I cant wrap my head around it

KILEY hates calum .....at first ��
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6. let game begin

Calum pov

"Hey kiley can I talk to u?" I asked kiley

"Sure "she said following me outside to the patio

"Kiley , I really like U and I wanted to know if u would be my girlfriend ?" I asked her and her face lit up "yes I will calum "and then I huge her and pulled back and looked into her eyes , my hands were on her hips and her arms were around my neck

"I really want to kiss u right now " I said to her"what's stoping U hood ?" She said biting her lip and I crashed out lips together and our lips moved together so perfectly ..... Stop it calum , she has to fall for U not U fall for her .......damn this was going to be hard

Kiley pov

He thought I didn't know what he was doing , I could see threw his little act , I knew it was all a bet , it's always a bet with calum , the trick was to get him to fall for me and I knew just how todo it , if I get him to love what I do to his body it will trick his little brain into "loving" me

This was it , the altimate payback , for all the shit he put me thru this was my chance to break him ,and man it was going to be fun to fall , but I just hope I can stay strong because even thou I can't wrap my head around it , I knew those kisses could be the death of me ....

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