I cant wrap my head around it

KILEY hates calum .....at first ��
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When me and mike got to school he parked the car and we headed to the computer lab

On the way there someone walked into me and we both fell

"Watch where UR going !" We both snapped at each other and when I looked up , it was none other than my enemy since 2 grade , Calum hood

I started to pick up my books and realized mike hadn't noticed and had ran to the lab , Mikey never was a noticer

As I continued to pick up my books and put them in my bag again , someone started to help and I looked and saw it was calum

"Oh quit the act miss perfect , I know u want this " he said with a smirk

"Ha , I would rather make out with a goat " I said back pushing past him and started to walk to homeroom

"I know u want me kiley may !" He shouted down the hall at me

God I hate calum sooooo much ! He was nice until one day in 2 grade he put glue on my chair and I was stuck and the nurse had to call my mom to help cut me out of my dress and then later I put glue in his milk and to stuck his lips together , ever since then we have hated each other , my question was why today did he help me ?

As I got to homeroom I sat down next to mike who tuned out the world with his ear buds and waited for the bell

Skip to period 4*

Damn it ! I thought to my self , this period was the one I had with calum

The bell rang

I raced to class and when I got there the only available set was next to calum

Figures no one wants to sit next to him , he is the school bad boy , along with luke Hemings and ashton Irwin

It was half way thru class when calum tossed me a note ,

I unfolded in and started to read

'Hey kiley may , I was wondering if u wanted to hangout sometime at like one of my band practices or something , here's my number '

Then followed by a number

I flipped the note over and wrote

' in UR dreams hood , I would rather shove a knife down my throat ' and the. I passed it to him

I looked over at him as he read and when he looked at me I smirked

'Meet me after class ' he mouthed I just rolled me eyes

The bell rang and I walked out of class and then someone started to call my name and finally got to me

" hey I just wanted to talk , sit with me and my friends at lunch k ?" It was calum

"How about a no " I said walking away

"Ok , the I guess we will do this the hard way " calum said scooping me up and carrying me out side to his car

"CALUM PUT ME DOWN !!!!!!" I yelled and kicked and screamed

When we got to his car he put me down

"Come on princess , I just wanna have some fun , plus U need to chill , come on " he said with a smirk

"No I'm not skipping school especailly with U " I said

"Fine we will go for lunch and come back promise " he said

And for some reason I said ok ?

I got into the car and he started to drive somewhere

"Where r we going ?" I asked

" that princess is a surprise , U need to let lose "

"Don't call me princess " I snapped

" ok " he said defensive

"Princess " he smirked

" God hood no wonder U have only two friends , UR annoying as fuck " I said rolling my eyes

"Actually I have three now , band got a new memeber last week " he said proud

"Good for U !" I said sarcastically

A couple minutes later we pulled up to this big house.

He got out and I didn't too and he lead me into a buetiful mansion !

"Hi cally how was school ? Another half day ? And who's UR friend " a sweet looking woman asked calum

"Mom this is kiley may , we had a half day and she and I R working on a project together , so we will be in the den " he said to the nice lady

" well nice to meet u kiley may , I'm Katy , callys mom " she said shaking my hand

" nice to meet u and please call me kiley "

"Alright mom we r going to go work on the project " calum said grabbing my wrist dragging me down to the den

His den was awesome ! It had a recording both , Xbox gaming area , 5 ft flat screen , and a Hot tub !

"You like it?" Calum asked me

"Yeah this is so cool " I said amazed stil

"Come and we will hang in the hot tub " he said

"Yeah no , tell me what u wanted to talk about " I said sitting on the huge couch

"Fine , I wanted to know if we could burry the hatchet and be friends ?" He said

I looked at him shocked "why ?" I asked him

"Because I think that we should and plus U seem cool " he said smiling and holding out his hand "U in ?" He asked me

"Ok I will give one chance after that we go back to how it was before , completely hating each other "I said gripping his hand

"Deal " he said and we shook hands

Well isn't this going to be fun......

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