Girls can love girls too

She was ready to give up on life, thinking the world was too cruel for her to live, but then she came along. She sat down next to her on the edge of the bridge and gave her a new choice. She didn't take her freedom away, simply voiced her opinion and gave her another option. And she took it.


4. The plan

The next morning, when I woke up, it was because my phone was blaring Back in Black, the ring tone Jade had picked out yesterday when we were chatting.

"What do you want?" I groggily answered.

A chuckle met my ear, "you are a true New Yorker, aren't you?"

"Jade, what the fuck? It's frigging three in the morning, why aren't you asleep? Why aren't I asleep?"

"Ok, I get it, you're mad that I got you awake at three in the morning, but get your ass over here if you want to see something really pretty."

"You're suddenly super egoistical now that we're friends." I commented.

"Hardy-har-har." She dead panned, "just get over here. And wear something comfy."

That was how I ended up here, standing in front of her door at four in the morning, in sweat pants, t-shirt and hoodie. My hair was shoved lazily into a beanie and I didn't have any make-up on. I knocked once and was met with a smiling, lazy-day-outfitted Jade. "Acadia!" She pulled me in her apartment, slamming the door behind her.

"What do you want for fuck sake, I come down here at four in the morning and you're a freaking leprechaun prancing around." I growled, flopping down on her couch, shoving my face into a pillow.

"Which reminds me, sit by my window, and we can talk there." She went out into the kitchen, so I took my dead time in getting up and crawling over to the window seat.

She came back with two mugs, which I'm assuming were tea. I looked into the cup precariously and she laughed. "I didn't drug it."

I shrugged as if to say, 'you never know' and brought it to my lips. It was warm as soothing, and surprisingly enough, sobered me up from my sleepy state. I could actually hold a conversation without insulting or cursing her out now, so that was a bonus.

"Ok, so I've been thinking about how you're 'contemplating life' or whatever, what if I can show you life is worth living?" Jade asked, sipping from her Mickey Mouse mug.

I stared out the window, seeing an arrangement of yellows, oranges, and a small tint of red on the horizon. "If you can prove to me that life is worth it, I'll stay. But if not, I get to do what I want. Ok?" I decided, holding out a free hand to shake hers.

"It has to be a spit shake. That way I know you mean business." She licked the palm of her hand and had me do the same before we shook hands. It felt wierd.

So that was the deal; she had a year starting this January coming, to prove that life is worth it. A year to make me choose to stay and live. If she failed, I could do whatever the hell I wanted, but or that year, I was going to be under strict supervision; minimal smokes, no alcohol, nothing that could harm my body intentionally. I was cool with it, for the most part.

We sat and watched the sun-rise together and drank tea, talking about different topics that made absolutely no sense, and I loved it. Our conversation went from life, to fantasy, to elf ears, to fangs, to crooked teeth, to perfect smiles, and perfection in general. I couldn't remember what I was feeling, but I knew I had felt it before, some other time, perhaps in another way. Either way, I had some connection to her that I didn't have with anybody else.

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