New Girl

WARNING:**There may be spoilers from the Maze Runner trilogy.** After Theresa, the first girl to ever come to the Maze, came, another girl came to the Maze. Her name was Alexandra. She was the next Runner. She would fit in with the rest of the Gladers perfectly. But, one would stick out to her. He would care about her, hurt her, confuse her, and show her right from wrong in the Glade. Do these two have a past outside of the Maze? And is there hope for them inside a Maze full of lies?


9. Siblings With Opposite Personalities/Don't Cut It/Endless Thoughts


Even though Aveline made her way into the Maze without being chosen as a Runner, everyone seemed very calm and chill with her. Everyone except Newt, Minho, Thomas, Chuck and I. Teresa seemed especially interested in her, asking her question after question about the outside. Whenever she'd get the Gladers together and talk to them about the outside, the five of us would head to my small hut and talk. This was how the next month went on. We spent meals, late nights, and extra time away from everyone attracted to outside talk. Occasionally Frypan, the cook in the Glade, and a few other Gladers  would come with us because they couldn't stand "the new girl's endless babble."

The Box came up right on time, carrying with it a month's supply of materials and a new Glader. The day the Box had come, the four boys had slept in my hut due to a late night conversation. The five of us made it there first, watching the door blink and then open slowly. The five of us leaned forward together, completely dumbstruck by what was inside.

Two people, hand in hand. They were laying on the ground, looking at each other. After a few seconds, the girl sat up and whipped her puffy orange-red hair into a ponytail, while the boy next to her was playing with a bracelet on his wrist. The girl jumped onto one of the supply boxes and out of the Box, followed by the boy.

She tilted her head, giving us a wink. "Hello everyone. I'm Electra and this is my brother Blaise." Blaise waved, giving us a small smile before turning to his sister.

Thomas stepped forward first, slowly, and greeted them to the Maze, telling them about where they were now. He asked them about the outside world which they, fortunately, knew nothing about.

After Thomas told them what he could, Electra went around greeting everyone, Blaise silently following her.

She stopped at me and smiled, grasping my hand. "What's your name?"

I smiled back. "Alexandra. Its nice to have you here in the Maze with us."

She grinned even wider, which I didn't think was possible, and pushed a piece of my stray hair behind my ear with her free hand. "I think we'll be great friends." Then, she let go of my hand and skipped over to Newt.


This Greenie's a thrill-seeker. I could see it the second she sat up. Though, I had much more hope in her than in Aveline.

She skipped over to me. "Hello!" She was rolling on the balls of her feet, her hands clasped behind her back.

I couldn't help but smile. "Well hello Greenie. Welcome to this thing we call the Maze." She laughed, her brother cracking a small smile behind her.

"Well, you seem like a nice guy. I think Alexandra, you and I could be great friends!" She gave me a one-armed hug and walked over to Thomas next to me. I looked at Alexandra, who was watching the girl with a smile. I reached down and grabbed her hand. She looked at me then we both walked to her hut.


Alexandra spent the day with me, helping me with my farming work. She said that she didn't need to do any running, but  the real reason she stayed was bold in my mind.

At the end of the day, we all gathered together for dinner. Electra was running around, occasionally looking back at Blaise. She was scaling buildings and boxes, jumping over people and through trees. Blaise, who seemed to be the total opposite, took shade under a tree and watched her silently. Once food was ready, she swung down from the tree and sat down next to him. She whispered something in his ear, which he nodded to and smiled.

"So, do you think I should cut my hair?" Her voice shot me out of my thoughts. I looked over at Alexandra, who was running her thin, tan fingers through the brown hair that had grown since she got here two months ago. My gaze drifted over to Aveline and a few other Gladers, who were sitting in a circle and laughing. I watched Thomas walk over and sit with them, followed by Theresa.

I looked back at Alexandra, who had also been looking at the group. "No." Her head whipped around, eyes full of mystery and wonder. I slowly reached a hand up and pushed a strand of her hair back. "I love your long hair."

She leaned down and put her head on my shoulder. I wrapped an arm around her, feeling her warm skin beneath my fingers. A strand of her hair managed to get wound around my finger.


Blaise seems... happier. Usually, it takes more than watching a couple to make him smile. I put my hand atop his, our fingers winding together. Sometimes, I wondered what it would be like without a twin. He was like an arm: always there and impossible to imagine living without.

"You like it here?" I asked, watching the two under the tree. They were obviously in love, though it sounds cliché. The boy seemed slightly protective over the girl, like he was afraid someone would take her. But I guess anything could happen in the Maze.

Blaise nodded to my question.  He had been born mute, or at least it seemed that way from the shreds of memories still in my head. That was another thing that bugged me. Why would they put us in a maze and take away our memories just for test? Aveline had pestered Blaise and me all morning about what we knew from the outside world and told us about everything she knew. This day had been full of endless talking.

But, that certain girl with the tan skin and dark chocolate hair had caught my attention. She seemed off from the others. It had made something click in my head.

I stood up, unable to deal with this endless train of thoughts in my head. "I'll be back, okay?" I squeezed Blaise's hand before running off and preparing to scale the Maze's walls.

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