New Girl

WARNING:**There may be spoilers from the Maze Runner trilogy.** After Theresa, the first girl to ever come to the Maze, came, another girl came to the Maze. Her name was Alexandra. She was the next Runner. She would fit in with the rest of the Gladers perfectly. But, one would stick out to her. He would care about her, hurt her, confuse her, and show her right from wrong in the Glade. Do these two have a past outside of the Maze? And is there hope for them inside a Maze full of lies?


7. Have We Met Before?/ Everyone's Dumbstruck/ Does No One Remember?


I pushed past everyone as the Box came up to the Glade. Thomas made his way to the front, brushing my arm. A buzzer goes off, the sound vaguely familiar, as the doors slowly open.

Thomas and I both leaned down, his hand holding my back so I don't fall.

Inside the box lay a girl.

She awoke with such a start that I almost fell over in surprise. Her hair was a frizzy, sweaty mess. The clothes she had were sticking to her freckle-covered body. Next to her lay a device I had never seen before.

Thomas jumped down into the Box, offering the girl his hand. "Welcome to the Glade, Greenie."

She looked at his hand, then slapped it away, disgusted. "It's Aveline to you." She pulled herself out of the Box, leaving Thomas dumbfounded like the rest of us. She walked over to me and smiled.

"Nice to see you again Alexa."


Always because of my limp. I am always late to see the new Greenie.

Even from a few meters away, I could see the surprise on everyone's faces. I walked as fast as I could to Alexandra and the others. Then I saw her.

The new Greenie. It was a girl. And she was hugging Alexandra. Hugging.

By the time I made it over, the new girl was off on her own. Alexandra turned to me, looking both scared and confused.

"She... knew me," She stated blandly. I walk closer, putting my hands on both of her arms, pulling her into a light embrace.

I didn't know what to say. And it seemed the other Gladers were the same way. This girl remembered Alexandra. Which could only mean one thing.

The Greenie knows about the outside world.


Why they all look liked dumbstruck idiots, I have no idea. Is it no surprise that another person joined the test?
That didn't explain why Alexa didn't remember me. Does she really remember nothing from the outside?

Once I reach the edge of the Maze wall, I realize that my guitar is still in the Box. Guess I'll have to face the others again.

When I make my way back, I see the others whispering, the Box's materials untouched. I push past them all and jump down to get my guitar. I strum it to make sure all the strings are in tune. Then, I turn to the crowd around me.

"Don't you have work to do?"

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