I Can't Hear You

Meaghan is deaf. Niall isn't.
Will Meaghan open up about her rough past to Niall? Or will she keep quiet?


1. Chapter 1.

Niall's POV

"Hey Niall! It's so great to see you again!" One of my best friends Louis exclaimed. It feels great to be back with my friends! My dad got a job transfer back to my hometown, Mullingar Ireland, for 2 years. I never got to see my friends and now since I am back in England, I can!

I smiled.

"It's great to see all of you!" I said smiling. Harry still had his curly hair, Liam's hair gotten shorter, Zayn got more tattoos and Louis also.

"You've grown Niall!" Louis exclaimed and slapped my head. "Everyone is taller than me now." Louis pouted. Last time I was with the boys, I was shorter than all of them. But I grew, by a lot. And now Louis is shortest and I'm the second tallest. Harry is the winner.

"Awe Boobear dont do that!" Harry said. "You being short makes it easier for us to.." Harry winked. Louis blushed and everyone groaned. Harry and Louis kissed but turned into a snogging session.

"You two are one of the cutest couples I've ever seen." Liam said. "But keep the PDA down ok?" Louis and Harry pulled away and they held on to eachothers hands.

"So did I miss anything?" I asked.

"No." Zayn said and took his cigaret out of his mouth and stomped on it. "But we did get a new student. Her name is Meaghan. Oh and get this, do you remember Taylor?"

"Of course! Liam's crush since grade school! Why?" Liam blushed.

"They finally got together!" Zayn chuckled.

"Bout time mate!" I said and patted Liam's shoulder. He smiled and blushed.

"Hey the bell is gonna ring soon, what are your classes?" Harry asked. I got out my schedule and handed it to him. Harry smirked.

"We all have classes together." Harry said.

"Really?" Louis said looking over Harry's shoulder reading the paper. "That's awesome!"

Harry handed me the paper just as the bell rings.

"See you all in class!" I said as we all went separate ways to our lockers. It just happens that Louis and Harry's locker and beside each other's. Lucky them. I found my locker which happened to be right across from Zayn's. I smiled and put my books on the top shelf and put my book bag on the hook. I grabbed one of my binders and shut the locker door locking it right after.

"Hey Zayn wait up bro!" I yelled spotting him in the crowd of people. He stopped walking and turned. He smiled and waited for me.

"Let's go to class." Zayn said and we walked beside each other. We went up the stairs and into the English hallway. We went inside just before the bell rang signalling that class has started. I sat down beside Zayn. Everyone else seemed occupied with something else. Larry was sitting beside each other snogging, and Liam was sitting beside a girl. By the way he keeps kissing her cheek, that must be Taylor. No shit Niall, who else would Liam be kissing?

"Alright class settle down." Ms Cameron said. "Class has now begun." Larry pulled away from each other and Tayiam got the teachers attention. Zayn chewed on a piece of gum clearly not careing what the teacher is saying. I took out a pen and chewed on it. I always had a bad habit of doing that. I looked at the clock. Only 10 minutes went by? There is still an hour left of class! I groaned and raised my hand.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked. I have a low attention span so I get bored easily.

"Yes." She said and I got up out of my seat and left the room. Damn, you'd think I know my way around here but the truth is, I forget where everything is. I remember some things, but I forget where the damn bathrooms are! It was then when I heard it. A sob and a small cry of pleads. I frowned and turned the corner. What I saw made my blood boil with anger.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" I yelled at the 2 stronger guys hovering over a girl. They turned.

"Hey Horan, wanna join?" One said.

"It is fun playing with this toy!" The other said.

"No! And she is not a toy! She is a girl and leave her alone!" I demanded. One guy kicked her and she whimpered. My heart broke into pieces hearing that coming out of her lips. What did she ever do to them?

"What if we don't?" The one on the left said taking a step closer to me.

"I will break your damn face if you get any closer to him!" A Bradford accent yelled. Zayn. "And get away from her you fucking assholes!"

The men chuckled and kicked her one more time and finally left. I went over to her and crouched down.

"Are you ok?" I asked her. She stood up and grabbed her binder. I stood up too. She nodded her head and took off.

"Who was she? I never seen her before?" I asked Zayn. It could be her first year here, which would make sense if that is why I haven't seen her.

"That was Meaghan. She is in the same year as us." Zayn answered. "I know it is hard to believe. She is so small, smaller than Louis and he is one of the oldest students here!"

"Ok, but why did you follow me?" I asked.

"Ms Cameron told me to follow so you wont get lost." He said.

"Ok." I said. And it was then when I wonder what really happened when I was gone.

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