New Girl

WARNING:**There may be spoilers from the Maze Runner trilogy.** After Theresa, the first girl to ever come to the Maze, came, another girl came to the Maze. Her name was Alexandra. She was the next Runner. She would fit in with the rest of the Gladers perfectly. But, one would stick out to her. He would care about her, hurt her, confuse her, and show her right from wrong in the Glade. Do these two have a past outside of the Maze? And is there hope for them inside a Maze full of lies?


4. A Note Just For Me/ My Big Brother


When I wake up the next day, I go right to work. No need to waste time anymore.

I see Chuck run over. I wave.

"Hey Chuck." I continue working.

He lets out a big sigh, like he'd been running the Maze all day.

"Newt. Problem. Alexandra. Need you. Stat."

I drop the shovel I am holding and run towards the medical tent. A crowd has gathered at the entrance.

"Out of the way, Shanks." I push through the crowd.

Alby comes up and puts a hand on my shoulder. "Present for you."

Confused, I walk towards her cot. Sitting there is a note. With NEWT written on the front.

Dear Newt,

I woke at sunrise and watched the Doors open. It was amazing. I have decided to take my training as a Glader more seriously and train a lot more. So today, I will be running from Door Open to Door Close. Don't let Minho find me. Give him a day off or a break. He truly deserves it. I, on the other hand, need to make up for the problems I caused last night. Please don't send someone after me. I'm trusting you.

- Alexandra

(P.S See you at the forest)

So she was conscious last night? For how long?

A cough comes from the crowd behind me. "What's it about, Newt?"

I turn around. "She's gone running all day. She went out when the Doors opened. She said that she needed to make up for the problems she caused yesterday."

I sigh and turn to Minho. "Specifically to you; She wants you to take the day off and let her do the running for today. She says you deserve it. She also specifically stated to send no one after her."

I walk out of the tent before anyone responds.


Great. A dead end. Stupid Maze.

As I run along the corridors and hallways of this stupid Maze, my thoughts go back to the note. Will Newt get it? I hope none of the other Gladers read it.

I probably shouldn't have done this. I'll probably be in a lot of trouble.

As the sun sets, I bolt for the Door. Don't want to get locked in with the stupid Grievers.

I see the Glade. I run through the doors right before they start to close.

I run towards the Runners cabin. Where is everyone?

I throw off my bag and wipe the sweat off my face. "Now where was that water bottle..."

"I see you went for a morning jog."

I bolt around to see Minho, sitting in a chair. How did I not notice him?

"H-hey Minho."

He stands up. "You think that was okay? 'Take the day off, Minho. Don't worry about me!' We were worried sick! What if you had gotten lost or stung by a Griever? We wouldn't know, now would we?"

I stand there, speechless.

He walks closer to me. "Another thing Greenie. Don't go leaving individual notes to people. Newt's been pacing and hyperventilating all day. Hasn't moved from the bench in front of the forest. Keeps folding and unfolding that note of yours. And he keeps saying 'See you at the forest'."

He puts his hands on my shoulders and shakes me. "Never do that AGAIN!" And he pulls me into a hug.

"We were so worried, Greenie. Can't go losing another Glader."

I embrace him back. "You know, Minho. You seem like a big brother to me."

He let out a laugh. "Then that's what I'll be.Your big brother."


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