Levi Ackerman x Reader ♥ ~This Love is Grey~ ♥

Story is about the Reader and having to deal with Levi, while messing up for the first time to see him. What happens next? Love? Sex? Both? ALSO, ALL RIGHTS GO THE THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS: PICTURES, AOT CHARACTERS; LEVI ACKERMAN, PETRA RAL, JEAN KIRSCHTEIN, HANJI ZOE, EREN YEAGER, MIKASA ACKERMAN, BERTHOLT FUBAR, REINER BRAUNS, ANNIE LEONHART, AND ARMIN ARLERTS. ♥ Thanks always, ~Jess♥


2. Chapter One♥

(Normal POV)

Today was the day that you spend time with Hanji. We would have fun all the time, even if Captain Levi would complain for no reason. ‘He seriously needs to lighten up!’ would be the response coming out of you when he left the room, and faced Hanji. She would always laugh, which would make you smile or laugh.

When you was walking down the hallways, you felt someone watching you. If anything, it was Jean. “Boo!” He screamed at you, and pounced on your back, which made you fall. “Ah! He got you every single time. He laughs and you laugh as well. Jean was one of your greatest and best friends, you wouldn’t know what to do without him.

“Where you headed off to?” He asked, getting up and pulling you up with him. You brush yourself off, “Oh, going to spend the day with Hanji, you know, like every other Wednesday.” “Oh okay, well, after that, want to hang out?” “Sure!” You smile and he smiles back, “I’ll catch you later!” and he left.

You finally reached Hanji’s office and knocked. “Who is it?” she says in her singing voice. You chuckle, “It’s me!” You sing back. She tells me to come in and you do so. You sit down in the chair across from Hanji, just like you always do. “So, what are we doing today?” She smiles, “Well, you’re going to bring some papers over to Captain Levi for me, just because I don’t want to.” You grunt. She chuckles and hands you the papers. “Here, his office is just around the corner, and, don’t put yourself into any trouble, please.” “Yeah, yeah, how hard can bring papers be!” You walk out of Hanji’s office and head towards Captain Levi’s office.

It was weird going to see him because you sort of had a little crush on him. It was a total weird feeling, for sure! You came up to his door and knocked. “Who is it, and state your business?” he said in his monotone voice, like always. “Cadet [name], here to bring papers from Hanji.” “Come in.” You gulped.

You pushed the door open and stumble through, tripping over your own feet and falling headfirst into the office. You dropped the papers and they were all over the place. ‘Crap!’ you thought to yourself. You were on your hands and knees in the doorway of Captain Levi’s office, ‘Great!’. You felt two hands on your shoulders, helping you stand up. You were too embarrassed to look at him, so you picked up the papers quickly and gave them to him.

When you finally looked up at him, you saw how his eyes were so narrow, and the colour was a deep, but gentle grey. For a guy who was over the age of thirty, he looked so young, so attractive, very attractive. You also found his height attractive, even though he was your height. He wore black dress pants and a white button up-shirt with his handkerchief below the neck, tucked in his shirt. His shirt was also tucked in his pants, which was even more attractive.

“I’m sorry for my clumsiness, I’ll get going.” You were so close to be out the door, when he stopped you. “Did I dismiss you?” “No...” You slowly said. You face him again, and smile slightly. He doesn’t smile back. “Er..may I ask you a question?” “What is it?” You gulped and sighed, “Why. why don’t you ever smile, you know, you always look, sad or mad.” “I don’t know how to answer that.” “Um, sorry for asking.” “It’s fine, you are dismissed now.” You nod and head back to Hanji’s office.

You open Hanji’s door and run and sit on the chair. “What happened back there?” She raises an eyebrow.

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