The Twitter Notification

"you love me? im so fucked up though..."

"everyones a little fucked up babe"


4. Four

Michael's POV

I woke up and groggily got up. My stomach churned at the messages I got last night from the anonymous numbers. I know that the night of the concert wasn't a good time to have a party. I was so shit faced. What if I really do like this girl? What if she finds out what the group of people at the party the other night said? She would be crushed and my reputation ruined. I did the wrong thing that night. I have to fix it.

I agreed to take part in a bet. I know, I was desperate for a good time and now I want out of it. I want my money back and I want the girl to myself. I drove to this mans house and knocked on the door. He opened it and smiled an evil smile.

"Hey, already got the girl?" He said

"No. I want my money back and I want to back out of the bet." I angrily responded.

He chuckled and continued, "Ha ha. No can do punk."

"Why the fuck not!" I was about to lose it with this man.

"A bet is a bet. You sleep with the girl first, you get the money to yourself. Even more than you paid in the first place. You agreed to it, now go get in the girls God damn pants Mike!" He angrily shouted.

"Fuck you Todd! The girl deserves some respect! I'm not going to sleep and ditch! I have feelings for her you know! I can already trust her!" I fumed.

He just slammed the door in response.

I don't want to fuck this girl and leave her. I like her. There's something different about her that I seem to admire. This girl deserves the world and I'm going to give it to her.

Back to Laura's POV

I was waiting for Michael to come pick us up and u was getting kind of worried. He was 30 minutes late so I texted him.

To: Mikey :*
Hey babe? Where are you? I miss you;)
Xoxo, L

Five minutes later he was at the door and he looked as white as a ghost.

"Michael! You look like you've seen a ghost." I said to the man

"I'm okay, princess. Let's go. Luke is waiting." He sheepishly responded.

We walked out and Michael held my hand down the hallway and started the tour. Something wasn't right about him. He seemed off. On the tour bus I turned to Michael and asked him if anything was wrong and he just said everything was great although I didn't believe it for a second.


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