The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Samuel Strongsword, a thief from Cyrodiil, crosses the border into Skyrim, a snowy province filled with magic, dungeons, and dangerous beasts.

While there, he discovers he is the Dragonborn, a hero with the body of a mortal, and the soul of a dragon. He must harness their ancient magic of shouts to defeat Alduin, the Dragon God, the World Eater.

NOTE: Not original, based off of the fifth title in the Elder Scrolls video game series.


24. List of Races

Argonians: Little is known, and less is understood, about the reptilian denizens of Black Marsh. Years of defending their borders have made the Argonians experts in guerrilla warfare, and their natural abilities make them equally at home in the water or on land. They are well suited for the treacherous swamps of their homeland, and have developed natural immunity to the diseases have doomed many would-be explorers in the region.

Bretons: Bretons feel an inborn, instinctive bond with the mercurial forces of magic and the supernatural. Many great sorcerers of come from the home province of High Rock, and in addition to their quick and perspective grasp of spellcraft, enchantment, and alchemy, even the humblest of Bretons can boast a resistance to spells.

Dark Elves: In the Empire, "Dark Elves" is the common usage, but in their Morrowind homeland, they call themselves the "Dunmer". The dark-skinned, red-eyed Dunmer combine powerful intellect with strong and agile physiques, producing superior warriors and sorcerers. On the battlefield, Dark Elves are noted for their skilled and balanced integration of swordsmen, marksmen, and war wizards.

High Elves: The High Elves, or Altmer, are the proud, tall, golden-skinned peoples of the Summerset Isle. The common tongue of the Empire, Tamrielic, is based on their speech and writing, and most of the Empire's arts, crafts, and sciences are derived from High Eleven traditions. High Elves are the driving force behind the Aldmeri Dominion, and their agents, the Thalmor, are bitterly resented by the Nords of Skyrim.

Imperials: Natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil, Imperials are well-educated and well spoken. Though less physically imposing than the other races, Imperials have proven to be shrewd diplomats and traders, and these traits, along with their remarkable skill and training as light infantry, have allowed them to rule an empire spanning the continent for centuries. Samuel Strongsword is an Imperial.

Khajiit: Khajiit hail from the province of Elsweyr, and can vary in apperance from nearly Eleven to the cathay-raht "jaguar men" to the great Senche-Tiger. The most common breed, the suthay-raht, is intelligent, quick, and agile. Many Khajiit disdain weapons in favor of their own claws. They make excellent thieves due to their natural agility and deft hands.

Nords: The natives of Skyrim are a tall and fair-haired people, aggressive and fearless in war, industrious and enterprising in trade and exploration. Strong, willful, and hardy, Nords are famous for their resistance to cold, even magical frost. Violence is an accepted and time-honored part of Nordic culture; Nords face battle with an ecstatic ferocity that shocks and appalls their enemies.

Orcs: These sophisticated barbarians of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail mountains are noted for their unshakable courage in war and their unflinching endurance of hardships. In the past, Orcs have been widely feared and hated by the other nations and races of Tamriel, but they have slowly won acceptance in the Empire. Orcish armorers are prized for their craftsmanship, and Orc warriors in heavy armor are among the finest front-line troops in the Empire.

Redguards: The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel, the dark-skinned, wiry-haired Redguards of Hammerfell seem born to battle, though their pride and and fierce independence of spirit makes them more suitable as scouts, skirmishers, or free-ranging heroes and adventurers than as rank-and-file soldiers. Redguards are uniquely versatile opponents, capable of switching between bow, sword, spell, or shield at will and adapting their tactics to the battle at hand.

Wood Elves: The clanfolk of the Western Valenwood forests. In the Empire, they are called "Wood Elves," but call themselves Bosmer, or the "Tree-Sap" people. Wood Elves are nimble and quick in body and wit. Their curious natures and natural agility make them good scouts, agents, and thieves, and there are no finer archers in all of Tamriel.

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