The Twitter Notification

"you love me? im so fucked up though..."

"everyones a little fucked up babe"


1. One

 We are in Ireland. Mother fucking Ireland. Me and Jordyn, my best friend, are watching our favorite boys in the world rock the stage. Ireland is so different than America it made me so amazingly happy. It wasn't long until Five Seconds of Summer left the stage and One Direction took over. They sang some of my favorite songs like Little White Lies and Happily. Jordyn's favorite from 1D was Niall and mine was Harry. My favorite from 5sos was Michael though and hers was Luke. I couldn't really shake the fact that we were in the Orange pitch standing section of Croke Park and Jordyn's comment,

"Laura, Michael was totally looking at you before they left."

"Haha no he wasn't!" I shakily responded. Was she right? He did always come to this side of the stage and I think he smiled at me or so I thought. My mind was in all different directions when the beautiful concert ended and sadly went back to the hotel not wanting it to be over.

I sent Michael and a couple other boys a DM on Twitter letting them know I love them. I usually do anyways. Doesn't everyone in the fandom? They deserve to know we are there for them. Even though I know they'll never read them I feel the need to let them know I support them. I fell asleep with pleasant dreams of Michael.

I woke up and kicked the big fluffy comforter off of my body and I quietly tiptoed to the bathroom with the soft carpet beneath my feet. I walked back to my phone afterwards and  scrolled through my notifications. I saw one from Twitter and opened it. Was this really happening? Did Michael finally read one of my Twitter messages? It must be a fake. I saw the verified sign and screamed at the top of my lungs. I saw Jordyn in the corner of my eye squeal and fall off the bed. I held back a laugh and quickly took a picture of the hilarious sight in front of me. She lay on the floor covered in the white puffy comforter with her eye mask still on from when she was sleeping. But then I remembered why I screamed in the first place.

"Michael noticed me!" I finally said.

"He did what?!" She said and ripped of the mask and rubbed her eyes.

So I read the message. It read "I love you too babe :* I saw you yesterday. You were in the Orange section weren't you? I thought you looked stunning and I think we should meet up. And bring that girl you were with. Luke thought she was cute xx"

I ran out of the room leaving a clueless Jordyn on the floor of the hotel. I ran to Karen, Jordyn's mom. She brought us in this trip with her best friend from college. I told her what happened and she grinned and told me that I could go with Jordyn. She would still be there but at a different table or wherever we are going. I was so excited that I was about to piss my fucking pants.

I had a date with Michael fucking Clifford.

Jordyn will be so pumped.

I told Michael my number and programmed his into my phone and we were texting each other all day. He was getting flirty and everything and said we would go to the movies tonight and he would pick us up at the hotel.

 Jordyn and I went to Zumies and Wet Seal and picked out an outfit. I decided on a cute lavender colored dress with flip flops. Jordyn has very different taste. Ripped black jeans and a Cobain shirt was what she settled on with black on black converse. Karen took about a million photos of us in the store and we went back to the hotel to get ready.

 I went with a little makeup but I still looked great I had to admit. Jordyn had black eyeliner on with curled hair (naturally of course!) and some black mascara. Both of us looked flawless. We decided not to tell the whole world on Instagram and Twitter and everything just to stop rumors. Even though we were seniors in high school, we both felt like little 11 year old girls giddy with excitement. We were all ready and I couldn't wait to be picked up by the gorgeous man I learned to know.

I heard a knock at the door and I froze knowing exactly who was on the other side of the door.

I cautiously opened it and smiled wicked wide. His cute little voice said,

"Hello beautiful."

"Hey Michael. Luke is still coming right?" I responded. At least I didn't stutter.

Luke stepped out from the side and invited himself into the room and plopped down on the bed. He looked at Jordyn and blushed. He was definitely shy even with the "punk" lip ring. Jordyn and him made small talk and I was happy for them. Michael couldn't stop saying how pretty I was. I could feel my cheeks turn a bright Crimson and we walked downstairs. I then took in his appearance. He was wearing a long sleeve black shirt with black jeans and vans. I felt a little over dressed but I loved how he was wearing his SnapBack over his blonde hair. And his eyebrow piercing. Wow. This night is going to be fucking amazing.



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