Good Girls are Bad Girls

"All girls are bad there's just some that haven't been caught." My name is Sam and at school I am known as the schools nerd, but at night I am known as a bad girl. Every night I sneak off and I have never gotten caught, until that one night when Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings caught me sneaking out of my bedroom window.


3. Chapter 2

    Sam's POV

       Shoot! I looked at the clock when I woke up. It was 5:30 and I had to be there at 6:30.I quickly got out of bed, did my makeup, then got dressed in by black boots, black booty-shorts, then my black cropped top. I grabbed my phone, and my keys then left. 

          When I got to the abandoned river, (the meeting spot) I saw Blake, my friend Dani with her boyfriend Jake, and my other friend Anjali with her boyfriend Nick. 

   "Hey Babe!" Blake greeted me with a kiss. I gave him a kiss back then went and sat down by the river. Everyone else  followed. 

      "Did you get them?" I asked Blake. He then handed me a beer. 

     " So tonight I was thinking that we just chill here, then tomorrow we go hit up a club or something. " Dani said.

      " Cant! I have to work on my dump science project tomorrow!" I said clearly annoyed.

       " Who you get this year?" Anjali asked me. 

       "Calum Hood." I said 

        "Seriously? I heard he is really cute." Dani said. Jake then looked at her mad. 

        " Whatever! So you guys want to play Truth or Dare?" I asked. We all agreed and sat in a circle. I started. 

         "So, Nick? Truth or Dare." 

          "Dare." He said.

         " I Dare you to go jump in the river.............. Naked." He hesitated before he took his clothes off and jumped in.

         We kept playing, here and there taking shots, and kissing until Anjali asked me Truth or Dare? 

         "Dare" I said

         " I Dare you to hook up with Calum and bring him here." Anjali said. 

         " Fine! That's going to be easy." I said 

         " Oh, and you only have 1 month to do it." Anjali added. We all sort of stopped playing, and walked into town. We walked into a food store, where I saw Blake buy some more beer. After that I went home. When I got home I fell right to sleep, thinking about the Dare I had received and how I was going to do it. 


                 ********************************************Next Day!*********************************************


 I woke up and got ready for school. I went down stairs and said good morning to parents. 

      " You were awfully quiet last night. Everything alright?" my mom asked me. 

      " Yep, everything just fine." I said and left for school. My parents don't know about the whole bad girl thing, they know about Blake though. Just not everything else. When I get caught, my older brother Zach comes and bails me out. I'm just so glad he hasn't told my parents that. 

  When I got to school, I walked into Biology to find Calum at our desk. 

  " So we still on for working tonight?" He asked me when I arrived.

 "Yep! I will come over around 7." I said 

 "Great." he said, then class started.

     The day dragged on, with me still trying to figure out a way for Calum to fall for me. When the bell for school to end rung, I went to my locker to find only Calum and his 3 friends standing there. 

    " I thought that you might want my address." He handed me a piece of paper and left. I finished up at my locker and walked to my car, then went home. When I got home I did some homework, then changed into a black mini skirt, with a light pink cropped top with a sunflower on it. If I wanted to win Calum I had look cute, but not show my bad girl side  quite yet. When I got to his house I rung the doorbell. 

    " Oh, hey Sam" I was greeted by Calum's friend Luke. 

     " Hey, Luke. Is Calum here, we are supposed to be working on our project tonight." I said 

      " CALUM! SAM IS HERE!" He yelled. He opened the door for me to come in. I walked in to find guitars and a drum set in the middle of the first room. Luke then led me to another room where I saw Calum's other friend's Michael and Ashton sitting down. Then Calum walked in.

  " Oh, hey Sam ready to work." He asked me.

  " Sure"  I said.       

   We walked up the stairs to a room, which I am guessing was his. 

  " So, I have come up with a few ideas. How about you?" He asked me.

   " A few." I said. 


           We worked for about  2 hours until we came up with the idea of making a Potato Clock. It was around 9 now and we were sitting on the bed sketching out the design for it should look like when I leaned in and kissed him. 

   " I'm sorry, I shouldn't of done that, I should just leave." I said getting up from the bed. 

     " Wait Sam!" Calum said getting off from the bed. He leaned in and put his lips on mine. We stayed that way for a few seconds until I pulled away and said, "I have to go"

     I left, and drove to the river, I just had to tell Anjali. When I got to the river, Blake said, " Hey Sam, I thought you weren't coming,............. Woah, What are you wearing! I have never seen you in pink." 

     " Thanks Blake." I said " Guess what Anjali, it's only been a day and I kissed Calum already." 

     " Impressive." She said. 

      " Wait you WHAT?! YOU WERE SERIOUS ABOUT THAT!" Blake screamed. 




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