Levi Ackerman x Reader ♥ ~This Love is Grey~ ♥

Story is about the Reader and having to deal with Levi, while messing up for the first time to see him. What happens next? Love? Sex? Both? ALSO, ALL RIGHTS GO THE THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS: PICTURES, AOT CHARACTERS; LEVI ACKERMAN, PETRA RAL, JEAN KIRSCHTEIN, HANJI ZOE, EREN YEAGER, MIKASA ACKERMAN, BERTHOLT FUBAR, REINER BRAUNS, ANNIE LEONHART, AND ARMIN ARLERTS. ♥ Thanks always, ~Jess♥


1. Levi Ackerman x Reader ♥ ~This Love is Grey~ ♥

Authors Note:

Hey guys! I really hope you enjoy this story, it is my first time writing a fan fiction for the series Attack on Titan(Shingeki no Kyojin), and I'm really proud of it! I'm also happy to say the lemon in this story is from one of my favourite books, Fifty Shades of Grey! I changed it a bit, but most of the rights goes to E. L James, the author. Please enjoy, and if you want to comment how it was, be my guest! :) Just no rude comments, and we'll be all good! :) Again, all rights go to E.L James for most of the LEMON. Sorry, but I will not update this story anymore, I'll get lucky if I do. 


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