I cant wrap my head around it

KILEY hates calum .....at first ��
Read to find out more


1. intro

"KILEY MAY !!!!!!! Time for school " my older brother josh yelled to me

I got up stretched and headed towards my bathroom

After a shower I got out got dressed in skinnies , a black v neck shirt and tied a red flannel around my waist before doing my makeup and putting my hair in a messy fishtail braid

I grabbed my shoes and bag before heading down stairs to my big brother josh making breakfest like he always does

But before I get ahead of myself I should introduce me

I'm Kiley-may sadding and my big brother josh and I live alone in Australia , just us , our parents died 3 years ago in a crash and left the house to us , two yrs ago before josh had custody of me I was living with my aunt Bridget and he was at the house , short after she got a job in London but I didn't want to leave my friends so she gave my brother custody , I was depressed when my parents died but after a year with a psych. I was better

"Good morning kiley cakes " josh said putting down my favorite pancakes in front of me , choclate chip , strawberries cakes

My dad had come up with these when I was little and all I would eat was strawberries and candy , josh makes them somtimes for me when he knows I'm stressed

The only reason I was stressed this week was because I'm a senior and college apps. Are getting crazy! Especailly because I'm applying to art schools so that means addtion tapes drawing all that stuff , so yeah I was little under pressure

"Morning josh " I said back to him stuffing my mouth full of pancakes " wow guys must find that hot " josh said laughing at me eating " well , Michael HASNT said I look ugly doing it " I said

When I got a txt from Mikey saying he would be over in 3 to drive me , Michael is my best friend , we have been that way since pre k ,he was my other brother kind of always looking out for me and helping me

"I gtg josh Michael is picking me up , love u " I said kissing my brothers cheek and hugging him good bye

"Bye love u " josh yelled as I was walking out

I walked up to the honking car telling me mike didn't do his homework and needs to copy of me in homeroom agian

"Why R u so slow this morning God , I forgot to print mr. Filers paper so I have to in the lab " mike said pulling out of the drive way going to the school , my school wasn't very far like a 5 minute drive 10 minute walk " hello to U too mike , God U need to start handing UR work better " I said to him giggling earning a fake glare

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