Girls can love girls too

She was ready to give up on life, thinking the world was too cruel for her to live, but then she came along. She sat down next to her on the edge of the bridge and gave her a new choice. She didn't take her freedom away, simply voiced her opinion and gave her another option. And she took it.


1. The stranger that sat with me

I sat on the ledge of the bridge. I didn't jump, or wearily look at the water from behind the safety of the railing. No, I just sat there, wondering what to do. I can't remember how long I sat there, my feet dangling, leaning my head on the railing. Sometime through all of this sitting and staring off into space and thinking, someone came by and sat beside me. No words were said, no demands for me to get away from the ledge, no ridiculous lectures about how I shouldn't kill myself. Just silence as we sat and stared and thought.

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