The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Samuel Strongsword, a thief from Cyrodiil, crosses the border into Skyrim, a snowy province filled with magic, dungeons, and dangerous beasts.

While there, he discovers he is the Dragonborn, a hero with the body of a mortal, and the soul of a dragon. He must harness their ancient magic of shouts to defeat Alduin, the Dragon God, the World Eater.

NOTE: Not original, based off of the fifth title in the Elder Scrolls video game series.


21. Epilouge

Tsun's shout passed Samuel like a horse. He fell over and nearly blacked out. His vision blurred to the point where he could see only shapes. It cleared, and he was at the Throat of the World, with Paarthurnax and Odahviing in front of him.

The other dragons once forced to serve to Alduin were sitting in various spots around the peak.

"So it is done," said Paarthurnax. "Alduin dilon. The Eldest is no more, he who came before all others, and has always been."

Samuel frowned. "You don't sound very happy."

"Happy? No. I am not happy. Zeymahi ont du'ul Bormahu. Alduin was once the crown of our father Akatosh's creation. You did what was necessary. Alduin had flown far from the path of rightaction in his pahlok, the arrogance of his power. But I cannot celebrate his fall. Alduin wahlaan danii. He was my brother once. This world will never be the same."

"The world is a better place without Alduin," Samuel assured him.

"I am glad you believe that. At least it will continue to exist. Grik los lein. Even I cannot see past Time's ending to see what comes next. Niid koraav zeim dinoksetiid. We must do the best we can with this world. But I forget myself. Krosis. So los mid ahdon. Melancholy is an easy trap for a dovah to fall into. You have won a mighty victory. Sahrot krongrah. One that will echo through all the ages this world for those who have the eyes to see. Savor your triumph, Dovahkiin. This is not the last of what you will write upon the currents of Time. Goraan! I feel younger than I have in many an age."

Paarthurnax readied himself to fly. "Many of the dovah are now scattered across Keizaal. Without Alduin's lordship, they may yet bow to the vahzen, rightness of my Thu'um. But willing or no, they will hear it! Goodbye, Dovahkiin!


Samuel entered Sky Haven Temple. Esbern ran up to him. "Please...Delphine has been very worried about you."

Samuel walked over to her. "We heard the news from Whiterun," she said. "That you left the city on the back of a dragon! That's a little...showy, even for you. Since you're still alive, I assume you have good news to share?"

"Yeah. Alduin's dead."

"Gods above...that's better news than I'd hoped! When you walked into my inn that day, I never imagined where it would all lead...dragons out of legend...Sovngarde..."


Samuel walked into High Hrothgar. Arngeir walked up to him. "I can see it in your eyes. You've seen the land of the gods and returned. Does this is done? Is Alduin truly defeated?"

"Yes. I went to Sovngarde and killed him."

Arngeir breathed a sigh of relief. "At last. It is over. Perhaps it was all worth it, in the end. You've shown yourself mighty, both in Voice and deed. In order to defeat Alduin, you've gained mastery of dreadful weapons. Now it is up to you to decide what to do with your power and skill. Will you be a hero whose name is remembered in song throughout the ages? Or will your name be a curse to future generations? Or will your memory fade from history, unremembered? Let  the Way of the Voice be your guide, and the path of wisdom will be clear to you. Breath and focus, Dragonborn. Your future lies before you."

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