Help him or myself?

"If you didn't do it who did?" He asked me.
"I don't know! someone framed me and I don't know who! My brothers best friend is coming!"

Did I regret saying that? Yes because I later found out my brothers best friend made me go through a lot of trouble to help him. Did I have feelings for him? I don't know what's wrong with me??


1. introducing characters

Scarlett Hemmings

Hello my name is Scarlett Hemmings. I live with my brother and his friends. I am 5' 7" and I have purple dyed hair with pink tips. I don't think anybody would recognize me and my brother if we were together. I have blue eyes like Luke's but mine are electric blue with yellow in them. I have a cat named gizmo. I love my best friends Rose, Johanna, and Lily.

Rose Irwin

Hi I'm rose. I live with Scarlett and my brother Ashton and his friends. I have natural brown hair but I dye it red with black tips. Weird I know. I am 5' 4" the shortest in my family. I have hazel eyes. I have a guinea pig named Lilo. I am friends with Johanna, Lily, and Scarlett.

Johanna Hood

First of, I am not Asian nether is Calum. My name is Johanna and I live with my brother, Calum and his weird friends. I have pink hair and blue highlights. I am 5' 5". I have brown eyes. I have a dog named Gona [go-nah]. I am friends with Lily, Scarlett, and Rose.

Lily Clifford

Hi I am Lily. I am the smartest of the group of friends. I live with everybody. I have black hair and I have green eyes. I am 5' 6". I have a bird named hazel. I love my friends Scarlett, Rose, and Johanna.

A/N- this is my first story if you like the characters please talk to me and if you want to read my story please please comment on how I did!!

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