Creating the Perfect Boyfriend

Kinsley Johnson just wanted to fit in with her friends. Boasting about her romantic boyfriend to her friends,that doesn't really exist, was the only way to fit in. Or does he exist? While being pressured to show a pictured of this so-called 'perfect' boyfriend, she takes a picture of a hot guy she saw in town. Which happened to be the drummer of one of the most popular boy bands in the world, Ashton Irwin.


5. Chapter Four


The ringing of my phone shook me out of my thoughts.

I picked up the phone and glanced and caller ID.


I groaned and hit the 'accept' button.

"What do you want now?" I spat out in annoyance.

I heard chuckling on the otherwise of the phone. "Now, that's no way to talk to your boyfriend now is it? Anyway, I called because I want to hang out."

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Why would you want to hang out." I asked curiously.

He sighed. "Because, I know nothing a out you, Kinsey, and I personally think that it's best if we get to know each other."

I groaned and leaned my head back. "Okay fine, when and where do you wanna meet up?"
"Tomorrow at the library around two." Ashton muttered through the phone.

"The library? How romantic." I said sarcastically.

"I know, you can't say no anyways." I rolled my eyes. How exactly did I get myself into this?

"Whatever, ill met you at the library at two." I sighed.

"Okay bye babe." He said in a broad voice.

"Please don't call me that." I sad in an annoyed voice. With that I hung up the phone and got myself out of bed.

I walked into my bathroom and fixed myself. I then walked downstairs to find my mom sitting on the couch drinking her morning coffee.

"Hey, I'm going to be late coming back home from work today."

"When aren't you." I mumbled.

"Look I know I'm barely at home , but it's all going to be different soon." My mom said ,standing up and walking over to me.

I let out a laugh." Mom this is who you are. Nothing's going to change. Nothing is going to get better."

My mom frowned. "Sweetie I don't have time for this. I love you, see you when I get home." With that my mom jogged out the front door and slamming it shut behind her.

That's the only thing I hate about my mother. She's a workaholic that is never home. My dad left when I was ten. He hasn't really been active in my life.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. I then took out my phone and saw the time, which was 7:30am.

I went back to my room and put on a pair of skinny jeans with a addition of a white laced shirt.  Once I made my way downstairs to the door I slipped on my black toms and grabbed my book bag and left for school.
*at school*

"Kinsley!" Someone screamed out. I turned around to see Brianna.

"What?" I said with furrowed eyebrows.

"I had fun last night. To be honest I thought you were lying about dating Ashton, but obviously you weren't." Brianna said ,bringing me into a short hug.

I gave her a sly smile. "Yeah sometimes I think it's a lie too, like it's make believe."

"You're so lucky, Kinsley." Brianna said.

Brianna and I were walking through the crowded halls heading to our next class.

"Well I have to go, maybe Jasmine, you, and I can meet up tomorrow." Brianna said, gripping onto her book bag strap.

"I can't, Ashton and I made plans."
Brianna smiled at me and gave me a quick hug. "Okay then, see you later maybe."
*after school*

I walked into my bedroom and tossed my book bag on the floor. I embraced the caramel scent that filled the room.

I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes.

Once more my phone went off, I didn't bother reading the caller ID so I accepted the call.

"Hello." I said nonchalantly.

"Wow, don't you sound happy." A sarcastic voice said through the phone.


"Yeah totally, never been better." I added on to his sarcasm.

"So are we still on for tomorrow?" Ashton asked.

I messed with the hem of my shirt and smiled. "Yeah, how could I ever possibly miss the opportunity to go to the library with the most weirdest guy in the world?"

"Yeah it'd be a shame if you lost it."

I rubbed my eyes and yawned."Yeah it really would."

"I'm going to let you go you sound tired. I'll see you tomorrow." Ashton spoke.

"Okay, see you then, bye.'

"Bye babe." I rolled my eyes and hung up.

It's like he wants me to hate him.

I changed into my pajamas and put my hair in a braid. I walked over to my bed and pulled the covers over me and fell into a deep slumber.




I woke up with the sound of my alarm clock buzzing.

"Ahh shut up." I mumbled as I turned off my alarm. I looked at the time it was twelve.

I woke up late, just great.

I threw the covers off me and went to my bathroom. I turned on my shower, then stripped out of my clothes and stepped into the shower. I washed my caramel colored hair and let the hot water run down my body.

Once I got out of the shower I put on a mid-length blue dress and a pair of boots.

I straightened my hair and put on a little foundation and mascara. I then looked at myself in the mirror and was taken away by my appearance.  

I walked over to my phone and checked the time which had been one thirty. I grabbed my purse and phone and walked out of my house.





I arrived at the library and as soon as I walked in I noticed Ashton sitting on a sofa across the room. I slowly made my way over to him and he looked up at me and smiled.

"Took you long enough." Ashton spoke softly walking over to me.

I smiled. "Well I can't really help that I woke up late."

"Nice excuse, babe." Ashton said clearly trying to get on my nerves.

I rolled my eyes and smacked the back of his head. "I told you not to call me that."

"I couldn't resist." Ashton chuckled softly. "Now since you brought us into this mess I intend for you to tell me all about you, right here, right now."

I took a seat on the sofa and sighed. "I'm Kinsley Marie Johnson, I'm 17 years of age, I attend West Coast High School in which I'm a senior. I live with my mom, and perfectionist."

Ashton stared blankly at me and answered. "Well, I'm Ashton Fletcher Irwin and I'm 20 years of age, I'm not in High School, I have over one thousand drumming faces in my band, and I like bananas."

I widened my eyes. He's 20 years old!

"Are you a pedophile?" I asked.

Ashton laughed at my response. "I thought you knew me better than that."

"No I'm serious, are you a pedophile?"

"No, I'm not a pedophile!" He shouted.

" Hey can you two keep it down, people are trying to read." The librarian complained. Ashton and I looked around to see everyone staring at us. I nodded then glared at Ashton.


This is going to be a long day....













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