Creating the Perfect Boyfriend

Kinsley Johnson just wanted to fit in with her friends. Boasting about her romantic boyfriend to her friends,that doesn't really exist, was the only way to fit in. Or does he exist? While being pressured to show a pictured of this so-called 'perfect' boyfriend, she takes a picture of a hot guy she saw in town. Which happened to be the drummer of one of the most popular boy bands in the world, Ashton Irwin.


3. Chapter Two

Kinsley POV:

The day was mostly a blur. Brianna and Jasmine kept on bothering me with questions. 

"How the hell did you meet him?"
"You didn't know he was in a band?"
"Why would the Ashton Irwin be dating you?"

Seriously why do they care so much, he's just a drummer.
Who the fuck am I kidding?! Am I insane, out of all the guys in tht mall I had to take a picture of someone famous.

I was popped back in reality as Brianna grabbed me and leading me to where Jasmine was.

"Okay let's go to Starbucks." Jasmine said giving Brianna this look.

"Umm guys it's 4:30." I said confused.

"It's Starbucks for crying out
loud! We just want to meet Ashton." Jasmine said getting her jacket and purse.

"Seriously lets go." Brianna said yanking me to her car.

"Okay fine!" I shouted getting into the car.

Brianna started the car and speed off to the mall.

"Kinsley aren't you happy to see you're boyfriend?" Jasmine teased.

"Yeah..." I sighed as I looked out the window.

Before I knew it ,we were at the mall.

Oh god what is my alibi going to be?

'Oh yeah I showed you the wrong guy oops...'
'Umm did I say boyfriend I meant ....uh....'
I've got nothing.
We walked into the Starbucks as Brianna and Jasmine was giving me this 'I knew you were lying' look.

"So where is he?" Brianna asked laughing.

"He's ...umm...."

"He's right there!" Jasmine shouted.

Oh my god what?! This wasn't part of the plan.

"It's your boyfriend!" Brianna screamed yanking me and my latte out of Starbucks. 

A guy, who might I say was gorgeous, happened to be the guy I took a picture of the other day.

Ashton Irwin.


Ashton's POV

What a lovely summer day.

I was out at the mall with my mate Luke, hoping to find some summer clothes.

I was casually strolling through the mall when I saw a sign that said 'Starbucks'

I'm starving, maybe I should get something to eat from here.

Right before I turned my attention towards walking in, three girls came running out of the store towards me.

"It's your boyfriend!" A long blonde haired girl with green eyes, who was wearing a light pink sundress and sandles, said

Pulling with her was a petite girl with shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes, who wore a baby blue flannel with a pair of jeans and vans

I glanced over to the girl with auburn colored hair and blue eyes, who was wearing a gray dress with a blue jean jacket over it with heels. 

She was pointing directly at me.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

Why was she pointing at me? Did she realize who I was?
And was this boyfriend?

The burnettes eyes widen and quickly pulled away from the blondes grasp and ran towards me.

What the hell..?

She ran up to me and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me towards and little alley area in the mall.

She took her hands of my short and backed away. 

I rose an eyebrow, completely confused by this situation. "Boyfriend..?" I said.

Her head shot up, having her hazel eyes meet my eyes. She bit her lip and turned her head to the side.

"It's a long story, but to cut it short, I need you to pretend you to be my boyfriend." Her angelic voice spoke out of her lips.

My eyes widen. "I have to be your pretend boyfriend? Why?"

"I kind of told my friends I was dating this guy. But it happened to be you I took at picture of." She said, while grabbing her phone from her back pocket, tapping away on it then handing it over to me.

I grabbed the phone and looked at it.

It was a picture of me from yesterday.

"You're that girl from yesterday." I spoke out, handing back her phone.

She nodded her head slowly, grabbing her phone.

I sighed, I guess it wouldn't hurt to help her out. Plus, I need to have some fun ever once and awhile.

A thought then popped into my mind.

"I guess I can agree to being your boyfriend, but under one condition, love." I said, smirking devishly.

She nervously looked at me. "And what's that?"

I slowly walked over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder, letting it run down her arm slowly, causing her to shiver at my touch.

I grinned.

"Be my slave."

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