The Twitter Notification

"you love me? im so fucked up though..."

"everyones a little fucked up babe"


2. Two

~~As we walked down the long hotel hallways, Michael intertwined our fingers and I let out a sigh of relief. I texted Karen telling her where we were going. Michael said,

"Wanna see Neighbors?"

I replied, "Sure, it looks really funny."

"Okay princess." He responded.

"Really Mikey?" I heard from Luke behind me.

Michael spun around and gave Luke a death-glare and said, "Shove it up your ass, Hemmings." I giggled which caused Mikey to laugh too.

We walked into the elevator and pressed the button.

As we reached the bottom Luke and Mikey let Jordyn and I out first. That's cute. We grabbed a taxi and sat down in the comfy seats.

"Where in the US are you from?" Mikey said.

"New England. It's pretty boring huh Jordyn?" I responded as I gained more confidence by the second.

"Fuck yeah it is." I couldn't help but laugh at her witty comments. 

"Play any sports babe?" Michael said.

"Uh just volleyball, but Jordyn plays volleyball and basketball." I responded to his question. Our hands were still tangled together and I looked down and smiled.

Mikey noticed I was smiling at our intertwined hands and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and I couldn't help the redness that krept into my cheeks.

We got out of the taxi and Michael payed even though I protested. We got big bowls of popcorn and a soda and sat down in the theater.

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