I cant wrap my head around it

KILEY hates calum .....at first ��
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7. playing each other


Today was the first day me and kiley were going to school As a couple and I wanted come off like a good boyfriend so I txted her good morning and that I will be there to pick her up in 20 minutes then I went and got dressed in my black jeans , a green day shirt and my black vans

Then I went down and got breakfest and grabbed my bag before heading over to pick up kiley

When I got there I knocked on the door and kiley opened it "U look gorgeous " I said grabbing her hips and kissing her as she snaked her arms around my neck and bite my lip causing me to mOan and her to smirk agai idt my lips causing me to pull her closer "Thx babe , U don't look to bad urself , but U might want to cover the bulge in UR pants before we get to school "she said laughing and kissing me one more time before getting in the car and she wasn't wrong , she turned me on so much.......stop it cal she has to fall for u not vice versa , hopefully I can make it thru the day

When me and kiley get to school I wrap my arm around her waist and kiss her cheek and walk her to homeoroom

When we got there she e turned around and gave me a hard passionate kiss before saying goodbye and walking over to her desk which was next to mike and saying hi to him

Skip day to 4 period *

This was the period I had with kiley and idk why but I have been looking forward to it , It's the only time where I get to see her

I walked in and sat down next to her and leaned over and kissed her cheeks and she smiled , God that smile was going to be the death of me ..... I smiled back and then noticed we had a sub so everyone just forgot about the assignment and talked the whole period

"Hey kiley U r coming over after school today right?" I asked her "yeah what do u want to do ?" She asked "I think U know what I want to do ki " I whispered in her ear kissing her neck making her blush , this was too easy I though

After school at Calum's house *

"Ki can we take a break ? I want to forget the homework and have so fun " I said to ki kissing her her and strddling her waist

"Calum it's one more chapter vocab , then I promise we will have some fun we can even go in the hot tub "she said kissing me one more time before returning to her work

After 15 minutes ki was finally packing up her books away

"I can't wait any longer ki " I said kissing her passionately , she quickly returned , I bite her lip lightly asking for entrance and she smiled and shook her head before I slipped my tongue and they fought for dominance , we finally broke apart when the guys came in

"Hey cal...... Wow get a room "ash said laughing

"We had one but a couple of loud annoying band members barged in " I said back to him kissing ki one more time before grabbing my bass

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