I cant wrap my head around it

KILEY hates calum .....at first ��
Read to find out more


5. the bet

Calum pov

Two days ago *

"Dude we all know U have slept with every girl but this one is impossible !" Ash said

"Besides the fact that U two hate each other , kiley may is very smart and wouldn't fall for U a player cal " Luke added

"How much u wanna bet I get her in two months or less ?" I said "how about 150 bucks for two months less make it 200 "ash said "deal " I said shaking ashes hand

This wasn't going to be easy but I could get her to fall for me , it will just take a little while , I knew she hated me , back in 2 grade I put glue on her seat and glued her to the desk and then the little twat glued my lips together , it was a good prank but ever since then we had been at war in everything , but I was determined to get her ...... This is one war she won't win

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