New Girl

WARNING:**There may be spoilers from the Maze Runner trilogy.** After Theresa, the first girl to ever come to the Maze, came, another girl came to the Maze. Her name was Alexandra. She was the next Runner. She would fit in with the rest of the Gladers perfectly. But, one would stick out to her. He would care about her, hurt her, confuse her, and show her right from wrong in the Glade. Do these two have a past outside of the Maze? And is there hope for them inside a Maze full of lies?


2. I Can't Look Away/ Fighting, Anyone?


That brown hair that reminded me of cocoa beans. Those hazelnut eyes. The honey-like voice. And the outfit she came in. All beautiful. The tight violet tank top that hugs her body. The black shorts that cut at her knee. They all go perfectly with her skin color. I could look at her all day.

I snap out of my daze to a hand being waved in my face. "Hello? Earth to Newt."

"Oh, sorry," I stutter.

And then, she laughs. It's not meant to make me upset, but I guess I pull a pout. Once I realize I'm doing it, she stops laughing, and I turn back to the Name Wall. My limp is as annoying as ever.

"Hey, Newt. I didn't mean to offend you or anything." She starts playing with her hands. "It's just... everyone around here seems to show you so much respect..." I shoot my head around to find Alexandra, sitting with her hands in her lap, with a tear rolling down her face.

"I-I don't remember much o-of home. But I remember not being important. N-no one liked me and I was bullied a lot." She starts to play at the bracelet on her wrist.

"Hey Greenie, there's no need to get upset. You're obviously important since they chose you to come into the bloody Maze with us." I take my thumb and rub the tear off her cheek. Then, I reach for her hand and help her up.

"You seem pretty tough. Wanna participate in tonight's fights?"

She smiles, which relieves me so much. "I'd love to."


Fights? Sounds right up my alley.

As he escorts me to the middle of "home", I start to think about my little incident back at the Name Wall. It was a terrible idea to show this pretty-much stranger, who's at the top of the league in here, my weaknesses. But, then again, he tried to comfort and help me. That's a plus, right?

I try to walk slow for Newt, since his limp seems to slow him down and make him tired. It only makes me wonder more of how he got it.

"It's a long story," he says. I snap out of my thoughts and look at Newt, who's looking down at his limping leg.

"Oh, I'm so sorry I must've been staring that's so rude of me." My sentences run together as I start to blush. I hope he can't see it.

He lets out a chuckle. "Nah, it's alright Greenie. But you go pretty deep into thoughts. You get this determined look on your face and you, like, shut out everyone and everything-."

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I wasn't trying to ignore you I swear!" Now I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks."

"Shank, don't bloody cut me off! I was gonna say that it's a cool talent. I wish that I could do that." He sighs and continues forward.

"I-I..." No words.

"Just take the bloody compliment and thank me for being so bloody nice."

"Uh-umm... thanks."

"That's more like it!" A huge grin grows on his face. "Now then! To the Campfire!" And we race off to the flames.


Once we get there, Thomas cuts between me and Alexandra before I can say anything. " 'bout time you two got here!" As usual, he's smiling.

"Stop being so bloody happy, Shank. Or I'll knock the grin right of ya!" I hold up a fist.

"Ha ha, Newt. Very funny." He leans into my ear. "Got a date, I see."

I shoot him a killing glare and playfully slap his arm. "Shut up! We just walked down together!"

"Uh huh. Well what was with the hand holding and stuff?"

Before I can respond, he cuts me off. "You know, let's talk about this later. For now, let's watch people get the klunk kicked outta 'em!"

I let out a laugh. "You still can't use Glader terms yet, Greenie?"

He gives me a look. "I'm not a Greenie anymore, k?"

I let out a sigh. "Sure, Thomas. Sure."

Then, Alby arrives in the middle of the circle of Gladers. "Welcome to tonight's Maze fight! This week, we have a new opponent, Alexandra!" He points to Alexandra and I can see the huge grin on her face.

"Now, who would like to go-"

"Me!" Alexandra's hand shoots into the air before Alby can finish.

Alby lets out a laugh. "Alright, who would like to go against Alexandra?"

Both Thomas and Gally raise their hands. Which means they have to fight for it.

Thomas stands and enters the circle. He looks back at me and winks. I give him a thumb's up.

Alby stands up. "This is a simple fight for the honor of being Alexandra's first fighting partner. The rules are simple; No weapons. First one to either give up or get knocked out loses. Start on three." He takes in a breath as Thomas and Gally take their positions.



The arm in front of the boys is lifted. "Three!"

Thomas, using his running skills to his advantage, ran straight into Gally. I think this reminded everyone of Thomas's first battle, with Gally.

Gally threw a punch at Thomas's face, but he quickly ducked and jolted the other way. Thomas threw his leg at Gally's, making him trip. Then, Thomas climbed on top of him and delivered a few blows to Gally's face.

Then, Gally made a comeback, throwing Thomas off of him and pinning him to the ground. As Gally pinned him to the ground, he wiped the blood from his nose, which was now dripping onto his brown shirt.

Thomas struggled under Gally's weight, squirming to get out. He kicked his legs furiously at Gally's back, which made him moan in pain.

Then, out of nowhere, Thomas got his arm out from under Gally and put it around his neck. Gally was so in shock, his weight lifted from Thomas. And out Thomas went.

Thomas pinned Gally to the ground by his neck and started punching and kicking Gally. Gally was too focused on getting Thomas's hand off his neck that he didn't do anything about the kicking. Then, Thomas delivered the final blow to the side of Gally's face. His eyelids fluttered shut.


The battle was nothing like anything I've ever seen. As they carried Gally to the medical tent to change his shirt and check his nose, Thomas gestured me to the middle of the circle.

I gulp down my last bit of doubt and walk towards the center. I can feel all the Gladers' eyes on me as I walk towards Not-So Friendly Thomas.

I look at the crowd of people and search for the head of golden-blonde hair until I find him. Newt. He sees me too and we share a glance. That glance gives me a rush of reassurance as I walk towards Thomas.

He seems to notice our glance and gives Newt a stare. Newt just shakes his head. What does that mean?

I finally reach Thomas who puts out his hand. "I'm here to say that I am responsible for no injuries you may get from my amazing fighting skills."

"Is that sarcasm I hear in your voice? Or just doubt?" A devilish grin spreads across my face as I spit on my hand and shake his. "I am not responsible for any injuries you may get from my impressive training skills, creative personality, or sexy looks."

As we cross each other to go to out starting positions, Thomas whispers into my ear, "I see why Newt digs you."

A hand immediately shoots to my mouth in surprise as my cheeks turn into tomatoes. Thomas lets out a laugh and keeps walking.

I shoot the thought to the side and keep walking. No weaknesses can stop me now. I am strong. I am fearless.

Alby puts his arm between us. "The rules are simple; No weapons. First one to either give up or get knocked out loses. This will be Alexandra's first battle. What would you like if you win, Alexandra?"
"Besides seeing a knocked out Thomas? I want materials to make myself my own living quarters." A gasp comes from the crowd.

"Okay. Thomas, what would you like if you win?"

"A kiss from the Greenie." A smirk grows on his face. I can feel my cheeks turn into tomatoes. I can feel Newt's deadly stare at Thomas. And Theresa, Thomas's girlfriend, fuming in her seat

"Okay. If Alexandra wins, she gets materials to make her own living quarters. If Thomas wins, Alexandra has to kiss Thomas. Start on three."

"One." I get my energy pumping.

"Two." I ball my fists.

Alby's arm shoots into the air. "Three!"

I wait for Thomas to run at me. And, he does.

Right before he dives into me, I deliver a punch right under his chin, pulling up. I can hear the crowd cheer as he falls to the ground, clutching his face. I look down at my palm, which is throbbing from the punch. But my adrenaline is pumping so I can't stop now.

I walk over to the moaning heap of Thomas and kick him right in the side. And while he's on his back, I pull my heel down onto his back.

Then, the heap stops moaning and moving. I know I have won.


Hello, my readers! This is the second chapter of New Girl. I know its pretty long but the first chapter was so short and there was so much to add. I hope you enjoy the new chapter and keep reading :)


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