Levi Ackerman x Reader ♥ ~This Love is Grey~ ♥

Story is about the Reader and having to deal with Levi, while messing up for the first time to see him. What happens next? Love? Sex? Both? ALSO, ALL RIGHTS GO THE THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS: PICTURES, AOT CHARACTERS; LEVI ACKERMAN, PETRA RAL, JEAN KIRSCHTEIN, HANJI ZOE, EREN YEAGER, MIKASA ACKERMAN, BERTHOLT FUBAR, REINER BRAUNS, ANNIE LEONHART, AND ARMIN ARLERTS. ♥ Thanks always, ~Jess♥


6. //AN: Not a Chapter♥

Hey everyone!

I still don't know if I will be doing other chapters, I just need to read more of the book, then I can picture everything in my mind, then, I can put things into a story, and chapters for you all!  I really thank you for 3.8+ reads, means a lot everyone, and I just want to say, there might be more LEMONS in the new chapters, if you'd like! ;)

Thank you for viewing this //AN, more chapters should be up later! :)



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