still up. Was he as worried to where I was and when I was coming back as he seemed to be a few hours before? I swiped the key card and struggled with the door handle. Harry helped me and walked me inside. It was pitch black so he turned on the light. Niall was sound asleep on his side, his back facing us. Harry brought me over to the other bed and helped me in, pulling the covers over my weak body.

The last thing I remembered before sleep took over was Harry kissing my forehead and telling me good night and a tear streaming down my cheek to the thought that Niall didn't care as much as I cared.


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Ugh, so school is back. Sorry this chapter is kinda bland. I just needed some filler. But, hey! At least you were introduced to Harry the bartender/hunter!

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