Child of Frost. (Nanowrimo novel 2014)

My NanoWrimo 2014 ghost story.
Entry for the Nanowrimo competition.


4. Start of Chapter Four

Christine said slumped over her desk, her chin resting on the palm of her hand as she tried to make sense of the autopsy report the coroner had dropped off on her desk that morning. Under normal circumstances, she would’ve long been through it, but the lack of sleep made it difficult to concentrate for longer than a few minutes at a time. She’d had sleepless nights before, but back then she’d been able to get through the day on caffeine, a luxury she’d had to give up due to her pregnancy.


Frustrated that she wasn’t getting anywhere with her work, she pushed her chair back and got up. If nothing else, she could try to have a bit of lunch, though she’d been hit by another round of morning sickness that morning, making keeping anything down unlikely.  Despite that, she made her way to the break room, where Laura was already sitting, holding a mug of steaming coffee between her hands, much to Christine’s frustration.


“Still not sleeping well?” She asked, as she saw the older detective. Christine shook her head, making her way to the fridge to grab her modest lunch, before she sat down across from Laura.


“No. Maybe I’ve been married to Danny for too long.” She said, smiling as she thought about how much Danny actually liked to sleep as long as he didn’t have to sleep alone. “Or maybe the baby is just trying to prepare me for when he or she is born.”


“Morning sickness?” Laura asked, having been the one Christine went to with any pregnancy related concern.  


“Yeah. I think Danny loses more sleep over it than I do, though.” She said, hoping Laura wouldn’t put anything into her tiredness.


“You know,” Laura said. “I never thought of him as the overly worried kind of guy.”


“He does have his concerns for my health, and of course the baby.” Christine said, subconsciously moving her hand over the baby bump. “But he will be a wreck when my due date gets closer.”


“No doubt.” Laura said, failing to suppress a chuckle at the thought of her boss being a nervous wreck. “Imagine if you’re having a girl. I mean Tom’s protective over Lucy, but Danny, that’ll be a whole other story.”


“Poor girl.” Christine said, dwelling on the thought of having a girl. Danny would be protective beyond any reason, if she knew him as well as she thought. “Boys wont even be allowed to look at her.”


“So, how is the dad to be doing?” Laura asked, having already mentioned on several occasions that she’d never though she’d see Danny having children.


“He’s doing great. He almost missed his flight yesterday because he was working in the nursery.” Christine said, smiling by the thought of Danny putting everything into making the nursery perfect. “I wish we were a bit further with the house though, the way things are going we wont even nearly be done when the baby arrives.”


“You’ve got to admire him though.” Laura said, drawing a questioning glance from Christine. “Most guys freak out when they’re told they’re expecting a baby, Danny took you to buy a house.”


“That is true.” Christine said. “You know, I always thought it’d be just him and me, but I am really excited about this pregnancy.”


The sound of Christine’s phone broke in, interrupting Laura’s reply, but Christine couldn’t help but smile when she saw it was Danny who was calling.


“Excuse me.” She said, answering the phone.


“Hey honey.” Danny said. “I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be home around 3am. “


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