Creating the Perfect Boyfriend

Kinsley Johnson just wanted to fit in with her friends. Boasting about her romantic boyfriend to her friends,that doesn't really exist, was the only way to fit in. Or does he exist? While being pressured to show a pictured of this so-called 'perfect' boyfriend, she takes a picture of a hot guy she saw in town. Which happened to be the drummer of one of the most popular boy bands in the world, Ashton Irwin.


6. Chapter Five

 Hey I'm Bri the co-author of this movella.

Hope you enjoy this chappy.


 Ashton's POV:

It's been two days since Kinsley and I met up. Once I've gotten to know her I do admit she seems pretty cool. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contacts to find her caller ID.

Once I found her number I messaged her.

A- Hey xx

K- Hi..

A- How r u?

K- I'm okay, wbu?

A- Im okay, I was wondering if you wanted to go out maybe tomorrow night.

K- Ashton are you asking me out on a date? XD

A- Maybe...Just answer me!

K- Okay okay, So tomorrow night. What time?

A- 6, don't worry i'll pick you up.

K- Ash....

A- Yeah?

K- I think you may need to know where I live.

A- Yeah that might be good to know.


Kinsley told me her address and then we said our goodbyes. I turned off my phone. then a slid off my skinny jean as well as my shirt, I slipped into bed and fell asleep.






I woke up to the sound of the my alarm clock and groaned. I threw off my covers and walked into my bathroom and took a long hot shower.

Once I was done showering I changed into black ripped skinny jeans and a 'Pink Flyod' t-shirt. To finish off my look I fixed my hair by adding a black bandana.

By the time I was done getting ready it was already three. I sighed as I grabbed my phone to text Kinsley.


A- Hi xx

K- Hey xx

A- What are you doing?

K- At the moment I'm cooking.

A- Cooking what?

K- Noodles...

A- Can I have some?

K- Ughh..Ash no... No noodles for you.

A- :(

K- Stop being a baby, you better not act like that on our 'date'.


 I turned off my phone and smirked at her text. I don't like Kinsley, in fact the only reason I'm even around her is because well I have to.





I turned on my car and began to drive to Kinsley's house.


Kinsley surprisingly didn't live too far away from where I was staying. I got out of the car and knocked on her door. I heard scrimmaging coming from the inside of the house. The door suddenly swung open.

"Who are you?" I women who I assumed was Kinsley's mother asked.

 "I'm Ashton, I'm here to pick up your daughter." I spoke with a smile on my face. Before her mom could say anything I saw Kinsley walking downstairs.

She was wearing a skinny jeans with a white oversized sweater along with a pair of boots. In my eyes she looked stunning.

"Hey Ashton, you know it isn't polite to stare." Kinsley said looking at me weirdly. I then unlatched my eyes off her.

"Shall we get going?" I asked whilst holding my hand out for her. Kinsley looked at my hand for a moment and grabbed ahold of it.

"Yeah, I'd like that." Kinsley said waving goodbye to her mother.

I walked over to the car and opened the door for her, then shut it when she was seated. I fastly walked over to the drivers side and hopped in.


The car ride to our destination was a comfortable silence.

"Where are we?" Kinsley asked looking at me confused. I turned off the car and unbuckled myself. I got out of the car and walked over to the passengers side and opened the door for Kinsley.

"We are at one of my favorite places to go to." I said laughing. "The skating rink."

"Oh no Ash, I can't skate." Kinsley said hesitating to go inside.

"Too late." I said grabbing ahold of her wrist and pulling her into the building.

I walked over to the main counter and got our shoe sizes. I walked back over to Kinsley whilst handing her the skates.

"I swear I'm going to kill you if I break any bone in my body." Kinsley threatened.

"I love it when you talk to me like that." I winked at her. She groaned as she put on the skates.

"Let's go, love." I said holding out my hand. "This better be fun. Ash." She sighed. She grabbed my hand and was unbalanced for a number of minutes.

"Kinsley I got you. Your not going to fall. Just trust me." I spoke softly to her. She seemed to have relaxed and skated more easily.

"This actually isn't too bad." Kinsley chuckled. I smiled, because for once in my eyes she was happy.

We stopped skating after a while and changed into our normal shoes. We walked over to a booth and sat down.

"Thanks Ash, I wasn't sure about this at first, but I've had a blast." Kinsley said looking into my eyes. I felt warmth tingle inside me.

"I'm glad your enjoying yourself. I have something for you." I said reaching into my back pocket and pulled out the piece of paper I had written on earlier today.

Kinsley's eyes widened as she read it. "Are these rules?"

I nodded. "I told you that you're my slave, that's everything you have to do." Kinsley glared at me and sighed.

"Now, just remember your the one who started this." I smirked.








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