I cant wrap my head around it

KILEY hates calum .....at first ��
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4. falling for ya

"GOD DAMNIT HOW R U SO GOOD AT FIFA ?!?!!" Calum said to me pissed because I just won the fifth round of FIFA against him

"I have a dad and older brother how do u think ?" I said laughing a little

"CALUM THE BANDS HERE !" Cals mom yelled down

"Ok send them down !" Calum said back

Then ashton Irwin , luke hemmings and a guy in back of them walked in

"Gus this is kiley may my new friend , kiley these R the guys , ashton , Luke and mike get out from behind them so kiley can meet u " cal said

"But I have already met her " Michael my best friend said stepping out from behind them said

"Why weren't u going to tell me U joined the band ?!?!" I yelled at Mikey

"I thought u would get mad if u found out ...... But now U and cal R good so it's fine right ?" Mikey asking with hope in his eyes

"UR lucky U r like family to me clifford " I said hugging him

"Ok guys now that we got that out of the way how about we get into the both and shot a video for te channel , hey K may can u work the camera ?" Ash said

"Yeah just don't call me k may ever agian got it Irwin " I said back to him

"Deal " he said

*skip after the sung the song *

Wow they were good , no not good , great! But I don't know why they named themselves 5 seconds of summer ? I mean there is only 4 of them

"Did u like it ?" They asked as they piled out of the both

"Yeah U guys r great !" I said

"Not as good as U " Mikey said

"What do u mean ?" Luke and ash asked

"Kiley sings and plays guitar " Mikey said they all looked at me "how about u sing us a song ?" Calum said handing me a guitar "no I'm not that good " I said "bull shit " Mikey said shoving the guitar in my hand and then me into the both

" what should I sing then ?" I said giving mike I'm going to kill U later look and he just smiled "how about a team by Ed sheeran ?" Luke said

"Ok " I said and started to play

*after song

I had gotten lost in the music and forgotten the guys were there when I looked up their mouths were wide open "was I bad?" I said into the mic

They all came in and started telling me how good I was to the point where I made them stop because they were being too kind

"Well UR really good ki , how about we all order a pizza ?" Ash said already dialing the pizza places number

"Yeah sure , and let's watch mean girls too!" Luke said already putting the disc in

"Grab a spot and get comfy "ash said , so me luke , Mikey and cal jumped on to the couch without a second thought

Calum moved closer to me for some reason and I didn't mind Mikey moved a little away and luke sat at the other end and then ash came and sat in the middle of me and Mikey

After about half way thru the movie I was getting tired and calum noticed , he put a blanket over me and put his arm around me ...... For some reason unknown to me , I felt comfortable

But Mikey didn't like it and got up and switched seats with ash and moved CALUMS arm , this was topical Mikey , he was always very protective of me little a big brother , he always ended up threading my boyfriends in the past more than my actual brother

Soon later I fell alseep , next thing I knew it was the next day and I was still in CALUMS den with the rest of them , and someone had put their arms around me and I was cuddled up with them , I looked up to see calum asleep hugging me

"WAKE UP GUYS WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL !!!!!" I said running around collecting my shoes and back pack

"Calm down kiley we r skipping today , UR brother knows Mikey told him " Calum said pulling me into his lap and then out of now where he kissed me ........ And damn was Calum a great kisser , our lips moved in together and he pulled me closer to him and I wrapped my arms around his neck and he ran his tongue on the bottom of my lip begging for entrance but I shook my head no , then he bite my bottom lip causing me to moan and him slipping his tongue into my mouth where our tongues fought for domince , he won

Then I realized what was happening and pulled away "what was that ?" I asked "the best kiss I ever had he said kissing me again and I didn't pull away this time

"WHAT THE HELL MAN ?" Mikey yelled and we pulled away "first U hate him one day and the next UR full on making out with him ?" Michael yelled "can we talk later Mikey ?" I asked him

"Sure ".he said a little mad

Wow , he was right what the hell was this ?

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