Serenity Rese is not one of those normal girls. She has a secret..... A deep dark secret. The only thing that runs through her mind, is love and murder. When she is saved by a boy from a speeding car, everything changes.


1. 1

                                                               Serenity's POV


         I just sat there thinking about how much I would love to have her blood all over my hands.....

             I suddenly woke up with a lurch. I was sweaty and breathing deeply. What was I just thinking? I slowly got out of bed and looked at the time. 3:08. It was early, but I decided to get ready anyway.

             I took my normal morning shower and blow dried my long brown hair. I just stared at myself in the mirror just wondering if I would ever be normal again. I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts as my phone went off. 

             Nobody ever texted me. I wonder who it could be from. 

             I walked over to my phone and read the text.

             From: Unknown

             Slut. I hope you die and burn in hell.

             Know I knew who it was. It was Ashley. She has hated me every since 2nd grade. I never knew why, but she has bullied me ever since. I decided to text back just to amuse myself.


            Still looking for things to tell yourself I see? At least i'm not dating a cheater            I pushed send. She hasn't know that her boyfriend, Corey, has been cheating on her for the past two months. I walked back to the bathroom to straighten my hair. When I was done, I went to my room and got on my outfit.

               "Serenity, are you ready? It is almost time to go." I heard my mom say to me. Yes, it was now only 5:34, but we have to go pick up my brother and she promised we would go to Starbucks today, so we had to leave pretty early. School started at 7:00.

               I quickly got my stuff together and ran out the door, when I realized i had left my phone. I ran back to my room and grabbed my phone.

              1 new text from: unknown

              I rolled my eyes and opened up the text.

              From: Unknown

             He does not cheat and btw nobody likes you so just fuck off whore.

              I quickly texted back, but not being as kind as I was before.

             From: Serenity

            Wow. Telling me to fuck off when you're the one who moans, or should I say screams, Corey's name every night! I can't believe you ain't pregnant with his baby yet. Oh and btw, I heard Corey talking to his friends about how he is breaking up with you today. Don't bother texting back, I don't need to hear your lame ass fight. And lets face it, you already know i'm going to win.

            I pushed send, and walked out to my moms car.

            My brother had spent the night over at his friends Justin's house. He is 7 and he is going to be 8 tomorrow. Me and him were like best buds. He is very smart but does have a smart mouth too.

          We pulled up into Justin's drive way. I hopped out of the car and knocked on the door. To my surprise, Kaidan was there and ready to go.

          "Heyyyyyy!" I said embracing him in a hug. "Hey!" he said back. We walked to the car and got in and headed for starbucks. After we ordered what we wanted, I was headed for school and so was Kaidan. As we pulled up to the school, my phone went off.

           Call from: Unknown Caller

           As I hopped out of the car and said my goodbyes, I just decided to answer.


           You better watch you damn back Serenity because I can set anyone on you that can beat you ass.

           Oh yeah? I'd like to see you try.

           Haha. Ok.

          Then, she hung up. I just laughed quietly to myself as I walked into school. When I got to my locker and opened it, a note fell out.

           You think your sooooo tough don't you? Think again cause you're not as tough as you think.

         Why does she keep on going?I decided to just ignore it. But, as I was walking down the hall, something suspicious caught my eye.


AUTHORS NOTE: So? What did you think? Comment if you would like more. Sorry if there is any mistakes. You can also comment some things I can improve on and things I did wrong.

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