Good Girls are Bad Girls

"All girls are bad there's just some that haven't been caught." My name is Sam and at school I am known as the schools nerd, but at night I am known as a bad girl. Every night I sneak off and I have never gotten caught, until that one night when Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings caught me sneaking out of my bedroom window.


4. Chapter 3

Sam's POV

      I was worried for school today. I didn't know what would happen between Calum and I. All I know is that Blake is pretty mad at me. 

" When I arrived at school I went to my locker and got my books for first period." When I got to the biology classroom I saw Calum already at our desk. What was going to happen today? 

" Hey" he said as I was walking to the desk. 

" Hi" I said. It was all really awkward. I was so happy the bell rang for class to start before it got even awkwarder. 

" So remember class, your projects will be due next week." Our teacher said. "Today I will be giving you time in class to work." Great that means I have to talk to Calum. 

"So, maybe now we should talk about the materials we need to use to build it?" Calum said.

" Okay" I said reaching for the sketches. I didn't even realize Calum was reaching for the sketches too, until our hands touched. His hand was on top of mine. I felt shivers go down my spine. 

" Uhh..." I said looking at our hands.

" Um" He said taking his hand off of mine. " Look Sam, it was fun last night and I really like you. So, tonight can I take you on a date?" OMG, he just asked me on a date? This bet was going to be easier then I thought. 

" Okay, you can pick me up at 7." I said 

" Sounds like a plan, see you then." He said and then we got back to working on our project. 


                                               **************Lunch Time***************

" No, I can't ditch school." I yelled frustrated into the phone at my boyfriend, Blake.

" Why not?" He asked. 

" Well because if I don't want my cover to get blown, I have to stay at school." I said. "What about you? Aren't you scared about being caught being a bad boy?" 

" Well ya! Maybe it was a stupid idea of me. But I will see you tonight, right?" He asked 

" No! I have a date." I said 

" Is it with that, Calum dude?" He asked clearly annoyed. 

" Yes! But don't worry you are my boyfriend and you will always be" I said " Gotta go bye." I then hung up the phone. Lunch then ended so I went to my last two periods of the day and then went home. When I got home I did homework till 5. Then I decided to start getting ready for my date. 



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