The Twitter Notification

"you love me? im so fucked up though..."

"everyones a little fucked up babe"


8. Eight

A/N: This gets a little dirty fyi ;D


As soon as Michael locked the door, he pushed me against the wall. I was about to say something but our lips collided. I spun him around so I was more in control and he pulled apart from the kiss. I whimpered from the loss of contact but I could feel the hot breath of his words next to my ear whispering into my ear,

"I love you, kitten."

"I love you too Michael."

He smiled in response as he kissed me again as our tongues battled for countless minutes. He grabbed my bum signaling me to jump. I did and he held me tightly so I wouldn't fall. I had so much trust in this man that I couldn't stand it. As we were still kissing, he slowly made his way over to the bed in the middle of the room and lightly dropped me onto the fluffy mattress.

He then towered over me on the bed and we kissed for a while. He ended the kiss for a half second to take his shirt off. He searched my eyes for permission and I nodded as he carefully stripped my shirt off. I kissed him and bit his bottom lip. He chuckled in response to that as he unclasped by bra and let it drop to the floor. He eyed me up and down and I was becoming a little self conscious so I pulled him close and kissed him. Hard. I parted from the kiss to unzip his pants so he was only in his boxers. It was his turn to take of mine as he unzipped my jeans and slid them down my legs and let them fall to the floor. I flipped Michael over so I was on top of him and kissed him. He seemed to like me being in control so I started grinding my hips into his. I could feel the bulge become more prominent beneath me. I trusted this boy with everything I had in me. He flipped me back over and I teased him by playing with the waistband of his boxers. He groaned and bit his lip so I caved and just pulled them off. I took in the sight before me and held back a gasp. He was huge and I panicked not really knowing what to do.

I think Michael sensed my fear and he chuckled and said in a raspy voice,

"Kitten, do you need me to tell you what do do?"

"Erm... Yeah kind of." I laughed lightly

"Okay" he then added as he took my panties off and threw them to the floor. After we both were completely bare, he gently took my hand and wrapped around his member. He guided my hand to pump slowly and gained speed. He took his hand away from mine as I did it by myself. I got anxious and told him I wanted all of him. He nodded and agreed as he took out a condom from his wallet. He turned back to me and kissed me hard and pushed me back onto the mattress. His top was at my entrance as he looked into my eyes for permission I kissed him in response and he took that as a yes. He crashed into me as I yelped in pain. I told him I've never done this before and he told me he would take it slow. It hurt really fucking bad but it got better by the second. He was trying so hard to contain himself. The way he but his lip in frustration turned me on even more than I already was.

"Mic-Michael... F-faster." I stuttered to him.

He picked up the pace and hit the spot every time. He kept telling me he loved me with everything he had and I believed him. With one last thrust he spilled into the condom and collapsed beside me. He smiled and said,

"We smell like sex."

"I know babe. Wanna take a shower?" I responded with a smirk

Before I knew it, he was already running to the bathroom with my hand in his. I laughed out loud to his actions and after the shower, I fell asleep with my favorite boy in the entire world beside me.


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