The Twitter Notification

"you love me? im so fucked up though..."

"everyones a little fucked up babe"


5. Five

1 Month Later

I woke from my slumber to my iPhone vibrating and making noises. It's only 2 in the morning and I wonder who it could be. I looked at the contact name and it was Michael with a picture of us. I answered it and asked,

"Michael? What's wrong?"

All I could hear was a sobbing Michael on the other end. He was muttering a bunch of nonsense so I asked him if he wanted me there with him. I couldn't hear his response but I hung up and packed a bag. I'm going to LA to see what the hell was going on.

Michael's POV

The bet is still going on because of the group message that goes around every now and then. It was 11 pm here and I know it's only 2 am there but I had to call my girl. I was bawling by the time she picked up and she told me that she was coming to me. I texted her what hotel I was at and curled into a ball at the top of my bed. Want to know exactly I was crying this time and not any time before?

I love Laura.

It's only been a little over a month but I know that I love this girl more than I have ever loved any other human being in the world. I hope she feels the same but I'm telling her tonight that I love her. I don't plan on telling her about the bet until we both can love each other and no one else matters.

Laura's POV

I brought Jordyn so she could see Luke but when we were on board of the next plane to LA, I was becoming uneasy. I felt like it was a sign for some reason. Ever since I met him, I started falling hard for him. And I hope he was waiting in LA to catch me.


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